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Ilusions MuOnline - Season 3 Update 1 Server
Mu Ilusions Season 3 | 50X XP | Castle Siege | Chaos Castle | White Wizard Invasion | Friend Messenger + Mail | Personal Store | Combo Skill | Kalima Event | Elf Soldier | Lehap | Pet Trainer | and more
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102 Welcome to the new QuestMU
Welcome to The new TheQuestMU XP=5000 drop=80% Admin=QuestMU
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MU Zombie
MU zombie website.
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104 FLorisMU
FLorisMU server website.
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105 RED_MU
Long Term Server, EXP: 9999x Drop: 80%, New Mobs ,Great GM's Events with great prizes , all events working including Castle Siege , Good GM' support in game and forum , Join Us
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[ Server Online ] [ Exp & Drop: 3x & 45% ] [ Pts: 7/9 ] [ BB: Off ] [ Web: ]
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107 SkyBrake MuOnline
|Server version 97d+99i|open 24/7|reset level 350|reset exp 500|drop 75%|en 50kk|
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108 Olympzone-Mu 1.02k
Olympzone-mu vers 1.02k 100xp 50% drop nice spots Cool admins 24/7
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109 AirMu Official Season 4 !
|AirMu Season4|1 Year Online|New Costum Items|Xp 4000x|Drop 80%|Bless Bug ON|New Skills|NEW Maps|SKILL TREE||Super Spots|All Events Working|CASTLE SIEGE WORKING!|Good Comunity|Nice GM's|Come and Join US!!
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110 Welcome to TheQuestMu
TheQuestMu is new game season 2 map and npc sone wepen server xp=5000 Drop=80 =) admin=Bern and QuestMU
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111 MuCenter Romania
Vers 97.d +99i Exp 700x Drop 80% Lvl res 350 BB on Nice Server
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112 3 Mu ( Server Romanesc) On 24/24
Vers 97 d !! Exp : 1.000 X : New MapS !!! New Items !!! New Spot !! Gome ...Join Now..
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113 Burnign Rose MU
Version 0.99XT- Kantru works, CC, BC, DS all works, Hot Spots, Simple installation, Ancients all work, Event and Staff apps, now being accepted. This server is LONG TERM.
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114 -=ZippY-Mu=-
Vers 97d+99i|exp 1000|jwl in shop|spoturi misto|inteme+11|Online 24/7
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115 Summoner Mu Season 3 ep 2
Dedicated Server runing full Season III Episode 2 Server,UpTime 24/7,Exp 500x PPR 1000,long term | New Character Summoner | New Wings | New Sets | New Maps Elbeland | ,Everyday in Game Events! Quality Support in Game, FRIENDLY ADMINS, Join Now!!
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116 NewooMu
NewooMu is a great sv online xp 6000 drop 100% Hardware 1.5gb of ram procesor DualCore 4300 3ghz Internet speed 7/mbs JOIN AND HAVE FUN
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117 Avatar-Mu
Server Muy Bueno de Mu EXP 600x Drop 80% Spot en crywolf Vrs 1.1e
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118 MuPetrila
Best MuOnlne server MuPetrila with 97D 2 WeKeeNd
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119 Mu online help, PAGALBA
EN: This is all guides about Mu online, This is only Lithuanian and English web. plz enter and fin what u need.

LT: Cia visa Mu-Online pagalba, uzsukit pabalsuokit....
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120 Mu Konekt
Vers : 99d+97items Exp = 5% :: Drop = 80% :: ppl 7/9
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121 TheLioN Mu Server
Super Server De Mu ! Exp 3000X, drop 100X , vs 97d , Fara Buguri, No Lag, Spoturi puse klume!
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122 ActiveMU
Vers:1.02K|Exp:500x|Drops:90%|nice admins|Hot Spots->Join US...
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123 -====XPserver MU1.02D====-
XPserver muonline ver.1.02D
XP 3000 BB=off Mais um Servidor de qualidade brasileiro
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124 PepsiMu
New Server Mu-Online Vers 1.02N-Season2 Exp:1200X
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125 Hzhzhz
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126 Mu Magical Union
Mu Magical Union | Version 1.02n | Exp 1000x | Drops 80% | 24/7 online |
| Friendly GMs | BB:On | Lehap, Friend Messenger, Elf Soldier, Combo, CryWolf Event | Castl Siege| Started May26!!!
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127 Welcome 2 Goodz Mu
Welcome 2 Goodz Mu Play On Server
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128 Duel-Mu do you dare??
vers 1.0L / exp 1000x / drop 90% / 24/7 / no lag /
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129 PrexFox MU - The Best SEASON 4 Server!
WANTED GM @ !!FREE TO ALL and WELCOME ALL MU FANATICS!! | 24/7 ONLINE | Full Season 4 Server | 9000x Super Exp | Drops 80% l 400 Reset | Easy Quest | Friendly Admin GM | THE BEST! Try it?
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130 ...:::interkasa-mu:::..
Vers 97d+99i|bless bug on|onine 24/7
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131 MuOnline Server Mu.Priority.NeT
Welcome To Our TOP MuOnline Server Ver 1.02K+Season2 all info in Web
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Good mu come and play ;)You like it!!!
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133 Power Mu - 1.02.13
Power Mu - good Mu Online server. I will not write our rates, and all goodies... go to server and you will see, i was right - this is really good server.
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134 Bhudz MU The Legend Return
BHUDZ MU SEASON 2 | All New SEASON 2 Maps Kanturu and New Mobs! | Season 2 Sets and Weapons | NEW SKILLS | Exp: 2500x Drops 80% | Lehap, Friend Msgr, Elf Soldier, Combo and much more! | CRYWOLF EVENT | FAST GROWING COMUNNITY
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135 MuConOnda
..::MuConOnda::.. No te lo Podes perder Nunca!!!Eventos Todos los dias, premiso full option GM con buena onda, Online las 24Hs, 0 Laggg 100% de Seguridad y DIvercion te esperamos Pasalo a todos tus contactos :D Si llegamos a loas 600 cuentas aumentam
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136 Rise Hell MU
Rise Hell MU Online Server : Exp: 1000x Drop: 100% Version: 1.00L Download in site !
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137 Mu-Tools Server
Mu-Tools:exp 1500x,drops 70%,version 1.02N season2.All events workings.Come in the Mu-Tools.JoinUS
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138 MuHeHE The Best
5000x xp
1000mbps link
capacity 250 users online with no-lag
reset acumulative clevel 350
bug of bless is ON
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139 *-*-*MuSky*-*-*
Server v Season 3 | 1000 exp | BB=On | Online 24\7 | New Qwest | New Map ! New item end Wings| New qwest morlon |
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140 Shield Mu 97d server
best mu server ever build .. join all !
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141 Mu-Pinoy
Exp 1500x
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142 MuOgre
Latvian muonline server more info on the web
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143 Mu-PoLice
very nice server come all bok +1,2,3,in shop and oder wings lvl 1!!! AND VERY NICE SPOT 1000X DROP 100%
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144 CreaTe Tu proPio SerVeR AquI...........!
Aca Les Dejo Mi PaGiNa Donde P?eDeN EncoNTraR DonwLoaDS Y MucHas GuiAS.....Bueno CHaUs :....
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145 The Warriors MU
Version Season1-CryWolf Exp:500x Drop:90% LongTerm-24/7
Grand Reset, CS Event, CryWolf Event
just check this out...
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146 -=RSP MuOnline=- Server
Best MuOnline sever, russian & english, exp 100%, drop 80%, bless bug on, 100 Mbit connect, no lag, version 0.99.62, Chaos Castle work.
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147 Welcome to MuCenter Romania !
MuCenter Online Non-Stop ! Exp 2000, Versiunea 97d+99i, nice spoot, nice admin, for ever ! Go go go! come all
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148 Effect-Mu 24/7
Effect-Mu Long Term Server 24/7 No Hamachi Info: exp: 1500 drop: 85% web:
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149 [ VER 1.03c ] [BB=OFF] [EXP/DROP=150/80] [PPL=13] [ALL EVENTS] [RES=400 LVL] [] Go and try Progressiv gaming !!!
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150 DeYuLeTzU
Version 1.00 B++
Experience 999999999999999999999999999 X
Drops 100 %
JOIN US !!! PLAY 4 FUN !!!
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