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Rx.NET Lineage II
Freya Hi5 // Cooperative Gameplay // Dynamic Low Rates (1x approx.) // Keeping old-school L2 gameplay alive since 2008!
In:48 Out:779
Oldschool 1x interlude server. Dualbox and offline shop. Fair and balanced. No easy stuff: no newbie buffs, no shadow or common items, not even weapons or armor in npc stores. Buff it yourself. Craft it yourself! Find it yourself!
In:35 Out:142
7200+ REAL ONLINE! *Adena and experience for PVP *Mass battles, events, mini-events, raids, sieges and much more^ Guaranteed quality, long work without wipe, 24/7 instantly support
In:25 Out:62
LMS Perfect World Global
2 Servers: 100x and 2x (with 2x quests!) Biggest Itemmal, Cubi refilled on auction! Eng 1.3.8 Client! Dedicated 1Gbit - no downtimes! Mature, friendly GM's, Events. Marriage, Safe button. 150 lvl's, 100+lvl's goes faster. Top Ranks.
In:1 Out:736
5 Illicit Awakening
Old school C3 still running for old school players who enjoy classic style game play! Dual Box Allowed, No Wipes! No Corruption!
In:1 Out:765
6 Gola - Fantasy
Deutsche Community - LowRate - Netter/Aktiver Staff - aktuelle Updates - Interlude - Zwergen Enchantsystem - Chat/Forum/Teamspeak - uvm
In:0 Out:176
7 myL2: Team Server
Stable (no wipes) Team Play Based server, XP: 4x; SP: 5x; Adena & Items: 10x, PartyXP/SP: 2X. Lineage II Interlude running L2J with custom improvements and lots of statistics.
In:0 Out:185
8 TehGamers->Gracia->7x&35x&5000x
[Gracia][7xRetail Like][35x&5000x Custom NPCbuffer/GMshop][AUTO CTF,TvT,KotH EVENTS][Lag-Free][WeHaveGIRLS][WeHaveDRAMA][Stable]
In:0 Out:186
9 Linezeus L2j
Low rates and stable server come and join!!!
In:0 Out:174
10 GraveLand.Pl - Lineage II
C5 server, Friendly Gms, No Lags, over 700+ ppl online and 1K Slots. Server rates 4/4/4. Noblesse/Hero Constant improvements! Meet new friends here!
In:0 Out:172
11 Energy Titan Interlude
Server Rates: interlude 1
- 500x EXP
- 500x SP
- 1000x Adena
- 3x Drop
- Safe enchant 9 max 35
Great fun Good people and many events lag free 24/7

In:0 Out:197
12 L2Superior pvp done right!
.:: L2Superior - Interlude Client ::. xp1000/sp1000/adena1000 | Unique features: 100% Augmention system, 100% Interlude Duel system, Live Support system, Custom PvP/Hunting grounds, 100% Interlude Spawn system, 100% Primeval Island, Custom Teleporter
In:0 Out:177
13 Ilusions Lineage2 - Gracia Multiskill
Interlude Fresh Server - EXP: 500 | SP: 800 | Adena: 2000 | Items: 5 | Spoil 5 | Safe Enchant: 25, Max: 200 | Buffer, GM Shop, TvT, CtF and more | Custon GateKeeper | Join Now the new L2 Comunity.
In:0 Out:170
14 -====-L2XP-====-
Server (l2XP), XP:5000x , Adena:500x, Enchant=Safe+25 Max+XX Chance=100%, TVT a cada 1 hora, Vesper Itens, Funciona no Gracia, Works fine on Gracia Final
In:0 Out:176
15 Lineage2 Life - PvP
Brand new Lineage2 Prelude C5 server. Rates are XP:5000 | SP:5000 | Adena:5500 | Drop:10 | Spoil:10 | GMshop up to A grade (S grade is from events or donations) Good Enchant rates. Come and we will make good community.
In:0 Out:165
16 ..:: L2-Fanatics ::..
L2-Fanatics is back - deutscher Staff - 30 XP + 50 SP + 150 Adena - Noblesse - Olympia - Hero - SevenSigns - growing Community
In:0 Out:170
17 L2Hispano
L2Off Retail c4/c5 (x7x7x7x5)|Hero|Nobleza|7 Signs|Loteria|3?Cambio|Gms Activos|No Lag|Uptime 24/7|+1100 Online|Entra
In:0 Out:179
18 Reunion - Low Rate [PL]
RateExperience = x4
RateSkillpoints = x4
RatePartyXp = x1.4
RatePartySp = x1.4
RateDropAdena = x4
RateDropItems =x4
RateDropSpoil = x4
Kamael Classes
Kamael Areas
In:0 Out:171
19 server c5 lineage 2 free
free server Lineage 2 c5
In:0 Out:169
20 L2MostWanted
650[Adena] 300[EXP] 300[SP] 1[DROP] 6[PARTY XP/SP] ||GMSHOP/Luxuary GK||1H Buffs||Entchant maxi +65 Safe +20 Rate 80%||NO LAG||C6 Weapons/Acessory/Location||Noblesse||Hero
In:0 Out:169
21 Heaven Server
New L2 server with rates 30x/35x/30x/70x (XP/SP/Drop/Adena) Interlude with Custom stuff, Shop with everything till C-grade in it and more!
In:0 Out:175
22 UltimateGr L2 Interlude
IP: Hi rate Lineage2 Int Server
All Zones-All Skills-Hero System -Third Jobs-Subclass System - Nobless -AutoSS -7 Signs -Recipe Book -All quest - C5 Pets - Manor System - Macros - Petition System -Community Board-CTF-DM-VIP
In:0 Out:165
23 .:: L2 Arenaz PVP ::.
Gracia Final Server. Exp-35x Sp-100x Adena-200x. enchant max 16, safe 3. Boosted Areas. Special PvP system
. event ctf,tvt,dm,S&D.Siege. Special Traders. 1 Hour buffs. Special Armor,Weapons,pets,olympiad. and many more..... Join Us
In:0 Out:165
24 Age of Shadows
2 servers Interlude: Low Rate x50,High Rate x500 for pvp,Mixed Skill,BufferShop,GMShop,Enchant rate 100% max +65535/NO LAGS 100MBits/s
In:0 Out:185
25 L2 Silence
250x/250x/750x *GMShop* #Luxary GK# *Custom Weapons* #Noblesse/Heroes# *C6 Area/Location/Items* #2H Buffs# *75% Enchant* 'Npc Buffer' #German/International Community#
In:0 Out:166
26 Ultimated Good vs Evil
The newest and the only Lineage2 Good Vs Evil server on the internet atm , no lags , custom armors/weapons/skills/hero system/noblesse/oylmpiad , no corrupt GM's . JOIN US NOW !!!!
In:0 Out:172
27 Shards Of Reality Gracia
Gracia, Elemental War (5 Factions) Lvl from PVP, 2 Hour Buffs, 2 Servers to Choose From (10x or 500x), Friendly Staff, Dual Daggers, Custom Armors, Custom Weapons, and Much More! Come Try Us Out!
In:0 Out:165
28 heroesdeaceros
In:0 Out:168
29 L2WODA Lineage Server
This is LineageII C5 game server
Rates: exp/sp/drop/adena 300/300/10/600
In:0 Out:166
30 L2absolute
{kamael Shop weapons and armor}
{RateDropItems = 9}
{RateDropSpoil = 14}
{EnchantSafeMax = 4}
{EnchantSafeMaxFull = 20}
{buff`s 4 hour}
{no quest hero}
{Custom GMShop}
{GM Shop}
31 L2.DamienCJK
interlude, custom shop, proper rates, english only.
In:0 Out:168
32 L2 Warriors
Os maiores guerreiros est?o aqui!

Server PVP Rate 35x Adena 20x
In:0 Out:164
33 L2Advantage
? 1000x Interlude PvP server ? Custom Global GK ? Custom Buffer ? 4hr Buffs ? Custom GM Shop ? Raids ? Sieges ? Events ? Custom NPCs ? Hero/Oly ? Noblesse ? Pets ? Custom Event Raid Bosses ? Custom Glittering Medal Event ? Custom Mobs ? TvT ? Friendl
In:0 Out:164
34 L2T9 Interlude Server
Rates: 400x(Xp)/400x(Sp)/750x(Adena)/10x(Item Drop)/5x(Spoil)
L2T9 has working TvT Events, hero's, Olympiad, Weapon Augment, Dino Island, skill enchant, working duels, gmshop, several (1 hour)buffers, interlude shop, fortress, 100% siege, Leveling
In:0 Out:163
35 L2 Ragnum (C6)
Rates XP/SP/ADENA 500x 500x 600x
In:0 Out:167
36 Lineage2 Dragonrose

Welcome to a brand new server game Lineage2 Chronicle5 Interlude. At our server realizovanno almost all of that works to locate Nuti all inhabited, added island with dinosaurs, weapons and accessories from Interlude. Orchestral weapons and armor
In:0 Out:165
37 GamesEmpire
Server Rates : XP:500x SP: 500x Adena: 1000x . Server mods : GM Shop , Hero System ,Nobless ,NPC buffer ,GlobalGK ,Olympiad ,TVT ,CTF ,Zariche . Enchant => Safe enchant +8 =>Max enchant +25
In:0 Out:171
38 L2 Angels
Buen ping GMS amables para vuestra disposicion RateXp = 5.
RateSp = 5.
RatePartyXp = 3.
RatePartySp = 3.
RateDropAdena = 250.
RateDropItems = 20.
RateDropSpoil = 3.

AltBuffTime = 20
AltDanceTime = 20
In:0 Out:172
39 Eternal Hate Lineage 2 (C6)
Lineage 2 C6 Player vs Player 500x
In:0 Out:170
40 Gaming Lineage II
10x All Rates [Class Manager]
In:0 Out:175
41 Lineage 2 Online Server
In:0 Out:164
42 L)( Rage PvP Server
Subs Stucking | Medals System | 1 Click and you get 41 lvls | Titanium Armor | Duel System | Unique Noblesse Quest | TvT Event every 15 | Wedding | Olympiad | Custom NPCs | Interlude | 4000x 4000x 3000x | Friendly community - Join Now!
In:0 Out:163
43 L][ Galaxy Servers [PvP,Stuck Sub,RPG]
PvP Server - Kamael[x200/x100/x600/x5],
Stuck Sub Server - Interlude[x400/x500/x1000/x5],
RPG Server - Interlude [x7/x10/x10/x3]
- JOIN US!!!
In:0 Out:165
44 Lineage 2 Muzitto
Line][age Interlude | 1000x rate server | Grand Olympiad | Nobless | 3 Profession | Subclass | Friendly GM's | GM Shop | Hero | Npc Buffer | Join us !
In:0 Out:168
45 Power Lineage II
New Server L2Adena**Rates*Low10x,Mid:60x,High:500x,Very High:6500x! 97% Uptime**New Maps**100 Mbit connection**Join Now!!!
In:0 Out:169
Free Lineage full C5 textures C6,
all enchant skills full working primaveal ISLAND with DINOS!! acumulative sub Class
c6 acessiories and weapons
new c6 npc
gm shop
Improved performance
Improved stability
New quests
All siege
In:0 Out:167
47 SuperNovaL2
Server Lineage II C5 Full
Rates: |x60|x60|x500Adena|
BuFFer,GM Shop,GK Global...
Eventos todos los dias alas 19:00 y alas 22:00.
de momento entrad y porbadlo, tiene todo lo k deveria tener un C5.
si hay algo k nos este a vuestro gusto,
In:0 Out:162
48 Simplicity Gaming Networks (Gracia)
30x (PvP), no donation and friendly staff. Free class change/sub-class/auto learn skills and weddings. Custom Server Shop, Special Event Raid Bosses (collect special currency to buy S80 gear).
In:0 Out:174
49 Carpathia
A newstarted C5 server with 50x50x50 rates. We have a Gm-shop with much syuffs, a buffer, teleporter, Sieges, A NPC that hires pets, and raidbosses, and MUCH MUCH more. please join our server and play. You won't get dissapointed.
In:0 Out:167
50 Ragezone Lineage II
Crystal Caverns - Dark Cloud Mansion - Working INSTANCES !- 2 Worlds (5x/40x),12 Daily Events with unique reward system ,Weddings, Hero System,Clan Skills,Clanhalls,Sieges and much more :)
In:0 Out:164

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