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151 L2Imortal
Server Gracia Part 1
In:0 Out:93
152 L][titans
low rate server with custom c/b/item store, hero/wedding/noble/clanhall/castle systems fully funstional
In:0 Out:104
L2 Secret Friends
L2 Secret Friends - By Friends for Friends and Friendship.
In:0 Out:97
L2 Mythology
Full Gracia, Rates 5x 6x 7x. Spanish Community. Events, No Lag, Good People, No corruption. Join us and Enjoy!
In:0 Out:107
Radt Gracia PartII
Radt Gracia PartII Xp100 Adena 500, TvT, CtF, DM, fortress, Sieges e Npc Buffer, Gm SHop, GK Global. PvP sem parar
In:0 Out:105
156 Vendetta
30x 30x 100x custom weapons glow npc buffer with 3 h buff time gm shop friendly gm\\\'s awesome sige\\\'s nice place to have some fun!!
In:0 Out:98
157 Lineage Kain
- Full support Lineage II Chronicle Interlude client
- Full Chronicle 5 maps/mobs/items/quest...
- Support siege castle
- Support strider/wyvern
- Support seven signs
- Custom GMShop
- Safe enchant +3
- Max enchant +25
In:0 Out:106
158 Server Drakon
O melhor ambiente de jogo, totalmente dedicado, sem legs, interlude Full, venha ao nosso mundo.
In:0 Out:98
159 Server LineageII C5 L2Scream
Совсем новый сервер. Дата открытия 5 декаб
In:0 Out:102
160 New SPB server C4
New Russian Spb server...
Nice admin, event every day...
Rate 800/800/1000 Aden
In:0 Out:94
161 L2Flash - Interlude FULL
L2Flash - Interlude FULL - C4/C5/C6 Areas 100% - Nobless/Hero 100% - Weapons and Armors Kamel/Epic 100% - Custom Areas... NOT L2J - Go Play
In:0 Out:101
162 L2 GodSlayers
L2 Godslayers rates 500/500/1200 }custom buffer/gmshop/GK , many events , 99.9% uptime , LagFree {
In:0 Out:103
163 L2-Demon


In:0 Out:106
164 NTR LineageII
XP x20 SP x40 ADENA x300 DROP x10 SPOIL x20
In:0 Out:98
165 L2 Karditsa
Download our system:


Server rates:
X500 all Rates

Safe enchant:+20
Max enchnat:+40

Updated Syste
In:0 Out:95
166 L2-GNOSE
Sever totalmente dedicado a UP e PVP com rate de 40x* Suporte a Armas do Episodio KAMAEL*Argument,AIO,Noblees,Siegi,Seven Signs,eventos*Sempre um Gm dedicado a suporte*Mundo de Gnose ? o melhor mundo
In:0 Out:105
167 l2troya interlude server
- Clan level 6, 7, 8
- Clan skills and reputation points
- Clan halls
- Retail working sub-class
- C6 areas & mobs
- 7 signs with festival of darkness
- Custom NPC's - shops, class masters, gatekeepers
- Buff duration - 1
In:0 Out:97
168 L2 Threshold PVP
Rates 1000/1000/2000 }custom lvling area , custom farming area , gmshop , buffer , global gk {
In:0 Out:99
169 #Future-l2
Autoreg,AutoDrop,Dynasty,appela and much more join and look !!! nice Gm's
In:0 Out:94
170 L2 Aethernia (Official Interlude)
L2Off; Interlude | Kamael items | Highrate PvP-server: 40x XP / 200x Adena | Autolearn Skills | Townbuffers | C5 and Interlude Features | Right now Boosted to double Exp and Adena drops | Friendly GM's
In:0 Out:103
171 Battle For Glory
* Heaven: XP: 25x
* QUEST XP: 2x
* SP: 25x
* DROP: 5x
* SPOIL: 6x

TvT Event
Raid Boss Event
Epic, Titanium, Dinasty Armor
Custom Wings
Custom Weapon
And More
Join US!
In:0 Out:103
172 L][ Lost-Fantasy
Rates 11x/11x/13x/6x--All Events--Elemental Set--Custom Skills+Pets--Custom Armor+Weapons--Friendly Team--CT1 Staff--GM-Shop--1h Buffs.
In:0 Out:97
173 Azlen L2
Server Interlude!!
Exp- 100
Sp - 100
Adena - 400
Subclases acumulativos.
Heroes Online
In:0 Out:102
174 Lineage 2 Paradise
2 Worlds. Interlude 80x | Kamael 250x. Unique Worlds ! Kamael Opening Date: 5 February 2008. Fully Features From C1 To Kamael ! GeoData EVERYWHERE ! Olympiads | Sieges | Shops Selling UP To S ! S-80 Craftable! Just Join. Play...And Enjoy !
In:0 Out:103
175 Lineage2 Interlude Server
Lineage2 interlude server with gm shop till b grade, lux gatekeeper, gold bank
events: ctf, vip, sqash and much more

Friendly GMs and German/international community

Come and stay by us, you will love the server!
In:0 Out:99
176 L2 Angels Vs Demons
L2 servidor interlude (faction) 100% rates 10000exp 10000sp 10000ade
enchant max 50 NO LAG
In:0 Out:107
177 L2 M?T?L?G? server
Server INTERLUDE /rates: xp25, sp25, adena200, drop5, spoil10 /NPCBuffer & GMShop /Dynasty set&weapons/ 2Hours buff & Dances/ servidor espa?ol
In:0 Out:99
178 L2 Addiction
Server with rates xp x500 / sp x500 / adena x1000 >CT1 Client< Kamael skills working , great comunity , server all in english , Come and join us
In:0 Out:102
179 Mu-Magic server +sms system
|Version:97d+99items|Drop:30%|Exp:450x|server long term|
In:0 Out:100
Jest to polski serwer L2 Interlude Znajdziecie na nim: EXP 45, SP 45, DROP 15, ADENA 300, GM Shopa, NPC BUffer a takze luxury gk i wiele wiele innych Takze wszystkich serdecznie zapraszam
In:0 Out:100
181 L2 Hexwail
New 1000x Interlude Server, GM Shop, Townbuffer, 1h Buffs, Free Noblesse & Friendly GMs. Join Us!
In:0 Out:98
182 :::Auryka Lineage ][:::
IL/T1|Two Worlds 15x, 45x exp|Custom Armor|Custom Hero System|IL Skills|IL NPC|L2OFF|Join US now!!!!
In:0 Out:103
183 L2 Gb Network
Our rates:x60xp/x450adena/x10drop/
Join Our Server Now / Kamael/full shop and Gk/
friendly gms..
In:0 Out:102
184 Server
In:0 Out:100
185 Valor L2
45x Rate 250x Adena Medium Rate PVP Server! Elven fortress rune farm zone for S/A Weapons, Giants Cave Party Monsters That Drop S/A Weapons. Dusk Shield, Dusk Sword, Dusk Staff, and Titanium Sets Drop From Custom Giants Cave Raids! Come play and brin
In:0 Out:98
186 L2 Red King (kamael)
sevidor espa?ol l2 kamael (pvp) 3000exp 3000sp 5000ade enchant safe +20 80% max + 50 gmshop,buffer,class,gk.. zonas customs no donations no lag
In:0 Out:95
*Rates: Xp: 100x, Adena: 200x, SP: 100x, Drop: 200x, PPxp: 2, Spoil: 100x, Quest: 15x
*Dance time 10min. Buff time 40min.
*Enchant: Max 21, Chance 60%, Safe 3(For red pappers); Max 21, Chance 60%(No lose item) (For green pappers).
*Custom sh
In:0 Out:102
188 L2-AIR
the best pvp server enx 5k every day events and more come to see :)
In:0 Out:102
189 L2Freedom From Hell
Freedom is back 20x 25x 25x 100% complete with no Bugs and with special stuff 50% Kameal Including Wepons And Armor plus some other custom stuff
In:0 Out:107
190 PvP L2 Server C5
Join now 24/7 GK, Gm Shop c5 and no lag
In:0 Out:94
191 ForgottenWorld
In:0 Out:100
192 l2 Mosmel
500 x server : drop : adena 250x , items 50x , spoil 50x , sp 50x. 15 x server : drop adena 50x , items 50x , spoil 25 x , sp 25 x.
we have npc AIO buffer , Good Gm shop , friendli Gm's , save enchant +30 , max enchant +100 ,
In:0 Out:102
193 Best Lineage 2 Interlude + Kameal
Long term Kameal server, 5x5x5x6x rates..... For testing already open, come and play
In:0 Out:103
194 L2 Storm of Blood
Exp: 40, Adena: 250, Sp: 100 / Epic Weapons, Epic Armor, Titanium Set / Server 24h C5 / Safe Enchante: 4, Max Enchante: 50, Buffs: 1h, / Special Npc: Npc Buffer, Weapons S/A, S-Grade Shop, Etc itens Shop, Armor Shop, Weapons Shop
In:0 Out:98
195 L2 RavenThrone Interlude - Bulgaria
][Full Interlude][9 Hours BuffTime][Dynasty Armor & Weapons][10k Rates][GMShop][Marks in GMShop][Custom Duals (Like Zariche etc)][NPCBuffer][Global GK][Friendly GMs][No Bugs][No Lag][MASS PVP][99% Uptime!][
In:0 Out:102
196 L2 Legends PvP Interlude
Rates: All x1000
gmshop , custom shops, olimpiad system, pk/pvp areas and allot of more things. try it ! :D
In:0 Out:103
197 L2 Fire Dragon (KAMAEL)
servidor KAMAEL full pvp Espa?ol de BCN
In:0 Out:98
198 L2shinra-beta
l2shinra-beta xp rate 7/7/6/5
dedicated 24/7 version Interlude
conection 10mb no lag no bug
In:0 Out:97
199 ..::Blessed Heroes::..
L2 Interlude: exp 1000x/SP1000x/Drop 150x/Adena 2500x ..::.. Kamael: exp 5000x/SP 5000x/Drop 500x/Adena 10000x ..::.. Kamael skills/Territory/items full working ..::.. No LAGG ..::.. Join NOW !
In:0 Out:100
In:0 Out:99

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