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YakuzaBattle Ad
xp:10 sp:10 drop/spoil:15
- c1 to interlude skills working 100% like [including nobless and hero skills] (no half-working skills like in l2-j), around 50% of interlude skills working correctly. (Fusion skills are implemented yet).
- 100% accura
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202 DaRk ZoNe NetWork Good Vs Evil
GoodVsEvil. Join to us For More Fun.
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203 L2SpeedOfLight
Join our Lineage II Interlude PvP server! Заходите на наш сервер! Вас ждут Пвi
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204 Lineage2 kamael killer server ro/en
Server ro/en de lineage 2 kamael full...medium rates..kamael:class,subclass,skills,weapons,armors,buff,maps,raids,mobs...and mmuch much more...
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Lineage 2 Revenlion - Gracia2 -
- 75x EXP
- 200x SP
- 200x Adena
- 10x Drop
- 10x Quest Reward -
GM SHOp / buffer / GK Global.
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206 L2Portugal
L2PT server info XP x40, adena x250, GMshop, NPC Buffer, Siege, noblesse, hero, TVT event,custom spots, custom events.What are you whaiting for?
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207 Celtic-legendes[-]*]Kamael[*- 2 Serveur
Celtic Legendes, 1serv RP rates x25/x25/x100 et 1 Pvp/Pk High rate x3k/x3k/x2k, Npcs/Rbs/97% skills/Classes/Race de l'extension Kamael dispo ! R?gles claires, staff comp?tent , npcs customs, events reguliers ! On vous attend !
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208 L2 Anarchy
Best L2 Low rate Server (no buggs/errors) x4 Rates . Join us !!!
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209 Lineage 2 DarkLegions Kamael
Server Kamael DarkLeiongs ... 100x Rates
Max enchant +15 full +70 noblesa y hero on 100% funcionando Gmshop Gkglobal y mas
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210 Lineage 2 Divinity
Lineage 2 Divinity - 400x XP/400x SP/800x Adena | 2h buffs | NPC Buffer | GM Shop | Custom Divinity Items | Custom Dynasty Items | NO Lag | Join Now !
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211 Maxell PvP & TvT
Release: Kamael / XP = 200 / SP = 200 / Adena 1000 / Castle Siege / TvT Event: 1 x 30m / Luxus Shop & Teleport / Buffer 2h / Hero
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212 Kane and Able Gaming Club
Private Gaming Club Featuring Two Amazing Kamael Servers! Very Knowledgeable Dev Team. Kane Server:

[Mid Rate] Lux GK Item Mall Crafter NPCs Gold Bar System Strong Player Base 15X EXP 15X SP 15X

ADENA 15X SPOIL 20X Able Server: [Low R
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213 Lineage: ][ Scions Kamael Low Rate
Full Working Kamael - 10x13x20x7 - No GM Shops/Buffers - 99.99% Working Quests,Skills,Items,Areas - Active Staff - And Much More - Join now!
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214 ..::Lineage 2 Kamael Guards::..
..::Lineage2 Kamael - Guards::.. | 12x and 5000x Worlds | Kamael Areas & more Custom Areas| Custom Bosses | All Skills | New Weapons | 2h buffs | Town Sieges | Nice Stuff!!!
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215 L2Brasilia
Serve de PvP muito bom sem lag upa rapidao fas items com medals hero funcionado sets TT DK e Dynat Arma Epic e etc
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216 Lineage II RMJ
The Kamael server XP: 45 SP: 40 Adena: 75 Drop: 20 Party: XP/SP 2. GM shop. uptime 24/7. join us today!
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217 SeXxXy LineAge2
C5 exp 300 drop 400 sp 500 Gm shop very cool spot no Lag country Romania
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218 Zaroth (SERVER KAMAEL)
SERVIDOR ESPA?OL DEDICADO Inaugurado el 20/01/2008 - Exp:10x Sp:10x Adena:150x - Buffer prophet gratuito para todos los niveles-Bodas-GK Global-Profesiones y subclases sin quest-Gmshop hasta grado B-Olimpiadas-Seven Signs-Eventos TvT diarios-Evento D
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219 Interlude serve itens The kamael
Xp 800
SP 800
Rate adena 2000.0

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220 FrienzL2 OFF Interlude(x7,x30)
Interlude servers based on official files,2 realms x7 and x30,online since 2005 with thousands of players.Servers hosted by TFN in Amsterdam on a 2gb line.
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221 L2-Helllegion
Welcome Lineage 2 serwer 2000x all rates.
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222 L2Sharingan
XP:40x SP: 35x Adena: 200x Spoil: 20x Drops: 10x We have best GM team,and we set up the Epic Itemz, Armor's,Titanium, Dusk weapon, all you need, Global Gk,GMShop,Buffer time 3 hour,Special Zone for EXP/Adena. Join Today!
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223 Lineage2Alx Kamael server
Наш сервер открылся,и только начинает сво
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224 L2Kiss Kamael Server RPG
Rates:Exp:7//Sp:7//Drop:10//enjoy in your server
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225 L2 Vnzla
Interlude xp: 50 / Sp:50/adena: 250/ full gmshop / items dynasty & titanium entra a la comunidad venezolana! xD
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226 l-[[..:::((DARKTHRONE)):::..]]-l
In:0 Out:70
227 Lineage II HardCore ?
-Full Interlude & Hellbound Hybrid
-Kamael Weapons and Armors
-Town Buffers
-Full Clan System/Skills
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228 L2classic
Server Xp/Sp: 1x Drop: 1x Adena: 1x
Server like oficcial server with free account
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229 L2 Shadow
L2 Shadow Is full Kamael:

--===== L2 Shadow Server =====--

1. High Rate Server

@The 1st Lineage II Private Server special created
for PvP Combat Mode with No Rulles, special features and custom subclas
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230 L2 Zetakura //Interlude
2 SERVER Sieghart Xp x500 Sp x500 Adena x1000//Zetakura XP x5 SP x5 Adena x100// GM ACTIVOS// buffer//Kamael weapons armor//GENTE ACTIVA
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231 L2Play4Fun!
New full working Kamael server with rates exp x2000 sp x2000 adena x3000 drop x10 spoil x 10!!!Many Events and frendly GM's!
Join Now!
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232 L2Pro -Kamael-
High Rate Server with 500x Rates Adena 1500x, NPC Buffer, GM Shop, Gold Bar System, TvT Event, Wedding, Subclass, Multi GK and more
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233 .::Syberia::.
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234 Killer-Server
>Low Rate< Gracia Final ! 10x rates ! Olympiads | Heros | Sieges | ! Dedicated server ! Join. Play..& Enjoy!
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235 L2 Speed 3000x [IL]
Exp 3000x
Sp 3000x
Adena 5000x
Party 2x

Enchant Safe +8

Enchant Max +50

Enchant Rate 95%

Tattoos Work!

No Penalty Grade

Gm Shop (all grade, + icarus + vesper )

Npc Buffer ( Full Buff, Fighter
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236 server lineage2 interlude ultimaestance
el server es totalmente en espa?ol con una comunidad totalmente agradable...el server es totalmente libre y las preguntas y dudas seran respondidas...nuevos NPC,quest en espa?ol proximamente y una comunidad muy unida con jente que de verdad da ganas
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237 L2Faction Server

1st : Name - Kain,Style - Faction Type,
Chose your side between two Factions Demons and Angels, fight against each other
earn Adena from PvP, improve your equipment be the best, conquer the world of
In:0 Out:69
238 L2Crystal
FULL KAMEAL PVP SERVER.RATES (x200x200x200)XP/SP/DROP CUSTOM GM SHOP,TELEPORT,NOOBLESS QUEST,SUBCLASS .Auto Learn SKill,Auto Pick Up.36MB Conection Real.Server Specs Core 2 Duo E6750 8GB RAM, Scsi Controler, 147x5 GB HDD SCSI 15K RMP 16MB.ALL STABEL
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239 Exp Gaming
Servidor Interlude L2Off 50x- NpcBuffer- Gmshop- Area de Drope Offline shop begin┤s 20/01/2012
In:0 Out:81
240 The Abyss
Good L2 server off
In:0 Out:67
241 ..::l2Nyx::.. servidor kamael
servidor 100%kamael online|rates:|45x|45x|x45|100%legal.
In:0 Out:70
242 SeXxXy-Lineage2
C5 exp 500 drop 500 sp 500 24/7 Good Sv no lag join all
In:0 Out:66
243 L2300 Server Kamael
Rates 35x --gm shop- npc bufer 1hora - subclase-noble, heroe, Siete Signos,weapon custom,weapon kamael,set titanium para hacer con materiales(NO LAG)
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244 L2Olympia
We are OFFLINE until May 1 2009 while we upgrade to Gracia2....Thanks for your patience
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245 .:::Eternal war Lnterludex50:::.
EXP: 50 SP: 50 Adena: 60 Items: 20 Spoil: 15 Without Доната! Duels, Island of dinosaurs, дуалы Akamanah, Shadow weapon, Осады locks, the Clan-Xoli Olympia
In:0 Out:72
C5 server Рейты: EXP:x15 | SP:x15 | Adena:x40 | Drop:x20 | Spoil:x20 Дополнительная информа
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247 AdenovNet Lineage2 Kamael x1 x10 x100
Работают все скилы, Сервер без доната, При
In:0 Out:84
248 Friendly-l2 interlude server
Whant to feel real Lineage 2 world? Thats the perfect server for you pleas join Friendly-l2 server comunity and you will enjoy it!!!
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249 L2Grizli
RUS SERVER C6 x600x700x1100/ +Kamael-Weapon>Armors
????? ?6 ??????.?????????? ?????? 0 ??????!0 Donate ! ?????? ?? ???????? !
In:0 Out:67
250 Onslaught
Servidor Pvp hellbound/Gracia

Exp: 70x
Sp: 70x
Drop adena:270x

+.-Gato de profesi?n
+.-Eventos Tvt..diarios
+.-Npc custom(gk,gmshop..)
+.- Olimpiadas, sieges
+.-Clan wars
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