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301 L2-UK
Welcome to l2uk
Gracia server
xp rate x 6500
sp rate x 6500
party rate x 2
Adena rate x 1000
For more details visit our website
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302 L2GF Server
Server L2GF opened the day on March 11.

The server is hosted on a dedicated server with the following characteristics:
AMD Athlon +4200, 2gbs of ram to 800, 500gbs hard drive, 100mbs connectors

Features of the server:
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SwordsMan Perfect World
SwordsMan Perfect World Online, waiting for you to come to make a new legend with your sword and heart. 7x24 dedicated server, 100x combat EXP, 100x money, 1000x SP, 1000x Drop rate, with the activest LTSP forum.
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L2 Experience
Rate XP: 12 Rate SP: 13 Rate Party XP: 1.2 Rate Party SP: 1.3 Rate Spoil: 10 Rate Drop: 10 Rate Adena: 15
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Servidor Lineage II Kamael


RateXp = 5.
RateSp = 5.
RatePartyXp = 2.
RatePartySp = 2.
RateDropAdena = 6.
RateDropItems = 6.
RateDropSpoil = 6.
RateDropManor = 6.


Safe enchant =
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306 Lineage II Wyvern
Exp Rates are set 250x.
SP Rates are set 1000x.
Adena Drop Rates are set max% (99999x)

Registration : Automatic, just login to some account and it will be created automaticly
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307 Without GM, without Donat!!!!!!!!!!!!
Classic server, possibility of offlayn trade, there is not a thing GM shopa. The sieges of fortresses work for us, avt. tournaments, eventy, new skilly/territorii/pety/kvesty/prochee...
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308 LineagePlay4FuN
exp:2000, drop: 1 ,adena 10000... RUS server! Enchant: Chance 85% , safe +20, max +70... Phoenix shop...
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309 L2-Europeo
Server Kamael, Internacional, Mid Rates, dedicado->24 horas online, gato de profesiones. 0 corrupci?n, GMs amigables, solucionamos tus problemas r?pidamente. Si tienes problemas para entrar en la web, entra en
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310 Server KAmael PVP - LOW
NPC Bufffer, NPC GM Shop, NPC Gatekkeper Global,

XP Rate: 1000.0
SP Rate: 1000.0
Drop Rate: 10.0
Party XP Rate: 5.
Party SP Rate: 5.
Spoil Rate: 10.0
Adena Rate: 2000.0
Enchant Rate: 80%
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311 Welcome To L][ LuckyStrike Pvp&Rpg
pvp server in (interlude ) rpg server in (kamael)
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312 Server Kamael And Interlude pvp&rpg
Server kamael In RPg
server Interlude in Pvp
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313 Welcome Kamael Server L2luckyStrike
X7x7x500 Rate's Echant menu safe 6 max 20
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314 L][ Kamael Server _____LuckyStrike_____
rate xp7 sp7 adena 500
Echant safe:6 max 20 Ty contact admin
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315 Lineage II ZakeN
x13-x13-x13 Rates server|NPC Buffer|GK Global|Tattoo Working 100%|Sieges|Clan Hall|Sub Class| Heros And Nobles| Nueva Raza Kamael, Items y Skilles|Online From 13/03/08|Argentino
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316 Lineage2Death
Server kamael l2Death server cumple con buenas cualidades server venezolano 100% rates 2000Xp,adena,Sp entra 0 lag te esperamos adentro
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317 L2UK
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318 L2 Israel
Rate's :
exp : 20 , SP : 20 , party exp : 1.5 , party sp : 1.5 , Drop : 10 , Adena Drop : 40.

buff time putted on 1hour....
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? Kamael CT1 ? [Rates: 16x16x16x16x10x] ? Balanced Classes ? Daily retail Events ? Sub class & Hero system ? Daily server updates and bug fixes ? Anti Bot System ? Costum NPCs ? New friendly GMs ? Classchanger and GlobalGK!
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320 Scorpion Server
Gracia x25 x10 x10 / 8HR Underworld Buffs / Raidboss's Fixed / Noblesse Added Every Week!! All Skills Obtainable for any Character... PLAYERS Wanted
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321 La2Glory
The server, where you, can be the best warriors.
EXP: x10
SP: x10
Adena: x15
Items: x11
Spoil: x10
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322 L2 Magma
New Full Interlude Multi-Skills Server x550 x550 x800
Custom items,Custom Shops,Custom Skills
2 Hour buffs,No Lag,Friendly GMs,Special TvT Events and lots of other things!
Come and see on your own!!
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323 Lineage 2 - White Steel.- Interlude. ESP
Servidor Espa?ol de Lineage 2 Interlude!!
Rates : x1000 x1000 x5000
Auto Events (TvT, CTF, Deathmach ,y mas)
Armas y Armors Customs!
Olimpiadas Funcionando/Sieges 100% Funcionando/
0 Lag!
Staff amigable !!
y mucho mas!!
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324 L2raVen - Hellbound
- Hellbound - 10/12/11/10/5 - ride a WOLF - custom raids - custom area - custom mobs - many events - everything's working 100% - gain lvl 85 - active GMs
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325 L2 StarGate
-===== L2 StarGate Info =====--

* The 1st Lineage II Server!

* Server Rates: 100x Xp 100x Sp 400x Adena

* C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/Interlude/Kamael
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326 The Silence
Servidor L2 kamael zonas kamael 100% armas dynasty 100% tatoos activos...y mucho mas
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327 novos set epic e armas custons 450x
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328 L2-Bartz kamael server
3000x/3000x/3000x.Full Kamael.99% kamael skills.Gm shop,gk,buffer,TvT,noobles in buffer,work hero's.And more more nPC's.Come play here!!
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329 L2 WarOftheDarkness
.::][L2 WOTD ( PVP)][::.

500exp safe +40 75%
500sp max + 60


.::][L2 WOTD FACTIONS][::.
RATES: 80 al instante
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330 Lineage II Waffen C5
Server Rates :

Exp: 200x

Sp: 250x

Aden: 700x

Drop: 2x

Enchant Rates :

Scroll: Enchant Armor/Weapon: 70%

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor/Weapon: 75%

Maximum Enchanting: +25

Server I
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331 L2EuroGold Interlude
rates xp 1000 sp 1000 drop 10 adena 1000
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332 Lineage 2 Argentina
Lineage 2 Argentina. C4 off, Rates x5. Seven Signs, Raid Boss, Olimpiadas 100% funcionando. No GMSHOP, no venta de items, no venta de adena, no venta de quest. Servidor Serio en pleno crecimiento.
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333 Chaosrage Pvp Server
Exp x1000 Sp x 1000 Adena x1000 , Buffer , GMShop , Global GK , Event TVT And CTF , And much More...
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334 L2-UK
Welcome to l2uk
Gracia server
xp rate x 6500
sp rate x 6500
party rate x 2
Adena rate x 1000
For more details visit our website
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335 Revolution-World
Hungarian Good Vs. Evil server! Now Started!
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336 ModL2
Masters Of Darkness Kamael Server
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338 L2Hunter
PVP Server XP: 500/ SP: 1000/ Adena: 2000/ GM Shop / Luxury GK / NPC Buffer [Server BR]
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339 L2BlueAngel
No Gm Corpt No Lagg Costum Shop NPC Buffer Rates Xp 3000 Adena 3000 Sp 3000 Costum Seller
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340 Servidores Dark-TaCo
Lineage II Interlude
Rates: exp x3 sp x4 Adena x10 Drop x5 Spoil x25
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Luna 1x, Epic 15x, Extreme 1000x, CT1 Kamael, Olympiad, Seven Signs, Manor System, Sieges and marriages available.
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342 Twilight Lineage 2
2 International Kamael Servers|Mid+High|Hero,Olympiad,Wedding,ClanHall|CTF,TvT,PvP,VIP|GM Shop and Luxury Shop|25'000 Characters Created!
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343 L2Ultimavenganza
Spanish comunity. Server bartz. 10x exp 15x sp 2x party exp and sp 20x Adena 20x spoil All quest is implemented. -clan skill -academy -hero -nobles -hatching -siege -etc.
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344 LA2Br Server Kamael
Servidor Lineage 2 Kamael, rates altas, Link dedicado de 2000 MBPS ( SEM LAGs ), Npcs novos,Argumenta??o,PvP,TvT automatico, Novas Weapons,Novas Armors,Quests, Buffs 2 hs.Venha ser Top.
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345 L2 Burning Sword Argentino
Server L2 Kamael Ratesx10x15x50x50x50 rates party x4...subclass acumulativas...hero ON.... No Gm shop
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346 Bloodrage Kamael Szerver
A szerver csak h?tv?g?n megy.


RateXp = 15.
RateSp = 15.
RatePartyXp = 15.
RatePartySp = 15.
RateDropAdena = 15.
RateConsumableCost = 15.
RateDropItems = 15.
RateDropSpoil = 15.
RateDropManor = 15
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347 Empire Games Portal
Empire Games Portal with MMORPG Server.
Lineage2 C5, Interlude, Kamael
World Of Warcraft BC 2.3.3
Counter Strike
AION coming soon.....
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348 L2freestyle
Lineage2 interlude server x30 don't forget to vote us
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349 L2Ierosolima
Greek Private server with low rates x15
Full C6 interlude server!!!
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350 L2 ImperiaL BlooD
Aqu? os damos la bienvenida a nuestro servidor PvP de Lineage 2 Chaotic Throne 1 (Kamael).


Exp: x100, SP: x15, Adena: x100, Drop: x3, Spoil x15, PartyExp: x2 PartySP: x2.


Hay Gatekeeper universal, GM Sh
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