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351 Lineage Armageddon
Armageddon PvP
6000x | 6000x | 1000X
In:0 Out:100
Frintezza Lineage II Full Interlude
NEW HELLBOUND server Beta is ONLINE NOW. Best Full Interlude Server 100% Off.| No L2J | No Lag |No Corruption | Very Powerful Servers | 7x/100x Retail and 15x Substack plenty of players!
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353 L2TheLegend
24-horas online

HellBound Server


x40 xp, x50 sp,x5 droprate,x500 drops from spoil, x100 dropquest, x70 quest reward
-Autocreate account
-Buff and Dances time 1 hour!
-Max buff
In:0 Out:120
354 TF 2
nagyon jo! :D
In:0 Out:101
355 L2 Angel Dorado Interlude Server
100% interlude y argentino subs acumulativas rates x15 entra y disfruta
In:0 Out:97
In:0 Out:104
357 junglel2 kamael server
In:0 Out:93
358 L2 KoW
server venezolano con gm shop gk global y otras cosas rates buenos
In:0 Out:102
359 .:::TheProfessor:::.. Lineage2 InterludE
Bratz: PVP

RateXp = 6000.
RateSp = 6000.
RatePartyXp = 2.
RatePartySp = 2.
RateDropAdena = 5000.
RateDropItems = 10.
RateDropSpoil = 5.
RateDropManor = 1

Siegehard: LOW

RateXp = 8.
RateSp = 8.
In:0 Out:104
360 GoodVsEviL
L2 Good Vs Evil server,free pvp,C6,Geodata,active gm's and etc...
In:0 Out:97
361 Lineage2 Cerberos Kamael
Rats [5000/5000/7000/5/1]
NPC-[GMshoop . Buffer . GK . Nobles . Event manager]
Save enchant + 4 max + 20.
Olympiad is online.
Special PVP PK location...
RB event online ...
In:0 Out:96
362 L2 - Servidor 100% Chinese
Game servers in the United States,Play C6 FULL for FREE here! Rates: 15x. US server, just started! New people! 100% uptime, GMs always online! Join us!
In:0 Out:102
363 Yours Lineage CT1
PVP Server,200x/250x/900x/5x. No donation server,Balanced Class,Protect Respaw,2h buff time and Custom Areas.
In:0 Out:95
364 L2 VorTeX RulzZz
Vote For L2 VorTeX RulzZz
In:0 Out:102
365 L2 Arena KvN
Interlude World with faction Teams
Koofs vs Noobs join us now!!
In:0 Out:99
366 L2Unity
L2 Retail Server (7x)
In:0 Out:94
367 <<< L2Phenix Interlude Server >>>
Servidor L2Phenix, 100% Interlude
Rates: 500x, Sets e armas EPIC, TT, Kamael , Safe +20 Max +35, etc!
Npc Custon, Hero em Olympiadas,
Venha conhe?er e bom jogo a todos!
In:0 Out:99
368 L2-X
Massive Custom Gracia PvP
In:0 Out:95
369 l2winter
Great l2 pvp server
In:0 Out:99
370 New Kamael PvP Server x1000
[------------ About Server ------------]
XP x1000
SP x1000
Spoil x1
Drop x1
Adena x1000
Party x2
Raid Drop x10

Global Gatekeeper (free teleport).
Class Master & Subclass without quest.
Buff duration 3 hours
In:0 Out:95
371 L2 Pegasus
24-horas online
Servidor Dedicado

NEW 1024mb conexion

Servidor CT1 Kamael

*Enchants a + 50*
*Donadores + 75*
*Rate del Enchant 85%*
*Enchant SAFE +15*

Rates del server
x1000 x1000 x1500In:0
372 L2ShadowLight
500 exp 500 adena 500 sp
epic items only armor
Dusk items
end only here dusk staff wit custon gloow acumen join pls
In:0 Out:96
373 Line2Angel
In:0 Out:100
374 l2smiles kamael server (l2emu)
l2smiles kamael pvp server xp x50,sp x75,adena x100. GMshop.NPC buffer,NPC class manager.
In:0 Out:96
375 Lineage 2 Ethernal Interlude
Servidor de Lineage2, serio, Sin gms corruptos, Rates 4x 5x 5x. Unete a nuestra maravillosa comunidad.
In:0 Out:97
376 DoublleShooTT
In:0 Out:98
377 Dragon Of CHaos
Rate are 2000x
In:0 Out:95
378 Planet Comic's Gracia Final Server
all works
rate 10x
sp 11x
adena 12x
drop 500x
In:0 Out:99
379 L2 Frodo
Lineage 2 Kamael Server 99,9% Uptime 7x rates Many Events Nice Stuff
In:0 Out:95
380 L2Shilien (Hellbound)
[Server Hellbound PL] RateXp=80,RateSp=80,Adena=200,Enchant Safe 8 Max 20 Chance 76%,no quest,Subclass max 3,GmShop,Buffer,Gk Luxury,All Buff Time=2h,100 Mbps,Deticate Server,Friendly Gm's.
In:0 Out:97
381 L2 Hero
7x10x13x7x10x New server 99%uptime,No GM Shops,Retail Sub classes,Mammon Spawn in Giran,7th signs working,Olympiad working,All teritories and mobs are working,Friendly and Helpfull GM`s
In:0 Out:96
382 L2 Famous
RateXp - 6. RateSp - 10. RatePartyXp - 1.2 RatePartySp - 1.2 RateDropAdena - 40. RateDropItems - 1. RateDropSpoil - 1. RateDropManor - 1
In:0 Out:121
383 l2satisfaction
.:::L2SatisFaction:::. 1st : Name - Kain,Style - Faction Type, Chose your side between two Factions Demons and Angels, fight against each other earn Adena from PvP, improve your equipment be the best, conquer the world of L2SatisFaction with your Fac
In:0 Out:93
384 L2HeroUltimat
500 exp 500 adena 500Sp
custon armor Samting like Epic end dynasty
end Dusk Items titan set come to play
In:0 Out:97
385 friendly-l2
100exp 100sp 200adena 30 spoil. Friendly gm's
In:0 Out:96
386 King Vs. Gods
In:0 Out:99
387 L2DragonClaw -NEW- CT1 Hellbound server
CT1 Hellbound|XP:700X/Adena:1000X|2h buffs|International GMs|Special areas|
Buffer/Taxi/GMshop/Siege/Custom raids/mobs/bosses level 80-99|custom quests|multi-class server!
In:0 Out:101
388 L][4all Interlude custom Ready for War
NOT BUGED 100x Interlude server with all custom npc,custom marketing system,working Olympiad,Noblesse,Clan Hall.NO LAG 24/24 Friendly GMs
In:0 Out:96
389 L2-Senry German Hellbound Mid-Rate
RateXp =1000.
RateSp = 1000.
RatePartyXp = 5.
RatePartySp = 5.
RateDropAdena = 2500.
RateDropItems = 2.
RateDropQuest = 10000.
RateQuestsReward = 10000.
RateKarmaExpLost = 10000


::TvT eventall 45 minut
In:0 Out:98
390 L2Sepria
35x Hellhound Server
In:0 Out:98
391 Planet Comics
Lineage 2 kamael server
2 Worlds low and high rate
low:exp 5x adena 30x drop 500x
high rate: 250x adena 300x drop 1000!Max enchant 65535
safe 3 enchant rate 99% good GMs Friendly players Join us now ! We Hope You like it :)
In:0 Out:98
392 MMORPG Pixel Lineage
Best server you've seen so far Full interlude C5 & Kamael, PVP or Non PVP , your choice really Rates 5x 35x 100x 1000x 10000x. Just visit the site to see it , it will take 5 seconds :)
In:0 Out:94
393 Lineage ][ Glory - HellBound
Lineage ][ Glory -HellBoun -R ates - x65 - x65 - x200 - x8 - x5 - 0 LAGG - Custom Armors/Epic/Dynasty/Weapons/Epic/Dynasty/Glory Weapons/Miscs !Custom Zone For items and more - Join us NOW!
In:0 Out:104
394 L2 Adventure The Kamael
L2Adventure Kamael
Kamael 100% HellBound
Custom Sets 100% - DK Epic/Dynasty/Titanium
Join US
In:0 Out:96
395 .::BlackBird PvP::.
Lineage Private PvP Server
In:0 Out:98
396 Extreme-Genesis - Private Server
Our server is fully functional, running Lineage 2 Hellbound. Our rates are Exp 10, SP 10, Spoil 10, Adena 11, Items 15. Class Changer NPC available to guarantee a great gaming experience. No Quests for Class and SubClass Chance. Custom NPCs.
In:0 Out:102
397 L2 Dragon Force
Rates: x2000
Todo tipo de npc custom + armas y armaduras editadas por el staff.
In:0 Out:99
398 Lineage 2 Ancient Server Gracia Parte 2
(Semi Slow):
Completamente nuevo!!
Experiencia: x7
SP: x7
Adena: x4
Drop/Spoil: x7/x7

* No GMshop, npc buffer, global gk.
* No customs.
* Seven signs.
* Olympiadas.
* Hero/Nobless.
In:0 Out:97
399 Lineage II - Trust Interlude
| Rates: 200exp/400sp/800aden/10drop |Gm-shop,Leveling zones GK,wedding Priest,Npc buffer,Dances/Songs time: 20minutes... |
In:0 Out:94
400 Lineage ElementFX
Interlude!! XP 40x,SP 40x,Adena 70x,Item Drop 30x,Spoil 40x.Buffs & Songs last for 1 hour,Luxury Gatekeeper, Npc for class change (1st,2nd & 3rd Class)& Make SubClass without Quest!!TVT!Aio Buffers,GM shops(till A-grage),Sieges!Wars!Clan halls!
In:0 Out:97

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