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YakuzaBattle Ad
251 oyimpia
no pvp
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Lineage 2 Portal
The newest portal. Nothing to lose if you register there ;)
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253 Lineage][SainTs
Server Rates :
33 - XP
35 - SP
35 - Adena Drop
15 - Item Drop
15 - Spoil

Retail features :
- All C4/C5/Interlude Features.
- C5 Pledge System
- Npc's/Skills.
- All quests.
- Auto Soulshot/Spiritshot.
- 3rd clas
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254 L2 OdiN Interlude Server
RATES x45 Adena X100 GMShop NPC Buffer Global Gatekeeper, Nobless, Hero, and much more New Server!
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L2Promisance Server no.1 Romania Interlude Private Server 3000x 75%enchant bless enchant Olympiad and more.
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256 L2 Kamael
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257 L2 Interlude Comando GP
Server interlude argentino rates x6
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258 L2PaRaNoRMaL
[Hellbound Multi Server][Balanced-Edited Classes][Full Edition][Weapon Mixing][Unique Weapons][New Game Style][Few Unique Game Modes]etc.. A Server like no other . Join us Today. Enjoy
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259 l2 PaRaNoRMaL
[Unique Game Play][Item Store][Deluxe Buffer][Global Gk][Race War][Race Spot][Clean Game Play][Edited Skills][Unique Classes]etc join us today
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260 HardcoreL2 - Gracia
Gracia Server.Rates 300x XP&SP, 1000x Adena, drop is 8x. PVP,GMShop,Global GK,NPC Buffer!,All Enchants Max +25,3hour buffs,Automatic 8hr restart, New! Custom Areas!, Active GM's working hard to forfill your needs! Come Visit Now!
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261 L2Kamael Coliseu Servidor Br 250X
Servidor L2Kamael 250X, totalmente brasileiro, quests 100%, Nobles, Hero, Raid, Events, GMs de relacionamento, armas e armaduras editadas, etc.
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262 Dark Link Hellbound
Servidor Argentino de Lineage Hellbound
es un server low y fast y nuestras rates son:Dark Link:



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263 Arena Games Hellbound][Inte 100% no Bug
CT! THE Hellbound No bug 100% skill bartz x150 Siegart x1000 Wings ASAS TT DK CT1 Giran Gelo ETC.....
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264 LineageTwot
Server CT1 (kamael)//rates x200//GmShop//NPC_Buffer//Sieges//Nobles//Hero//Olimpiadas//Subclass Acumulativas//Todo funcionando al 100%//Staff dedicado no corrupto//
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265 L2CoM - Low and High
...::::Bienvenidos a L2 Chain of Memories:::...

Este server esta compuesto por una comunidad de dos servers, un server Low Rates: x20 y un server High Rates: x1000, los dos tienen implementados items custom (Epic Armors, Dynasty), una gran var
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266 L2.DarkServer C7 KAMAEL
2x Servers Rates Xp X20 Sp X25 Adena X30 / Xp X200 Sp X200 Adena X600 -Sin leyes PJ , Profession y SubClass Gratuita, Buffer, GTK Global, GmShop todo Grados, Alquiler Dragones, Eventos Skills auto, Olimpiadas, 2 eventos x mes, Enchant +25 sin riesgo
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267 Protecting Wings
Free Lineage 2 Chaotic Throne: Kamael Server

Prelude->C1->C2->C3->C4->C5->Interlude->Kamael "now"

XP: 6 x
SP: 6 x
PartyXP: 1.5 x
PartySP: 1.5 x
Drop: 5 x
Spoil: 5 x
Adena: 5 x
QuestDrop: 2 x
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268 L2Tattoo
Server Interlude. XP:18x SP:19x Adena:20x Drop:15x Spoil:15x XP Party:1.80x. 45 min de buff(including BD,SWS,WC,PP,etc). Skills,Armor & Weapon Interlude. Enchant surely +4. Rate enchant 75%. Enchant max 50. 6 subclass. GK Global. Npc 1.2,3 class. Sho
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269 Lineage Kamael
? new server (from 18.02.2008) ? free CH ? Anti Bot System ? 4x4x4x3x4 ? No donations ? Custom Armors ? All Classes ? PVP ? Events ? Custom NPCs ? Custom Items ? Custom Quests ? Friendly Community ? Dedicated 1000Mbit/s ? 24/7up ? Powerfull server ma
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270 no sirve

-RateXp = 100
RateSp = 120
RatePartyXp = 150
RatePartySp = 150
RateDropAdena = 300
RateDropItems = 10
RateDropSpoil = 80
- GmShop
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271 Lend?rios L2
Private Server Lineage 2
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272 ||L2 BloodLine|| ?Kamael!
Entra y conoce nuestra nueva comunidad de Lineage 2 Kamael! como es nuevo necesitara de tu compa?ia,a ti te gustara por sus rates de : exp 8 sp:10 adena:30 Entra y disfruta!
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You have come upon a unique L2 private server which offers its players a vast experience in a MMORPG. New and experienced L2 players will enjoy playing on our server; all quests are available to the players. Special Events, Team PVP and 1 vs 1 PVP co
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274 Best Lineage2 Server Full Kameal Client
Lineag2Full Kameal Server

Rates 40x 40x 35x

Safe Entchant 10

Max Entchant 20

65% Entchant Chance
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275 L2 - BrokenWorld
RateXp = 150.
RateDropAdena = 250.
RateDropItems = 5.

Normal: 55%
Blessed: 70%

Obs: Max enchant +30 / Salvo enchant +4

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276 DarkBlood servidor roleplay
Bienvenidos al servidor roleplay
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277 Azrael
server roleplay muy wenoo
rate x5x5x13 a divertiseeee
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278 LineAge2 The Kamael Evolutions
Server The Kamel | All rates x5000 | Save enchat +12 Max+50 | Join Now | Many Events | Gm Shop |Global GK | Friendly GMs | And much much more !
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279 L2-NoTeX Nazgul World
Chronicle 4 Server, All rates 5000x, enchant rates Max weapon +40 chance 96%, Max armour +40 chance 96%, more Details in WebSite !!!
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280 -+= [ ? ] L2 MorDor[ ? ] =+-
????| New Server [?]0==[|]::;;;;::::> ]??[Max Subclas: 5 + (base)]?????[ Hero]???[Nobless auto][Auto LvL 79]|[TvT's][PvPserver][ ? ]
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281's 30x Lineage 2 Free Server
New free Lineage 2 server with fun events and GM's. Rates are 30x and we are using the latest Chronicle (as of joining; Kamael!)
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282 Sons Of Hell

Server Rates:
Exp: 20x
Sp: 30x
Adena: 100x
Drop: 50x
Spoil: 45x

Lv Max 85
News Skills
News Transform
News pets
Icarus Weapons whit SA
Customs Armors and Items

No G
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283 GameUp Servers Kamael
2 Servers - Sieghardt Kamael HellbounD x250 - PvP full - GM shop - Cat profession - Fishing - Sieges - Events - Bartz Kamael x5 - 33 months Online 365 days to Years - Server Latino - Argentina
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284 L2uLtRa
GameServer:l2uLtRa Multiskills Server.4 Stuck SubClasses
Epic-Dynasty Custom Items etc.Olympiad Custom Noblesse Q-Wedding-GmShop and 0thers...Join us And have Fun!
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285 >L2-Furion<
Dynastic Item And More -Lithuanian Server-
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286 W@REZ - PvP Kamael Server!!!!!
Full Kamael PvP Server!
Rates xp/sp/adena 50.000
GM Shop,Gatekeeper,NPC Buffer!!!
Enchant Rate : Unlimited!!!
Come and Join The MAX ENCHANTED PvP Server In Greece!!!
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287 L2TNT
bes pvp server 100% online server get in
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288 L2 CHAOS
Lineage II server


L2 Dark Angels Comunity
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289 .: NeFTiS :.
.::Servidor //.:NeFTiS:.\\PVP Espa?ol Full::. Rates: ex250x sp250x adenas1000x
Buffs 3 horas Todos Los NPC Olympiadas Noble,Hero,Eventos :::Entra Y Juega Con Nosotros:::
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290 L2 Dark Reaver
L2 Dark Reaver is A Server Hosted in a datacenter for the highest quality gaming.
Our Server is The Lineage II Interlude Version.
Olympiad working(Heroes Every Week)
Custom Npc's(buffer,gm-shop,nobless,etc
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291 L2Calden Lineage 2 Interlude Argentina
Lineage 2 Interlude 100% Argentino L2Calden
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292 L2 FENIX
Lineage II Kamael x150
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293 L2Nemesis
L2 Nemesis Interlude[server rates xp x75/sp x75/adena x250] Nice community/Friendly GM's/ New pvp-xp zones/Epic and Kamael armors and weapons/Tattoos-Dyes/Olympiad full working/NPC buffer/GM shop and much more... Enjoy!
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294 L2 Tenshu
Servior Exp: 10x Adn: 15x
En espa?ol
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295 L2FallenGodZ
Rates all X-200 GMShop Buffer Teleporter and Customs! Nice GM Staff!Up 3 Years COME JOIN!
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296 L2Nightmare
rates: 450x 450x 600x

enchant rates : +6 safe +25max 80% chance
custom glows from +20-25

custom farming areas
npc buffers
nobless manager

auto tvt events
hero system
goldbar systemIn:0
297 l2-Longchamps
Server Pvp..

Good's Gm...

Only for Fun people :P
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299 Kamael
novo server kamael ct1,rate 10x,adena 100x,moobs champions dando 100 vezes + que a xp do jogo,Gm shop,GK global,GM faz evento diariamente,server muito bom
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300 L2MWX Interlude Full 3000x | 2500x | ful
Servidores tem muito, com qualidade alguns, agora com qualidade e maxima dedica??o apenas um L2MWX, server 3000x ! 2500x , Entre e confira
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