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Lineage ][ Kingdom of Heaven
Lineage ][ Kingdom of Heaven :

# XP: 3000x
# SP: 3000x
# RateDropAdena = 1000.
# RateDropItems = 5.

Enchant Rates :

# Standard Enchant Scroll
Enchant Chance Weapon = 65%
Enchant Chance Armor = 65%
Enchant Chance
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402 L2 Zyklon Hellbound CT 1
Hellbound CT 1 ||5000000000000X Rates || 20-25 Safe Enchant || Global Gatekeeper || GM SHOP || 100Mbit Connection || PVP based Server || Raid Events || Automatic TvT Event every 3 hours
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Server BloodyCrusade
Заходите все рейты супер быстрый кач. Все
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L2 Private Games Kamael
Kamael x45 | Custom Zone | AIO | 1 Hour Buff | Olympiad | Hero | Siege | Full working | All Skills | No Lag | Profesional GM team | Join Us
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405 .::L2LittleWorld::.
GM shop
Gk Global
GMs siempre Online
rates : x200x200x200
Subclass acumulativas
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406 L2RelanCe - Private Server
L][RelanCe [PvP And Rpg Server - Join us!!!! and have a lot of fun]
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407 L2 Cerelia - Gracia
Gracia Greek 4x Server (start at 1 Oct 2008). No Donates! Official Game, L2 event's, easy connect (automatic setup)....
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408 Lineage ][ Shadow
Low Rate Server Hellbound 100% Tuga | Rates: XP-14 SP-12 Drop-12 Adena-25 | Adena start: 20.000 | Join now
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409 L2 Elixus
Full Interlude Server, costum npc,zone,buffer,mobs,shops, ernria zone, costum armor and weapon, rifing system,subclass,nobless,heroes..... and more .... come here and enjoy !!
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410 Welcome to L2Vengence Kamael Servers
Lagless Server!! 100% server up time
Update: 4/25/2008
Server type: CT1 Kamael server with fully functional Siege and Quests!!
Retail like server: 35x rate, 75x Adena
Active GMs/Admins? Yes
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411 Lineage 2 Pesadilla [ARG]
Sena bievenidos al mundo Tenebroso mundo de las pesadilla 100% ARGENTINO en pleno crecimiento.GM amistoso y dispuesto en ayudar.
Carateristica del server:
Top S por Drop
7 sub class acumulativa
Rate exp 80 sp 150 adena 550 drop y spoilx1
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412 :: Sunshine :: Lineage 2 Gracia
Sunshine is a free private L2 Gracia server.We've created a place on the web, where everyone can play, relax and keep this mystical world of light and darkness, sunshine and shadows to be fun for all.
The Staff is very friendly and there are very
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414 ...:::SkyBlood:::...
500x/500x/700x/pvp server/custom nobless/Npc Trader/Npc buffer/Npc Buffe Pets/Custom zone/gm friend/auto evento cada 30 min/Nobles/hero
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415 Lineage 2 Atlantis
Server Rate 15x 15x 15x 15x 5x, Basic NPC Buffer, Events every week. Spanish/English
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416 CCCP Server LineageII Hellbound
CCCP L2 Hellbound RateXp = 500.0 RateDropAdena = 1000.0 Мы сделали всё, для того, чтоб игр
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417 L2_Enchanter
Lineage2 Kamael,xp,sp-1000,adena-2000 Custom armor(Night Draconic,Titanium,Magic armor),custom circlets,tattoo bonus,skill enchanter,gm-shop,buffer(2h),class changer,Dynasty stat mull.Enchant max~ 10 000,enchant rates : normal scroll~90%, blessing~10
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418 Old School L2 .:PvP Unlimited:.
Oldschool says everything...What are you waiting for?
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419 L ][ War Of The Darkness
servidor interlude hispano rates 200exp 200sp 800ade enchant safe +20 max + 20 NO LAG!!!! gmshop,buffer,gk...
entra a formar parte de nuestrs comunidad.
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420 L2Norick
Exp/Sp 10
Drop/Spoil/adena 15
Mana potion
In:0 Out:91
421 Freestyle Lineage2 CT1
!NEW! Kamael x20 server. No Lag. Custom Items. Mana Elixir Craft. Lot of events ! kamael weapons/armors/skills. Zariche/Akamanah, Sieges, Heros, 7signs, Nobless, Weddings, Friendly and FAIR staff, and much more !. Server is 24/7 up.
In:0 Out:90
422 .:L2Top-Life:.
Server HellBound,En costrucci?n,Rates x600,x600,1000,Armors custom y Weapons.
Entra a formar parte de nuestra comunidad
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423 DemonsVsAngels
full c6, no - lvl up, no - quests, no-laag. buff time- 1h. gm shop, epic, dinasty, wings
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424 Angel-Network
Full Kamael Server CT2 ? Bartz(12x) ? Stable , Proper Rules & Management ? Augmentation, Duel ? Clan Halls/Castle Sieges/olympiad/heroes ? Dynasty Weapons/Armor Craftable! Join. Play..& Enjoy!
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425 Lineage2 Mystery
THE BEST Kamael Server 300x ~ Special Shops ~ NPC Buffers ~ Sieges ~ Cool new areas ~ Olympiad ~ and much more,helped by the best GMs ever
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426 Andalasia
New Server | Rates: 100x/100x/100x | Friendly Staff | Join now!
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427 server lineage
server kamael
In:0 Out:92
428 Niobe
The new refreshed Niobe Kamael server
with more more players,join us if you dont wanna loose
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429 L2Dragon
L2-Dragon Gracia Epilogue Server-Bartz
Full GM-Shop
In:0 Out:118
430 BKK Perfect World Online
24/7 * Fast Rates * Shopping Mall * PK/Non-PK Systems (100%) * Quests * Guild War * Cool Events * Fast Update * 100mbit * Join Us NOW!
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431 .::BloodDragons PvP Return::.
Rates del Servidor

XP x10.000 SP x10.000 Adenas X10.000

Enchants y su Porcentage

Safe +50 Max Enchant +75 al 80%

((Si te pasas encantando las armas y todo no se cristaliza))

Mas Contenidos.

Gm Shop

In:0 Out:88
432 l2Empire
New l2 interlude polish server. Rates are 4x-5x-4x-6x-6x. Hero System, Cursed Weapons, Weddings, Clanhalls, Events, Sieges, Rb and much more.
In:0 Out:90
433 titans
server kamael full pvp 100x
In:0 Out:88
434 ::L2 Mundi ::
L2 Server Kamael - 40x,40x,150x,1x,3x!
Join us!
In:0 Out:91
435 Hazard L2 Hellbound!
:Xp/Sp x100,
:Adena x300,
:Drop/Spoil X1,

Intel Core 2 Quad 4*2,4 Ghz,
100mbit/s port,

Join Us!
In:0 Out:92
436 L][TataServer 25x
Here about some informations about our server
Rates:25x adena,25x xp,25x sp
Enchants:normal scrolls:70%,blessed scrolls:85%
In:0 Out:91
437 DragonStrik
Servidor Espa?ol Hellbound x400, Buffs 1 Horas, GK Global, NPC Buffer, GM Shop, Sieges, Class Master, Clan Hall, Nobleza, Olimpiada, Brazaletes
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438 L2-Rivendel Interlude
L2-Interlude RivendeL
In:0 Out:95
439 L2Infernum Hellbound
Server Lineage 2 Infernum.
Rates: 30x30x250x
Enchant Safe max: +7
Enchant % Successfull
Custom Areas, Infernum Weapons, Platinum armor.
Server Worked 99%
In:0 Out:91
440 BlooD Of Angels
Sever Interlude Blood Of Angels
In:0 Out:93
441 L2clarity
Unete al mejor server de habla hispania tatanium armas customs y mucho mas ^^
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442 Time of Legends
2 Servers -> x100 info ->

x25 info ->
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443 La2 ExTra
Lineage Hellbound
In:0 Out:90
444 Lineage2 Wargods
Lineage2 Wargods - Hellbound - 2 Servers: High rate / Good Vs Evil - Rates - Good Players - Custom Area's - Custom Mobs - Lots of Custom Items - Join us now !
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445 Vankatze Lineage II
Servidor hispano de _Lineage en su ultima version Hellbound - Rates 8x 8x 8x
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446 Lineage2 C4 Unta server
Открылся новый сервер Lineage2 С4 Unta
рейты x10x10x10x10
In:0 Out:90
447 L2InterGame
Server Rates medios Multiskills,en venta todas las cosas custom ,server estable y con mucha dedicaccion y trabajo detras.
Unite a Nosotros ???? Te esperamos
In:0 Out:88
448 ThunderStorm CT 1,5
Low rate server - Work to be the best!
In:0 Out:90
449 New-age-wars
Ein deutscher Lineage 2 Freeshard. Rates: 1000x exp/sp 4000x Adena mehr infos auf der HP. Bis dann
In:0 Out:83
450 Bem Vindo Ao L2IllusionBr
Nosso servidor dedicado 100%free naum tem donator ..itens custom a venda no npcs como Dual Gms Hero
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