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Epiphany RO is a steadily growing server at the rates of 30/30/15. Max level 99/50, 99/70 trans. We have WoE twice a week with a great friendly community. GM Staff is knowledgeable and active. Join us today!
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2 Malawi Online
25x EXP - Custom Drops - Max Level : 99/70 - Newly Opened - English GM Support
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3 G?tterd?mmerung (GdRO) - Best German
GdRO XP Server (High Rate) - Base / Job 3000x - Drops 200x - Cards 150x - 300 max Base Level - 125 max Job Level (rebirth) - 255 max Sats - Crystal Room, CtF, Tron,... - GdRO Office - 24/7 Online - S?mtliche Klassen verf?gbar - Town WoE - keine Wipes
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|| deutscher Server || Rates 150 / 150 / 100 || maxlvl 255 / 70 || nette GM's || Mainchat NPC || Jobchanger || Homunculus, Gunslinger, Ninja || Custom Headgears || neuste Dungeons wie u.A. Thor Volcano || Radio, Gallery, Klatschpresse u.v.m. ||
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6 DeliriumRO: Lords of Chaos
English only. Low-Rate Role-Play server. Original storyline and events. Friendly community and GMs. Race System: Elf, Fairy, Beast, Human, Titan, Dwarf, (Arc)Angels, Demons.
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7 Eternal~LoveRo
Job Changer
Baby Changer
300/120 (base/job lvl)
@ commands (do @commands for list)
More places to get married
Custom items/pets/hair/questCustom Hair style (over 30 to pick)
Custom monster pet
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8 ? SmokeRO? ?
We have friendly people.Mostly GM's ^^ Our rates are only display in our website..^^

For now, We are currently recruiting a dedicated host. If you think you can be one, Join us now ^^
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9 AdventureRO - Start your Adventurer NOW!
? 10/10/10 Lowrate Server ? No Jobchanger ? No free Warper ? Anti Cheat System ? Official Mailing System ? Dayily Backups All Classes ? Homunculus ? WoE ? PVP ? Events ? Custom NPCs ? Custom Quests ? Friendly Community ? Dedicated 24/7
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10 LongBeach113 RO
Formerly known as DarkPhoenixRO
Rates: 50k/50k/100
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11 Sacred Angel Ro
200/ 200 / 40 with a twist | Crazy Custom Mobs|Custom Gears | Devil Square|Daily Invasion| COme Join the FUn, We Hope to see you there.
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12 ..:: Aki-Ro || International Server::..
Just Wiped Midrate 350/350/50! Weekly events! Custom items! Event coin system! Poring ball! Dodgeball Events! Awesome team! JOIN NOW!!! Se habla Espa?oL!
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13 GeoRo 2.0:Welcome to the Next Generation
Rates: 7000x base | 7500x Job | 10000x items (5k for mvp drops)

Max Level: 1000/120

Max Hp/Sp: 20 mil

Uptime: almost 24/7

WoE: 4 Times daily for one hour on weekdays and four times daily for four hours on weekends.

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14 RenegadeRO
Server Information:

Rates: 50k/50k/100%
Max Lvl: 999/120
Max Stat: 500
Main Town: Prontera

More info on website/forums.
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15 BestRO
A Friendly server with GM that can help you in all your problems. Custom items that is acquired to quest and a new place to battle with your party. Stronger custom monsters is engage in this server and fight them for their good custom items. We have
In:0 Out:154
16 Nocturne Ragnarok Online
Servidor Espa?ol Rates 100/100/100 LVL Max 99/70 NPC: Jobchange,PVP,WARP Dugeon Ciudades, shop,etc. Descripci?n de ITEMS y del server en espa?ol!
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17 Imortal Ragnarok Brasil
100% em Portugu?s ][ 5/5/2 - 1k/1k/100 ][ High Rate PvP/Pk para lvl 70 ou maior]
Mais de 150 jogadores por castelo na WoE.
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18 Porn-RO
Join the World of the FIRST HENTAI Ragnarok! our Rates are : 128/80/60. JOIN US TODAY ^-^
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19 SolarRO
Free Ragnarok Online Server - Hundreds of Custom Items, NPC's, Maps and more! Friendly Staff/Players. Rates 1000/1000. Ninja/Gunslinger/Taekwon/Soul Linker. Homunculus Working 100%
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20 RegenerationRO
A Ragnarok game full of experienced GM's, Server Developers and Designers. We have a well maintained 1500x1500x500 High rate server.
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21 SexyRo
Breve com voc?
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22 eROtic
Erotic RO is a mid-rate hentai server (300/300/100) Max levels of 500/120, and WoE once a Week! (sat) Everything from Custom Headgears, Sprites, Monsters, Mobs, and Quests... Because, What isn't naughty?....
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23 RagnaUp!
30/30/15 ? Servidor BR ? 100% Portugu?s ? Roda com bRO/kRO/Sakray ? Online 24/7 ? LHZ E NHZ ? Servidor Novo [01/05/07] ? Venha conhecer!
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24 KalistoRO
Kingdom of Kalisto is a smaller community with a new stable server. We have all character classes working fully.
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25 SatisfactionRO
Deutscher Ragnarok Server | Rates: 15/15/100 max lvl 99 max stats 70 + Custom NPCs, PvP&MvP Arenen, fast alles deutsch und mehr
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26 DeviruchiRO
Rates: 10x/10x/5x, Ceres Control Panel, Monster spawn rate 100%, eAthena SVN 10115 Stable SQL, General @ Commands
NPC's: 1 click healer, city and dungeon warper, pvp warper, mvp warper, donation girl, street mall, banker, guild banker, rentals, dy
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27 SimpleRO
this is a free donation server any one who join will stay here ^^ just try it..
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28 Angel-Ro
Deutscher Server, High-Rate 3k/3k/3k , Low-Rate 20/20/20, Custom-Npc, Donates in Arbeit
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29 Serenity RO
SerenityRO - 7/7/4 Rates - Active GMs - War of Emperium - Events! - Episode 11.2 Thor\'s Volcano - Friendly Community - Join Today!
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30 reMember Ragnarok Online
2k / 2k / 1k | High-Rate PK Server | Max lvl 255/120 | Weekly Events & Quests | Custom Items | Friendly Staff
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31 R A G N A R O K X
Servidor BR | 24/7 ON | - Serve Mid (30/30/30) e High (10K/10k/80%) Venha conhecer a verdadeira emo??o de jogar Ragnarok.
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32 Crimson Soul-RO
MR-30x/30x/10x, Max Level: 99/70, NO Rebirth, NPC Buffer & Healer, Crimson Casino, All Classes Implemented, Updated to Episode 11.3 Unnamed Island, WoE: Saturday's 19~21Hrs Server Time,Come and join us!
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33 ProtectRO
Max lvl/job 999/120; Stats 100k/100k/100% + max Stats are 999; Much NPC`S, WoE Active and Friendly GM`s, No Lag Join today We have many NPC`s (Gold Room, every Shop, Stat- Skillpoint Seller, much more...) The server Is Every Day On,
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34 Solidro Ragna?k On-Line
Solidro server de ragnarok On-line rates 500/500/100 novissimo server sem lag e muito custom itens venha se dirveti com agente!
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35 XtazisRO Free PvP Ragnarok Online Server
[1.5k/1.5k/80] 254/150 Stats 300 all!!, Fully Updated, Friendly Community, Pro GM's ,Homu. ,Custom Items, Lots of Events, No lag, DEDICATED SERVER!
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36 PerfectRo
Server PerfectRo pega com o kro e sakray

Site: www.perfectrogames.com

Rates: 2k/2k/90%

Lvl maximo: 255

Link do patch: http://rapidshare.com/files/32987274/Patch.rar
Nao so gm o nome do meu personagem ? Orochi se algu
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37 MetralhasRO-Server Brazuca de Ragnarok
Ajude-nos de a sua Opini?o!!!
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38 DestinyRO - Seductive Fatalism
[1000/1000/100 MaxLv 255/120] Pk, Working Races, WoE, Events, Non-corrupt, Friendly GMs, No Wipes, No Lag, Customs, +MORE!
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39 Noob Fury RO
A fun server, with over one hundred quest custom items. Lots of custom maps and npcs. Non-corrupt GMs. All new classes. Homunculus. PK Server. Marriage and Adoption. Cool Woe. And no Lag! Rates: Phantom Kitty->2k/2k/1k Psycho Teddy->10/10/10
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40 KaitosRO -- Brasil
Servidor BR novo, rates 2k/2k/2k -- Max level 300/200. Usa bRO.
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41 LovingRO
LovingRO is a low\medium-rate server, that has just started, with great GMs and a hardworking admin. LovingRO is climbing to the top. We have a large variety of customs, and much more.
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42 Artema Ragnarok Online
Servidor Hispano, Full Actualizado, high rates, max lvl 255/100, 15k15k8k, max stats 255, shop con todos los nuevos hats, thor volcano y veins completamente funcionales
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43 RO-Tales
Low Rate 7x/7x/7x | Custom Quests | Mailing System | Weekly Events with EP System | Customs Wings/Helm bought with EP | Extended Classes | Guild Bonus for Guilds with 10+ Active members | Active GMs with Periodic Updates
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44 KalypsoRO
Client version: eAthena | Friendly GMs & Community | Lag-free server | Daily Events | Rates: 50x Base EXP / 50x Job EXP / 50x Drops / 25x Cards | Users are given certain commands | Come join our server today!
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45 NemesisRO
New High Rate Server/Max lvl 255/Max Stats 500/Custom Items/Nice GM's/WoE/Fun Events/All Classes/PvP/Join Us Now!
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46 Game-In RO
Fresh Server. Blvl99 Jlvl70 rates600/600/300 up to date server100% working. Looking for players. Currently recruiting 5 GM's representative for each country available.. Join Us!!!
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47 GenesisRO
EXP : 50000x || JOB : 50000x || Self customised NPCs || New events EG. Zakum and GM Boss [Prizes given away] || Custom items || Random EXP rates from 50000 to 1000000!! || Friendly and helpfull GMs || Server needs hamachi but will have more NPCs whi
In:0 Out:200
48 FengRo
In:0 Out:185
49 WalkRo Seu Server De Ragnar?K Online
Server 1k/1k/100. GMs paci?ntes e Atenciosos, Eventos Frequentes.
Server Iniciando, venha nos Visitar.
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50 .:?ColiseuRO?:.
Rate: 5k/5k/60%|Servidor:24/7|Custom itens especiais|GMs amigaveis|Level:255/80|Entre e ganhe a honra de um Gladiador!!!
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