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YakuzaBattle Ad
351 SanaSukeRO -=Best RO In World Trust Me=-
Max Lvl: 500/120
Custom Item:Soon..!!
In:0 Out:115
352 Style-ro
In:0 Out:107
Valhalla Online
Server HR 1K/1K/50% l No Lag l Capital ra_temple l +- 900 Custom l B.700/J.140 l Full Client -20 min l Auto Quizz, Event l All Donjon Custom l Map Custom l News Map implant?s l Systeme Inedit pour Xp l On attend plus que vous. Wings, Stuff Custom
In:0 Out:156
354 Shadow Ro Low Rates
Servidor Low Rates 30x30x25% | Siempre Gms Online | 24/7 ONLINE | Custom Items |
In:0 Out:145
Dark Dreamers
Descri??o: [ 30/30/10 ]-[ Roda C/ Bro ]-[ 2 woe por Semana ]-[ Custon Map ]-[ Novos Npc Quest ]-[ Rops ]-[ Sistema Ante Bot ]-[ Gm?s Amigaveis ]-[ Ekipe Treinada ]-[ Atualizado todas as Semanas ] - Venha Conferir
In:0 Out:143
356 Tales Of RO
Rate:1k/1k/1k//Base LvL:300//Job LvL:100//Custom Items/Custom Jobs/Custom Quests//
In:0 Out:153
357 Tales Of RO
New And Up And running*
Still in testing mode for wait new players to come test out the server
so its currently *Beta Mode
In:0 Out:116
358 PowerRo
Bem o PowerRo esta novinho ele eh rate
200/200/150 Maximos estatus 99 mestra das classes,teleportadora,kafra,@goto,@autotrada,@autoloot,/nc , e Agora e So Confirirem ;P http://genflox.googlepages.com/powerro7
In:0 Out:152
359 LoadedRO
Where we're always loaded with ideas! | 250/250/25 | Over 200 Custom Items! | Friendly GMs | Nice Community | Visit us now!
In:0 Out:154
360 ?Seijitsu-RO?
50k/50k/50k ? Max Level 1000/300 ? Max Stats 30k ? Every Class! ? Fun Events! ? MvP/PvP Warper ? Up 24/7 ? Friendly Staff/Members ? Custom Items ? And More!
In:0 Out:142
361 **_Cardinal-RO_**
This RO is to give fun for everyone and meet more freind and a Good GM this RO is very-very Freindly and a player and a GM .if you want this RO Join her and meet there freind and GM thx everyone to join here<<<<>>>>>
In:0 Out:153
362 MexRo. Servidor Gratis De Habla Hispana
Se Acuerdan Der Nosotros Hace Un tiempo Tuvimos ONLINE Lamentablemente Caimos, Ahora Volvemos mas .:Revolucion:. Entren Y Diviertanse Con Un Nuevo Staff Dedicado A Servirles En LO Que Nesesiten Entre Al New ?MexRo?
In:0 Out:106
363 Archangel-Ro
Servidor Exelente
low rates 10x10x10
recien open entra ya no te pierdas la oportunidad de ser el mejor !
In:0 Out:152
364 Bifr?st Way
French Server open to International. rates 1/1/1 lvl max 99/70, stylist ((including 263 colors of hair and 553 colors of clothing)and banker. Full Client 1,2Go and Friendly Staff. Good Play and have Fun ;)
In:0 Out:136
365 Move-RO
Server brasileiro Low Rate, 100x/100x/200x
Staff Completa.
In:0 Out:115
366 ShinkaiRO
Server that has been remaked and hosted on a dedicated host. Staffs are nice and fun to be with. Full of more quests and customized equips (Some are made by our spriter) that you can use. Less lag and happy gaming experience!
In:0 Out:127
367 Iron2ro
the new and improved Ironro is certainly to be your new favorite ro
come to the site to learn more about us and join the community!
In:0 Out:149
368 FunRO
International Servers | [5000/5000/50-100%] & [5/5/5] | 3 own Timezone Guild & Baby-Novice WoE america/europe/asia | Custom NPCs, Items, Quests & Monsters
In:0 Out:123
369 Devi Network
A new high rate server looking for players and some free GM spots that need to be filled (spriter scripter and some helper spots) rates 100k 100k 100% cards 5% and drops rates increase depending on your luk new maps and many customs(soon over 500) so
In:0 Out:139
370 SeijitsuRo
SeijitsuRo Rates:50k/50k/2%MvP 20%regular 100% equips and Healing items. this server is looking for YOU
In:0 Out:155
371 SpyRO
Server novo, criado dia 27 de dezembro de 2007, Fase Beta para testes com rate 2k 2k 50% lvl max 99, o lan?amento do oficial n?o h? previs?es, o rate ser? 200/200/100 sujeito a mudan?as com lvl max 99/70, venha se juntar a n?s.
In:0 Out:119
372 http://vegas-ro.webs.com/
In:0 Out:125
373 Private Fenix Ragnarok Online
server de ragnarok super atualizado, quase 24/7, com muitos custom itens, 100k/100k/100%, lvl max 999/300, para maiores informa??es acessem nosso web site.
In:0 Out:134
374 Myth Ragnarok
Rates: 5000x/5000x/800x
Max Level: 300/120
Max Stats: 255
Homunculus: Ativados.
Customs: 21 atualmente.
Npc's: Jobmaster, Healer FAST, MVP, Homunculus, Platinium Skill, Stylist, Shop com todos itens comuns e muito mais.
Server sem l
In:0 Out:140
375 Venis Ragnarok Online
Servidores de Ragnarok Online
?Thor ( Servidor 30/30/15 - 99/70 )
?Todas as classes
?Novos Mapas
?Online 24 Horas
?Servidor no estilo ORGINAL!!
In:0 Out:148
376 Holy-Ro
Servers High 100k/100k/100% lvl 999
low 5k/5k/5% lvl 350
Comunidade Brasileira de Ragnarok...
Gm's amigaveis Staff on
Venha fazer parte desta comunidade
+200 on
Ajude-nos ^^
In:0 Out:127
377 SKpziM RO
Server SKpziM RO - High [5k/5k/5k - Level: 998 / Job: 254] + Custons Itens
In:0 Out:145
378 Ragnaevils
Comunidade amig?vel, GMs ativos e inovadores, WoEs disputadas, servidor sem lag, com os melhores customs, rate 100k/100k/50%. Sua Nova Aventura lhe espera aki....Venha voc? tambem junte-se a n?s!!!
In:0 Out:115
379 KitsuneRO
Rates: 5k / 5k / 100%
Custon card (5% de chance de usae edp , max over thrust, full protect lvl 5 etc...),custom monster (deadly poring 5kk de hp com azura heal e edp),e muitos equips custom! (:
In:0 Out:116
380 Zephionne Ragnarok Online
There is no point for me to describe...just try this server and u know it better than me...Rates 6k/6k/1.5k and max level 99/70
In:0 Out:107
381 SupEr RaGnArok SerVeR
RaTe 100/100/75/75
max lvl 99/70
super server
langue czech slovak englisch
super custom npcs server only now start :)please:) go on this server:):):)
In:0 Out:124
382 Sun-RO New Ragnarok Server
Server Rates -[=10=]-[=10=]-[=20=]- **24/7** // Spirit Warper // Satan Morroc (Quest Dungeon) + Ehre System (EhreLvs bringen [Blanaced] Bonis) // Back to the Roots (Custom rebirth quest [Belohnung: Headgear {optik} nach Wahl + Wahlm?glichkeit f?r Sta
In:0 Out:126
383 DeathRO
Low Rate: 6/6/3 Max Level 99/70 | High Rate: 1500/1500/1000 Max Level 255/99 | Daily Back-Ups | Always Up To Date | All Classes | Custom NPCs | Friendly Staff | Player @ Commands
In:0 Out:125
384 RagnaFullRO
serve bom rates 200k/200k/100% lvl max 999/255
In:0 Out:124
385 TimeRO
Serve Bom!! rates 10k/10k/100% lvl max 300/150
In:0 Out:121
386 IcemanRO Revenge "The Begining"
2 SERVER | Low Rates - 99 / 70 | High Rates - 255 / 120 | New Custom's Fast Growing Community Join Now !! ?Were Hiring A NEW GM? Signup Now !!
In:0 Out:175
387 iLLusionBRO
Nome do Servidor : Streett
Servidor : Cronus
Level M?ximo : 999/70
Execut?vel : bRO e sak
Status M?ximo : 999
Emulador : Cronus
Hor?rio do Server 24/7
Rate : 100k/100k/100%
WoE : Quartas : 16:00 ?s 18:00 e S?bado : 17:00 ?s
In:0 Out:120
388 The Only RO 175/175/100
Max Level 255/99 Max Stat 200 Max attkspd 194 instacast 125 dex 1 ammo= unlimited essemble skills no partner We offer customs for zeny, customs are also balanced to allow for fun PvP WoE. We have 164 customs headgears/wings being added in this month
In:0 Out:104
389 Meteora RO
Novo server de rag saindo da versao beta ja com muitas coisa boas, com sistema vip
itens custom, e muito mais para voc?.
Divirta-se e aguarde muitas melhorias vir?o, para ajudar a voc? jogador.
In:0 Out:144
390 ThundRO
Server em Portug?s!
Rates: 100k/100k/70%
Max lv: 900
Max job: 300
In:0 Out:151
391 Ragnar?k Corporation
Server dedicado 24/7 com um sistema de desenvolvimento de personagens inovador, rates 10x/10x/10x e Itens e NPCs Custom. Confira...
In:0 Out:118
392 Mogyo RO
It's a Hungaryan server , and we are starting in the next days.
Magyar szerver, amely a napokban fog induni.
In:0 Out:124
393 KaiyoshiRO
Balance Server, Active Friendly GM, Active Event, Quest NPC, MVP Warper, Warp NPC, Active WOE and RPC Event, New Map Nameless, Thor and Viens, 24/7 Server UP, Donation K-Point, 1K / 1K / 100 ( 10% Normal Card and 0.05 MVP Card )
In:0 Out:167
394 HighwayRO
Um novo servidor privado com tudo funcionando perfeitamente.Online 24/7.Comunidade Amig?vel .Guerras seg/qua/sab, de 19hrs as 20hrs.Rates 30/30/15% lv max 99/70 Nossa equipe espera que todos se divirtam em nosso servidor
In:0 Out:124
395 ||Valkyrie's War Ragnarok Online||
||Servidor 25x/25x/25x con sistema de juego innovador(Casiopea's Destiny) - Custom NPC(Healer, Guardiana del Destino, etc.) - Staff Atento y no corrupto - Sistema de soporte via MSN - El otro lado de Ragnarok - ?A qu? esperas?||
In:0 Out:159
396 Etna RO
EtnaRo is a newly founded server whith a caring gm team
We just aired and we are in need of a community
gms are open for questions and can be found in public

also small modifications help make gaming more fun
If you enjoy a server wit
In:0 Out:146
397 Tales of RO
1k/1k/500 Brand New Server and Looking for new players. Friendly community.Lots of CUSTOMS and QUEST. On a dedicated server. Max lvl 299 max job 99.English.Super novice commands.

In:0 Out:174
398 SeaWaYRO - TEAM 100k/100k/80% - Private
Servidor Privado de Ragnarok Online
In:0 Out:135
399 Redemption RO
Brand New ][ Low Rate ][ High Stat ][ Balanced Customs ][ Custom Pets ][ Hgh Mob Count ][ Active Staff ][ Join Today!! XD
In:0 Out:135
400 RagnaParty
In:0 Out:115

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