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YakuzaBattle Ad
251 RushRO
1500x EXP/JEXP, 100x Drops, 25x Cards | Anti-Corruption System | Friendly Community | Professionally Trained Staff Available | Events Daily
In:0 Out:149
300x300x150x - Maximo lvl 99/70 - Online 24/7 sem lag - Eventos frequentes - Staff dedicada ao servidor - Sem donations e custons itens - Sem edit - 350+ online
In:0 Out:135
253 VampiRO
Rates:50x50x20x 24/7 online Woes 3 dias semana Objetos,cartas,job custom Actualizado al Maximo Lvl max 99/50 99/70 renacido y mucho mas.... Visitanos^^
In:0 Out:159
254 SunRiseRO SHR
Brand New SHR.1000000/1000000/100% 4 Slotted equipments, except shields.Instant +30 Refine. Working WoE/Gs/Ninja/Star Glad.Lots of Customs.Active and Friendly GMs
In:0 Out:130
. . . : : : Wing Ragnarok : : : . . .
[New Concept] ? [Alway Up To Date] ? [1K/1K/1K] ? [Cards drop @ 10%] ? [No Reborn Needed] ? [95% Custom] ? [All Classes] ? [Committed Staff] ? [Friendly Community] ? [0 Lag] ? [Up-Time 99.9%, 365 Days]
In:0 Out:151
256 Pikaro
neuer ro server wird aufgebaut
In:0 Out:114
257 OblivionRO
New RO Server, Mid Rate 100/100/??, 150/99 max, 150 Hom max, Balanced, Custom Weapons/Armor, Enhanced Headgear, Custom Cards.
In:0 Out:130
258 Corporation Brasil RO
[Ninja e Gunslinger][+700 ONLINE][rates: 100k/100k/50%][+100 custom itens] [GMs Ativos][Datacenter Brasileiro][ZERO LAG]
In:0 Out:134
259 ScopeRO
A Friendly Community With 800X/800X/800X RATES , Max Level 300 Max Stats 150 , Custom Features And Many More
In:0 Out:119
260 Vistaro
Servidor 100% Brasileiro, RATE 3k/3k/300x, com suporte para 500 Player, 24/7 online, quest de helmos asas e outros, eventos todos os dias, woe, quest e muito mais, LVL 255/99, Status 255, GM 24 horas online, suporte e muito mais, venha voc? tamb?m!
In:0 Out:132
261 TauRo
International NewBorn Server with 12/12/10 rates, custom items, no lags and max level 125/99. [ CLICK FOR MORE INFO!! ] Join us now!!
In:0 Out:131
262 DeltaBRO, Aqui voc? pode Sonhar ! !
DeltaBRO||Low Rates 99/70||24 horas online||Ninja||Justiceiro||LHZ||Servidor Totalmente em Portugu?s||Delta Brasil Ragnarok Online||N?o perca mais tempo venha agora mesmo e fa?a parte de DeltaBRO||
In:0 Out:111
263 DeRO
DeRO just started looking for new people to come and join god items no lag please feel free to join
In:0 Out:121
264 ConsciousRO
Great Diverse Community Friendly GM Team Rates: 25/25/10 Max level 99/70 Max Stat 99 Come and Join Us!!
In:0 Out:173
265 Naruto RO (German)
NarutoRO ist ein deutscher RO Server, indem du ein Ninja in der Welt von Naruto bist. Rates: 10/10/10; wenn du ein Naruto Fan bist, bist du hier genau richtig!
In:0 Out:123
266 (?`?._.? BloodCraft-RO ?._.???)
This is a very cool new server that is online 24/7. We have GMs , events, homunculus, customs, Adoption, Marriage, Snowy Prontera*Winter Season*, and much more... What are you waiting for this is the right server!
In:0 Out:103
267 LibertyRO
New server GM Recruitment! Rates 500x500x20%, Friendly growing up comunity
In:0 Out:144
268 Eternal Faith Online
High Rate Server. 50k/50k/100%. Many Customs. Great Community. Friendly GMs. Many Npcs. Baby Job Changer. Max lvls & Stat: 999/120 stat = 700. Many Commands.
In:0 Out:124
269 Maggotz RO
Launching on the new MaggotzRO v3 with all new team management,new items,IMALL items,nep map =Moscovia and much more thing.Missed the old town payon? well we have it.! and new pvp town will be played at the Old Payon town instead of izlude town. More
In:0 Out:108
270 Dreamland RO
| High Rates Server | 255/120 Level | 5000/5000/40x | Balanced PVP Server | 98.9% Uptime & No Lag | Dual WoE System & Poring Ball | Friendly & Growing Community | Customized Server | Join us now! |
In:0 Out:140
271 SagazRO Ragnarok online
Cansado de tanta corrupcao?
Entao Junte-se a no's
Low Rates 5/5/s - Sem custom itens
Server novo - inaugurado em: 12/11/2007
In:0 Out:136
272 FateRO
a new Ro server that is waiting for u to join. The rate is 1000/1000/50%, the max level is 99
In:0 Out:112
273 TMRO
A Australian Based Server. Aussie Hosted. friendly community, great GM's and more. Come help us build a friendly and big community!
In:0 Out:152
274 gsRO Beta!
We are seeking beta players for our new private ragnarok server, beta players gets perks!
In:0 Out:135
275 ChibuRO
Brand new international server - Rates: 10/10/10 - Max Lvl: 99/70 - All New Classes - Thors Dungeon, Nameless, Cursed Abbey, BIO 4, Customs MvPs. Fresh Start - 12 Nov 2007. Professional Event Makers. Friendly & Fast growing Comunity.
In:0 Out:139
276 Corporation Brasil RO
Rates: 100k / 100k / 50%
Level Maximo: 700/200
AtributosMax: 600
Ninja,Gunsliger,Taekwon,e mais...
24hrs Online,sem lag,dedicado total.
e muito mais...
Venha se desfrutar dessa aventura!
In:0 Out:105
277 :: FerRo :: Free Russian Server ::
МАХ АСПД 194 | МАХ ЛВЛ 999 | МАХ ЖОБ 120 | МА
In:0 Out:129
278 GraniteRO
Welcome to GraniteRO!| Mid/Hi-Rate server| Brand new server!| Custom NPC's| Custom Items| WoE| Australian Host| 98% Uptime| 0% Lag Gurantee|
In:0 Out:117
279 HallowedRO
HallowedRO is an old school based server, with a growing and friendly comunity.
This server poses a lot of challenge for new and old players and it?s an excellent server to see what original Ragnarok is like.
The GM team is friendly and is alwa
In:0 Out:145
280 D-Gaming : The best Ragnarok Server
Join Us Now! we got everything you want, Custom Items, Rates of 1500/1500/220 that change every 2 hours!, amazing Quests, amazing Edits, and an Amazing Community!. No Lag, No Wipes, great Stability and 100% Professional Staff. What are you waiting fo
In:0 Out:124
281 VegasRO - 10 Primeiros Ganham 1 Premio!
Rates: 5k/5k/100%, Card MvP Drop 1% m?x LvL: 254/199, M?x Stats: 200, M?x ASPD: 197, Comandos liberados: @go @warp @autoloot @commands @storage @save @die @duel @accept @reject @duel @invite @accept @reject @leave.
In:0 Out:114
282 LibertyRO
Great highrate server. Rates are 500x/500x/20%. Helpful GMs, events almost everyday! Looking for a new start? Then look no further. LibertyRO is the place for you.
In:0 Out:103
283 Bloodcraftro
We are a brand new RO server, we have great GMs, Cool New Customs, and even Homunculus level 1000, the max level is 1000/700 and 0 lagg, We are a Very nice Community! Join Us Today!
In:0 Out:162
284 MagnaaRO
New free private ragnarok online server, max lvl 1000, Super High Rates, need GMs!!
In:0 Out:122
285 PanteraRO
4k/4k/100% LvL 450/200
Comunidade Amiga!
In:0 Out:127
286 Ragnarok Urbano (RoU)
Rates 150x150x100x ↑ MaxLvL 99/70 ↑ Uptime 99.9% ↑ Dual Xeon 3.06Ghz 4Gb Ram ↑ Enlace 1Gbps Dedicado ↑ Staff Transparente ↑ NPC: Reset|JobChanger|Warp|Stylist ↑ Comunidad Amigable ↑ Eventos Variados 
In:0 Out:119
287 ZeptRO, Ajude-nos a crescer !
||GrafityRO||Rates 100k/100k/100%||24hrs online||Justiceiro e Ninja||Episodio Veins||Roda com Bro||Max de lvl 700/250||Max de Stats 650||Venha se diverti com agente, fa?a parte dessa familia !
In:0 Out:109
288 World of Chaos
World of Chaos offers an entirely unique experience with it's Faction vs Faction system. We have a quest logger, world map, and tons of customs. Custom MVPs, Mobs, Quests, Gear, and all of the latest updates!
In:0 Out:124
289 Zadya-RO
-:+:- Zadya-RO -:+:-
ragnarok Online Private server
donation items, comunity friendly and loveling
Rates 5k/5k/100%
Max lvl 499 Max Status 400
woe everiday
atention 24 hours day to day
Events of Woe Kill the clone
Super Shop i
In:0 Out:107
290 RatedRO
Welcome to RatedRO Best Server Ever Made!! this game came out in November 2007,Friendly GameMasters and a good Community.Rates:1k/800x/80%,Max Level 300,Max Job 120,Max Status 254.
In:0 Out:124
291 SexyRO
Sexy Ragnarok low rates 15x15x prontera custom GM akatsuki amigables Nuevo
In:0 Out:109
292 MitLeyen-RO
Server De Ragnarok Nuevo Rates 75/75/50 Max lvl 2 class 99/50 Advanced 99/70 Custom Item Eventos tres Veces Por Semana Woe 3 Veces Por Semana Server Nuevo No Se Arrepentiran MitLeyen-RO.
In:0 Out:124
293 Ro Server Store
Get your scripts and etc.
In:0 Out:125
294 ET-RO
Exp:1kk Job:1kk Max LVL 1000 Max Job:150 Servidor BR para PVP
Custom monsters e cartas.
In:0 Out:138
295 Immortality RO
New German Server With HIGH 200k/200k/10k Max Level/Stats 300 ASPD 198 Nice GMs Many NPC Second Server Mid 2k/2k/1k Max Level/Stats 200 All Job 120
In:0 Out:113
296 Andromeda RO
A new RO server looking for users. Give us a try! Rates are 10/10/2.
In:0 Out:161
297 Leal Life RO
sever legal
In:0 Out:148
298 DeRO
[DeRO][1 Servers]Lotus 1k/1k/100(PK)][Usando bRO][Muitos Custom] - Staff Amigav?l!
In:0 Out:188
299 DominationBR Crie Sua Divers?o!
Criamos servidores de:
*Ragnarok Online
*Priston Tale
||Criamos sites diversos!||

e-mail para mensagens: wacswilson@hotmail.com

Site: http://dominationbr.vai.la
In:0 Out:105
300 AxisRO (Axis Eleven Gaming Team)
New Mid-Rate server (50x/50x/5-100%) Faction PVP Server, Custom Hometown, most "custom" npcs, God items, modified cards and gear.
In:0 Out:128

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