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401 PinRO Community
Deutscher Server - Rates 600x/600x/60x - Maintown Hugel - Nettes GM Team
In:0 Out:127
Rebirth of DarkPhoenixRO
50k/50k/100% Friendly GM's, Custom NPC's , Headgears and Wings! WoE & PvP!
Join Now!
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sou mulher mais sou forte
In:0 Out:115
FusionRo Melhor serve private
serve com medio rate 50/50/30x muito custon items
In:0 Out:229
405 Ragna??o - High rates
Rates: 2k/2k/1k , MaxLevel: 254/130 , MaxStats: 250 , 24/7 , Emulador: eAthena SQL MVP Room, Venha.
Sem lags.
In:0 Out:143
406 Kero-RO
25x 25x 10x | Comunidad Hispana | GM's siempre on y amigables | Sin LAG | Sin CORRUPCION | Custom items, npc, quest y mucho mas | Healer, warper, etc | Dedicado 24/7 | MUCHAS MUCHAS SORPRESAS MAS!!
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407 www.meta-ro.com/
In:0 Out:149
408 FlameRO
server high rates
max lvl 1000/150
max status 500 contamos
con bastantes custom
In:0 Out:174
409 SeijitsuRO
Max lvl 999/999 100%/10% 80k/80k Rates,WoE,Customs,@ Commands,
In:0 Out:109
410 ...:::BrazilroxRo:::...
[Ninja e Gunslinger][rates: 3k / 3k / 10%][+200 custom itens] [Melhores GMs do Brasil][Datacenter Brasileiro][ZERO LAG]
In:0 Out:150
411 RagnaShadows
RagnaShadows - Simplismente O Melhor,
Venha Jogar Conosco
Rates de 150k/150k/75%
Lvl Max 750/200
Woe Ter?a e Quinta as 5h as 6h ? de quinta as 5:30 as 6:30
In:0 Out:122
412 Legion The Prophety
Server ragnarok online free 300/300/300 (700 on MVP), running 24h/24h 7 / 7, and custom moob item implanted and soon the custom maps max lvl: 999/350
Site Official: http://legion.corp.st Official forum: http://legion-fo.corp.st/
Frensh communit
In:0 Out:132
413 Happy RO
Servidor mexicano, Rates: 10/10/8, Lv's m?ximos: 99/50 - 99/70(Renacidos) Balanceado, GM's amables,
Sin corrupci?n, Equipo custom por clase disponibles por quest, Actualizado y estable,
Ambiente agradable y ameno.
In:0 Out:126
414 BehemothRO
Now on Dedicated Server! Balanced Gameplay! PVP+RPG Server! Multiplayer quests! Custom items with storyline! Rates: 10k/10k/85%, Max Cap: 254/70 | Bahamut Server - Rates: 3k/3k/250 Max Level Cap: 99/70, Server Connection Speed: 100mbps Uptime: 24/7.
In:0 Out:118
415 StreetFullRO
Vem jogar esse serve e roxx rates 30x/30x/15% lvl max 99/70
In:0 Out:109
416 BurRO
BurRO finalmente sai do papel!*
Rates 100k/100k/100%
Lvl Max 700/170
Stats Max 699 (babys 698)
In:0 Out:111
417 Norse Mythology Ragnarok Online
Welcome to the history of NmRO!
The servers Grand opening will be the First of Febuary.

Four Exciting new server's. Four Exciting new Rates.

Ragnarok Online. At its finest.

-Bylgia: 10x/10x/10x
-Laga: 100x/100x/100x
In:0 Out:141
418 RagnaSoul-RO
5k/5k/50 lv max 255/70

descri??o ainda ser? feita
In:0 Out:110
419 SamiRO ragnarok on-line
Exp 3k/3k/80x lvl maximo 255/90 host dedicado 24hrs on-line sistema vip,3 woes por semana,muitos comandos liberados. vale a pena conferir....
In:0 Out:127
420 LetsRO - [90k/90k/100%] - 1000/1000 - PK
Brand New Super High Rate Server! Giving YOU what YOU want! All items 4-slotted! 100% complete item mall! Custom Gold Room! Hardcore PvP!
In:0 Out:131
421 Ragnarok360
Server Honesto
Medium Rates
Venha conferir
In:0 Out:120
422 RagnaMix
Novo servidor de Ragnarok online, Roda com bRO e kRO, rates 40/40/20. Gms Amigaveis, Players de qualidade, Sem lag. Venha conferir.
In:0 Out:194
423 Fanatics-Ro
SERVER HISPANO lvl 255 job 150 woe sabados y domingos 3 pm npc, 3K/3K/2K no te lo puedes perder atrevete a entrar.gm amables
In:0 Out:137
424 Vanserver
the most prestigous one
In:0 Out:137
425 Dizzy Online
A New High Rate PvP Server. Completely Balanced PvP (I'm serious). 5k/5k/5%, but unique experience tables making leveling easy. This server will be one of the most unique ones you have played in all of you RO experience, Guaranteed. A set time for
In:0 Out:135
426 Dragon ro
HI Guys Welcome to all This is New Server From India I hope all u enjoy the server
Custom wings and headgears
In:0 Out:157
427 Posterity RO
Mid/Low-rate Server
Rates are 30/30/20/15.
Boss Monsters are 30/30/10/5.
Based around a more classic RO you are encouraged to do job quests, but a trainer is availible for 1m.
Max Level 120/80 Trans.
In:0 Out:134
428 Zuero
ZueRo server brasileiro roda com bro
kafra hentai
Staff Amigavel
custons de quest e em lojas
In:0 Out:137
429 DeadlyRO
Fun community, Bound with USA and phillipine players. Fully 100% Customized Play. Dedicated server. Never Lags. 500 People Host. 2k/2k/50x Rates. Has 20 players on at night Up To 40 Max Since were kinda new.
In:0 Out:158
430 Erewhon RO
Low Rate | 7/7/5 | Open 24/7, WoE| Same Sex Marriage| Custom Items, NPCs, Pets, Quests and Events | Daily Events | Friendly Staff
In:0 Out:158
431 ..::RaGnaOwNeRs::..
(BR)RaGnaOwNeRs 2 Servers [Apocalipse...2,5k/2,5k/1k]_[Alpha...200x/200x/100x] Com + de 350 custons incluindo sharingans e Byakugan,Staff Ativa,Server 24/7
WoEs Super Dispultadas, Sistema ViP,Poring Ball e Mais venha conferir
In:0 Out:135
432 Flashe-RO
Nuevo server, comunidad en crecimiento, Gm's atentos a consultas,eventos semanales, Server PK, mid rates 1k/1kx100

cards 1%, 24/7 on, cero lag. Unetenos!!
In:0 Out:133
Server BR High Rates 200K/200K/100%, 24/7, confira mais no site
In:0 Out:140
434 Avatar-RO
Servidor rates 40/40/15 con comandos basicos activos. Npc's: warper,healer,reset,estilista,pvp room,entre otros.
In:0 Out:187
435 RO Uruguay
Servidor RO 100% Update Hispano. Comunidad en crecimiento , 0 Lag , GM's Responsables. Rates 10/10/5 Renacidos 7/7/5. Staff Serio
In:0 Out:133
436 Heavenly RO
Servidor Brasileiro de High Rate Com Customs, Staff Atencioso, Eventos, Custom items, Rates 5k/5k/3k Max Level 500/120
In:0 Out:130
437 BurRO, Venha se Diverti !
||Rates 100k/100k/100%||24 hrs online||Justiceiro e Ninja||Roda com Bro (100% atualizado)||N?o Donates||+ 300 custons||Venha agora mesmo fa?a parte dessa familia !
In:0 Out:137
438 ArmadaRO
Dedicated Server * 120/120/40 * Max Level 255/120 * Over 300 New Donates to pick from * Donation Quest Items * Poring Ball * 3D Tick Tack Toe * Great Comunity * Player Castle * Disguise NPC * Pistal Man * PvP BlackJack * And Much More
In:0 Out:205
439 Legends of Camelot RO
Hello there! We have last season. Rate [20/20/10] max lvl 99/70 PvP,MvP(with levels and reward)Clone wars Party vs Party Custom,items,heads,dyes,wings. Easy CLIENT download!Join and Enjoy!
In:0 Out:137
440 StrikeRO
Rates: 100x/100x/50x Level M?ximo: 99 Atributos M?ximos: 99 Servidor 100% portugu?s
In:0 Out:137
441 NehanRO
150/150/100 Mid-Rate Server. 195 ASPD for complete clas balance. 200 cap with 150 max stats for specific builds. Professional Administrator and GMs. Custom Quest, Items, and NPCs with additional commands for flexibility.
In:0 Out:124
442 ragnarok online HerosRO
Rates: 40k/40k/40% com drop de card de 15%
Max lvl: 600/200
Max stats: 500
Classes disponiveis: todas

mais informa?oes me adicionem entrem no site
In:0 Out:139
A Mid-Rate server with a twist

-Custom Wings
-Custom Headgears
-Custom Midgears

Custom items are not overpowered
Balance WOE and PVP for better gameplay
Friendly GMs and Players
Events Daily

Custom Wings/Head/Mid c
In:0 Out:128
444 SplashRO
GMs Ativos...Duas Woes semanais...faixas exclusivas...quests alucinantes...Venha Jogar
In:0 Out:191
445 Apocalipsy-RO
Dos Servidores, Nueva Comunidad, High rates y Mid rates, No Hay Lag, Sin Corrupciones, Servidores Dedicados, 100mbps de Conexi?n, Siempre Actualizados ^^. Rates del mid : x2000/x900/x70 rates del high: x15k/x15k/x900
In:0 Out:127
446 UltimatumRO
Brand New Server 2008 :: Rate 10k/10/50% Cards Drop Rate 20% :: max lvl: 255/70 :: Non Corrupt GM :: WOE :: PVP :: Events :: Custom Items :: Server Balance :: Friendly Community :: Dedicated 100Mbit/s :: 24/7up :: Join now
In:0 Out:107
447 Twister Ragnarok
200/200/25 LvL: 99/70, No Customs! (euRO, iRO like) no Downtimes!
In:0 Out:125
448 RoStRogino
Free ragnarok server. (rus) medium rate 300x. Fanny admin's. on the aver day go IVENT. New NPC. and more. go in this server
In:0 Out:165
449 Hell-Ro
Hell-Ro es un servidor dedicado 7x7x7 habla hispana, comunidad agradable,GM's amistosos eventos constantes, server hace poco empezando con 40 usuarios on, Unete ahora y no te quedes atr?s!
In:0 Out:105
450 Alternative RO
Brand new server dedicated to player enjoyment. please visit site for details. we do have a mid rate and super high rate server
In:0 Out:135

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