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Info RO

* You level 6,000 times faster than the official server both Job and Base.
* Drop rate: 100%
* Boss Card 10%
* Max level is 255 base level and 200 job level
* Max Stats is 300

Custom Stuff
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Infinitium Ragnarok Online
Server Mid Rates, x6oox6oox2oo, Cominudad estable y en crecimiento, staff profesional y responsable, Sin custom items
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Dynasty Ro
[1k/1k/100x] ? [99/70] ? Up to date ? No Unfair Donations ? Low Drop Rates - Balanced Server ? Prepaid Dedicated - We wont die ?
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Rates: 3k/3k/20%
Status Max: 300
Transclasses,Novas Classes como: ninja ,etc..

Salas:Vip, Gm, Mvp,GvG, Pvp e Shoping
Npcs: Reset, Sala Vip, Mestra das Classes, Curadeira, Mvp warper, pvp Warper, GvG warper, Berry Shop, Cu
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155 DaixRO
Servidor 150k/150k/100% lvl max 999/120 max stats 9999 con sistema de reset.Delay 50%,Alas de muxos tipos,bandana de naruto,Woes 2 dias a la semana.Custom job,items,cards etc..
Entra ya!!!!
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156 DioxRO
Venha voc? tambem da familia dioxRO, server 24 horas 7 dias por semana, varios npcs, max lvl 1000/500 rates 200k/200k/100%, entre hj msmo.

Dedicado com a ForBrazil..
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157 UndergameZ - ugzRO
Max. Level 300/80 - Max. Status 300 - Max. ASPD 193 - Instante Magic 200 de dex.
Rates: Base 10.000(10k) - Job 10.000(10k) - Drop 100x
MVPs: Respawn de 20 minutos. 10 MVPs por cada mapa q existe 1.
Homunculos: Sistema especial de Homunculos,
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Servidor Espa?ol 24/7 - Rates 10x/10x/10x - Proxima Apertura - Grandes Eventos - Estable y Actualizado - Sin chetadas
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159 SweetRO
[lunatic 4k/4k/100%][Drops 50x/50x/20x][Guns#Ninja#Homunculus][Custon itens] [Quests # Woe] 24/7(Dedicated Host)No Lag.No Wipe.Join Now
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160 RealyRO 300x300x40x
Epsodio Hugel
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161 ROtaku
Servidor low rates 5/5/5 @ No custom items @ 1 a?o en linea @ Cero lag @ Comunidad amigable @ warper y styler NPC @ WoE miercoles y sabado @ GMs dedicados y experimentados @ Vengan y pruebenlo, no se arrepentiran!!
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162 Tekila-RO
Servidor 100% Espa?ol - 500 Custom Items -
Homoculous - Rates 2k/2k/2k - Max level -
300 - Job Level 120 -
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163 ZenaRO
American/Israeli Server Max Lv.999,Max Job.70 + Stast/skill seller to buy Skill and Stats Max Stats 999 NPC's:
Gold room,pvp arena,Mall shop,and many many more!
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164 Fenix Ragnarok Online
Servidor Low rates, x10x10x5, Servidor nuevo, comunidad estable, 0 lag, Sin Custom Items, Staff Exelente y dispuesto a ayudar siempre, ? Que Esperas para unirte ?
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165 ..::VampiresRO Online::.. by Trexsh
Rates 2000/2000/2000 l Monastery cursed l Paradise capitol l Zonas de Guerra l Npc Disfrazamonstruos l Proyecto Moscovia & Moscovia Dungeon l Maximo lv 300 l npc buffer +100 l 97 alas l 80 gorros l
In:0 Out:101
166 Chapo-Ro
Es un nuevo server high rates 0 lag,max lvl..999/job..150 drop al %100 y tenemos mercado,gold room, pvp room,Homunculos para todos los jobs, Baby changer, Removedor de cartas, Custom items (alas y hats), que esperan para divertirse en esta nueva aven
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167 -== [ Ecstasy-RO ] ==-
[German/English Server] Ecstasy: 300x300x100x 1% cards Genesis: 25k/25k/50% 50% cards Friendly GM Staff Custom NPC's/Items/Mobs Nice Events Join today!
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168 VegasRO
?Servidor novo Rate 5k/5k/100% - LvL MaX 255/150 - MaX AsPd 197 MaX Stats 255 - Muitos Comandos - 16/7 (Em Breve 24/7) - GM?s amig?veis?
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169 Konichiwa-Ro!
Server de Ragnarok Online Low Rates 10x/10x/10, GMs amables siempre mas de uno online...50% mexicano y 50% chileno!!...Y que esperas unete!!
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170 ThunderRO
Server Chileno High Rate 7k/7k/4k Max Lvl 400/140 .. items custom.. Alas, Auras.
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171 SimpleeRO
Simplee RO Melhor servidor de ragnarok do brasil mais informa?oes no visite
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172 Draconis-RO
New International Ragnarok-Server. Starts: 30.09.2007! Rates: 10/10/5/3.
No Donates... for more Infos visit our Website please
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173 NightmareRO
24horas ON Todos os dias
Roda com BRO,KRO,SAK
280custom itens :)
Muitos npcs entre eles: Buffer,Mestra das Classes,BabyJobchanger,CardRemover,Removedor de Skill,+100refiner,Top Break,Emperium,StatsSeller,S
In:0 Out:142
174 NGRO
Serve 24/7 Serve 100k/100k/20% max lv 1000/300 max stat 1500 Gms amigaveis dedicaods a voc? 100%.... Venha confiri Essa aventura
In:0 Out:154
175 Sunrise-ea
Nuevo Servidor dedicado de eathena 24/7 //Rates 20x20x10x//Healer, Warper, Job Master, Zumos y mucho mas!// GM's Amigables y dedicados que esperas para unirtenos!
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176 ?Hikabus-RO?
excelente server high rates - 60k/60k/100% - eventos cada semana y mega evento cada 2 meses =D
custom card y mucho mas
Te esperamos =D
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177 Meta-RO
[Meta-RO][3 Servers][NOVO Phoenix 40/40/20 Estreia Agora dia 15!]-[Lotus 1k/1k/50(PK)][Odin 15/15/10(PK)][Muitos Custom]A Mais de 2 ano Online - Staff Amigav?l!
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178 AntrixRO
|| Servidor Hispano || 4000x/4000x/40x || Activo 24/7 || Servidor Totalmente Dedicado || 0 lag || Quest Nuevas || Custom Jobs Adept, Necro, Wark || Lvl Max 300/150|| Stats Max 300 || Baby Stats Max 300 || Custom itmes || Custom mobs ||
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179 SakeRO
Rates: 7x/7x/5x,Max 99/70,Custom Quests and NPCs,Unique Features,No unbalanced Items,NEW SERVER!
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180 QuantumRO Hell Unleashed
Rates are 8k 8k 100% drop 5% card drop max lvl 255 job 100 lots of customs including six card that gives edp 5% chance
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181 .::MacabroRO::.
Rates: 90000x/90000x/900x
LvL M?ximo: 600/400
Stats: 300 | Babys: 250
Emulador: eAthena...Roda com SAKRAY, KRO...
40 custom itens ganho em Eventos
Homunculus em quase todas as classes (todas menos, professor,Novices e Babys)
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182 philipine ragnarok online
good,easy to level up
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183 AlmostPlainRO
[5k/5k/100x] A Great High-Rate Server, With no custom's a few @commands and basic npcs.( jobchanger,etc!)

So do you miss the old Ragnarok Online, So did we that's why we made this server come try it out..!!
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184 ExtriboRO 1 monster 1 lvl 99/70
In:0 Out:111
185 World of Chaos
30/30/5 Rates. This RO Mod puts 2 Factions against eachother for power and territory. Custom PVP setup, captureable towns, quest logger and more. Closed Beta Coming Soon...
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186 RagnaPros
Server High rate 8k/8k/65%
Max lvl 300/130
Max stats 300
Custom itens Comandos : @go,@storage,@warp entre outros
GMs eficientes e amig?veis Venha se juntar a n?s
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187 phRO
A Ragnarok Online Private Server based in the Philippines High Rates 5k/5k/20% Max Base Level 99 Max Job Level 70! Daily Events! We welcome International players and Pinoy players! Register is _M/_F, No Lag! 24/7 UP! Many Custom Items and Quests, Gre
In:0 Out:151
188 Final Chronicles
Server espa?ol | highrates 25ooo/25ooo/1oo% | max lvl 999/25o | max stats 1ooo | Custom NPCs Jobmaster Gold Room y mas | Custom Items | ?se puede pedir mas? | Comunidad en continuo crecimiento |
In:0 Out:144
189 Gant-RO
Newly Opened Highrate server with 3k/3k/40% Custom Wings and Items Friendly GM's Come Play With Us
In:0 Out:138
190 KopliRO
Max lvl400 stat 400 rates 175x175x50x
In:0 Out:128
191 RO Generation
Server novo, v?rios custons,mapas e monstros sempre atualizados.New server, custons,maps e monsters updated.rates:30/30/20.
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192 Dual RO
Servidor Espa?ol de Ragnarok Online. Servidor PK, premios por matar. Sistema Maestros, rates 12x/12x/7x. Custom Items, Quests Custom, pr?xima apertura.
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193 ragnarok
Ragnarok Online
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194 Leal Life Ro!! Melhor server do mundo
Leal Life ro, Rates 40k/40k/60%, MVP Summon, 100% portugues, Mini Boss, lvl max 999/250, stats max 999, hp max 20kk, GMs amigaveis! Venha! Oque est? esperando?? Entre no nosso site, e baixe o patcher!! 40 custons (ainda aver?o mais)Muitosss pet custo
In:0 Out:163
195 Leal Life RO?
NO LAG! GMs ONLINE todo tempo!,Eventos inacreditaveis!80 Custons itens futuramente!rate 25k/25k/100% Fuciona com BRO,SAK ou KRO!voc? n?o pode perder
In:0 Out:137
196 DivinityRO
We are a friendly community just starting out and hoping to get big. We have lot's of custom NPCs and items, we will have many events soon, and we are a HIGH RATE server.
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197 Um dos melhores serves do Brasil!!!!
comandos:@warp,@go,@storage@autoloot e mais!!!!
comandos VIP:@speed,@duel e mais!!!
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198 Dinasty Legens ro
Servidor mexicano, 24/7, rates 10/10/6, max level 99/70 custom items alas por quest, skill custom make ammo para el guns y archer, thors y abbey dungeon implementados a el 100% actualizaciones recientes staff amigable y atentos, sistema de donacion.
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199 shadowmu
gm thanks for po for making shadowmu>>>:-)
In:0 Out:175
200 HEAVENandHELL[ragnarok]
Rates: 50k/50k/100% Lvl 999/220, Max stats 999, Multi WoE, Custom NPCs/ITEMS Friendly and Active GM's No LAG. BETA Opening. JOIN US Now.

You Wont Regret It.
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