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YakuzaBattle Ad
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nice private server
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2 eXtream Gamer
Du suchst einen Server? du suchst einen Clan? besuche uns wir haben alles was du brauchst, sei eXtream Spiel f?r 4free. "Freeshard"
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ShadowRose 3.5k High Rate Server
New HIGH with Shadow channel as 3.5k rates. (Exp/Drop/Zulie) We are commited to give a fun experience to ROSE. Hamachi is needed for security. Almost 24/7 GMs. Many events. Friendly and helpful GMs
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i got ruff-rose from me friends
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Revision Rose
Revision-Rose, a really great community. Offering you both intensive gameplay and a lot of fun! Current rates are 2500, 2000 and 1750. About to add a second server that is 100, 30 and 10, Well, what are you waiting for? Come in and join the fun!
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6 PVP Rose
A Rose online Private Server - Good Rates - Active GMs - LaggLess - Join Now
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7 iRose For Fun
Sistema iRose, 15x EXP , 5x Zulie, 5x Drops, Main Quest Fixed 100%, Shopping Online, Servidor Dedicado, 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana!
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8 DarkRose
Rates: 3000/2500/1500
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9 iRosePH Online
Dual Xeon, 100mbit | Dedicated Server | Rates are x30 exp / x30 / x1 drop zuly. Join Now and Play With ex Prose Players
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10 KaZ-Rose Online
Welcome To kaz-Rose!.. rates are 300/300/300.!... Free Items On First 10 Players. Hamachi Needed. Started Today August 6, 2008. Join Us Today!...Read Forum!...All items can be bought From Gm's
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11 SkyDumb
A new server hosted by the kind gaming community, SkyDumb. SkyDumb has been a community for 3 years and we offer this low-rate server: 3/3/3 Which will be changed depending on the server activity. JOIN THE FUN!
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12 Dark Rose
DarkRose is an ultimate server with best rates: 3000, 2500, 1500. Majority of bugs fixed, lag-free... and a friendly community. Just join and you will never want to leave.
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13 Rus Rose Online
exp 2000x, drop 1400x, zulie 3000x. Item Mall on site. No donation
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14 X-World iRose Private Server
We are a great community with great GM, come and join us!! We are an iRose private server with custom shops and great players!! 24/7 Server.
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15 Demonic Rose
Hello guyz,, try our new server demonic-rose, we have a nice and friendly GM,, we are running on Evo server... rate is x100...come and join our community
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16 Benjamin R.O.S.E.
osRose evolution 142, we have our own Client, there is no need for downloading extras, except for new patches. server 24/7 - maintenance every sunday from 11am to 2am Amsterdam time. Friendly GM, fresh new server :)
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17 Criminalrose
JOIN THIS BRAND NEW SERVER high rates en GM,Forum-Mods need!!
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18 Magneridon rose online
Porfin llega un server espa?ol 24/7 on

gm amables y con muchas ganas de trabajar /gran comunidad con barios server de distintos juegos y en crecimiento te lo vas a perder!!!!
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19 Ultimate Rose
Ultimate rose, is a nice friendly rose online private server. |Server 1||Exp: 2000| Drop Rate: 1500| Zulie Rate: 1000|| Server 2:|Exp Rate: 35| Drop Rate: 15| Zulie Rate: 15
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20 ncROse Evolution
Welcome to ncROse Evolution d^_^b Rates = 3k/xp , 3k/drop , 3k/zulie ! Free items to all PLAYERS, just tell me or GMs ONLINE ! I HOPE we will see you at my SERVER ! TY...
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21 eternalrose
Nice New Server/Looking For Admins And gms/castle gear free/item mall/custem armor and wepons/ and much more
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22 HoDE Rose Online / Dutch Rose Server
EXP: 100 / Drop: 200 / Zuly: 300 / 10/7
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23 WarROSE

warrose x50 exp, much good items, free buffs, good gm, fast lvling with max buffs and

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24 ProjectCo - Reborned Again!
ProjectCo Is Back BIGGER and BETTER! We now have GunZ Private Server, and also World of Warcraft Private Server! Better Rates Too!
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25 Sacred Rose Online
Server Opened!!! Evo Rose Server - No Reborn Function - User Panel - Castle Gears - Carts - Custom NPCs - Friendly GMs - Affordable Donation Items so any players can enjoy - Random Events Amazing Prices
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26 Andalasia
New Server | Rates: 1000/1000/1000 | Friendly Staff | Join Today !
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27 HeRose
HeRose- Rose Private Server. 2000exp, 2000zuly, 2000drop. A lot of customs including, Maps, Weapons, Armor, Items, etc. We need expereinced GMs. (Hamachi NOT needed)
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28 EuroRose
40x exp,100,drop and event saturday,VIP,double exp day on friday~sunday
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29 World of Rose
Rose Online French, Rose Online Evolution. High Rates 150X 150X 100X. Come to you entertain with us, your place is reserved and GMs competants for you help. Good game in all.
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30 IRose Private Server
This is a 30x - 10x - 10x Private IRose Server. For more information check website/forums!
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31 Blacken Rose
Server Rates Exp Rate: 3x Drop Rate: 1x Zuly Rate: 10x Get what you earn Server! Nice Events!! Prize Giveaways!! Hard Sever!!
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32 Bratok-Rose
IRose Server with Max level 255, Rates 15x 10x 1x - New Maps for lev 220, 230, 240, 250 New Skills for all Job at lev 200-WOW, Items and Events. New Gem 9, Fairy Buff 24/7 in every city. Come we waiting for you.:)
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33 Butller Rose Online
The Aller Best Evo Client style server out there. Rates 400x EXP 400x Drop 300x ZullY Nice User commands, ferry Good Community , Cool custom Items and Events, Play the adventure now ! Online since 16.01.2009
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34 IcarusR.O.S.E
IcarusR.O.S.E Realeases in a short time!
No bugs full CP no open source cp!
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35 pioneros-rose
nuevo servidor espa?ol gm somos muy amigables con los players rates 400 drop rates 300 esperamos que sea de buestro agrado
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36 Extreme-Rose
Welcome to Extreme-Rose | Great GMs | Rates exp_rate=300|drop_rate=100|zuly_rate=1000 | User Commands |Custom items | Custom NPC | Server 24/7 | No lags | No D/C | Join TODAY!!
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37 Shadow ROSE
Servidor BRASILEIRO!! Venha se DIVERTIR!! // EXP 500 - DROP 1000 - ZULY 1000 // Hamachi needed!! Channel: ShadowsROSE - Senha: 1234 // Venha nos conhecer!! servidor 24/7 (Vagas de GM's Abertas!!)
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38 Sasuki Rose
[Exp:X300][Zuly:X300][Drops:X100] Great community and in need of GMs! Please join! We currently run on evo rev.81
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39 Extreme-iRose
we are 24/7! Irose
we have a lot of fun! and Community
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40 Brutal-Rose
No lag
Long Play
Come and join now
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41 Angel Rose Online ::
Angel Rose Online :: 24/7 No Lagg more then 100 Custum items Neo CG and cool GMs All i can say is come and look!
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42 Guide Private servers
Leer hier hoe je Private game servers moet maken. ga heir voor naar guides --> game priavte servers
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43 DarkRose NEW SERVER
COME PLAY FREE 2 PLay REgister Auto
rate: 70k 50k 50k come and join in my server need GM AND FORUM MAKER
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44 DagonRose!!
New DagonRose Rates :500exp,1000 zuly and drop ,all commands work ,all skills work, looking for GMs and beta tester, Evo Server ,Rebirth Works.. Great staff, Events. Non Hamachi
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45 Ra-Rose
Rates are all 50x in beta version later it will be lower :) Nice players and GM's that will help you. Join us today ^^
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46 KTRose Pre-EVO
- NOW OPEN FOR BETA TESTING! - KTRose Pre-EVO is the first private Pre-EVO ROSE server! We feature 1X EXP and drops with rate-adjustment items, custom content and quests, and frequent story-driven events! Come and join our friendly community for a to
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47 MyRose Online
Server Rose Online exp30/drop30/zuly30 En cr?ation, recherche d?veloppeur assez comp?tent pour aider. Sera en ligne lorsque tout sera pr?t pour accueillir les players. Si des d?veloppeurs sont int?ress?s, il peuvent laisser un mp sur le forum. Merci
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48 Gaminforums
The best discuss site for Rose online!+ we have Rose online Private Server board too!Soo join us now to use it all!
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49 iPlayROSE
ROSE Online private server the way it was meant to be: Based on the original iRose with balanced rates [5x/2x/2x], dedicated staff and exclusive events. Come join us! :)
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50 ZRose
NEW!! server

No log

No delay

100% all bug fixed

100% all skill working

free to play 4-ever friendly GM

online 24/7

jion now :)
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