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- ShadowRealm -
The #1 Best Old Style School PvP/PvM Server Made come see our benifits!
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Ultima Online Knights
Ultima Online Knights, creators of the Medical Crafting System and hundreds more of your favorite crafting systems. Deicated server, full tech support, operating 24/7. Ready to kick your butt. Join Now!
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3 Ultima Online: MuP shard
Free Ultima Online Shard, that fully supports Mondain`s Legasy
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New revamped server with OSI monsters and crafting! Four free GM skill's. Also a great young system that will take you by surprise. Have Fun and GOOD LUCK!
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Immortal Myths UO Freeshard!
~Adult Only RP & PVP~ Customs GALORE! A crafters paradise a questers dream! Custom wearables, deco and quest like you never seen before!! 2 Chars 3 houses per account. See our Website for more info!!
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6 UO51a - Test Server
UO51a is a Sphere server totally dedicated to the 1999 version of Ultima Online, If you enjoyed playing back in the day....why not get back into it?
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7 Heaven Againts Hell
The sky turned black, flames came from the earth and a war between angels and devils began. Which side will you choose? Who will you serve? This is a PVP/PVM server. RP isn't enforced but appreciated.
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8 Zuluworld
zuluhotel styke with 6 class 8 skill per class. Total Stats Cap 1000. Zuluworld the revolution of Zh1 Zh2 And Zh3 wiht more pvp, pvm and rp.
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9 DeusOvis Ultima Online
DeusOvis is one of the longest running UO shards around, with a lifespan going as far back as 1999.

Our experienced staff and dedicated community create an unparalled UO atmosphere. Come join us in our IRC channel where staff and members are
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10 ZuluHotel World
Zuluhotel Style : 6 class whit 8 skills, mage, warrior, bard, crafter, thief, ranger
Skills Cap 150, 160 whit bonus items
Stats Cap 300
Total Stats 500 (Dext+Int+Str)
- Level 1: 600 total points, 60% of skills in that class.
- Level 2
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11 Entistic UO
A really calm Ultima Online shard with a custom map, custom items, and a lot of fun.
In:0 Out:179
12 Allure of the Unknown
Family Shard Non-pvp, Friendly Players and staff,Runuo 2.0, Abay auction system,Advance player quest, and lots more. Come and enjoy your stay here with us
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13 Bridgenorth
FAST stat and skill gains - Custom NPCs/Drops - 12 New Custom Ores - 5 New Cloths - 5 New Hides - Custom Class System - PVP/NONPVP - All Custom Dungeons. Join Today! Auto Account.
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14 Great Island - Old School Fun Rp/PvP
Completely new custom Map, exactly designed and tuned f?r the player needs. Discovery the Great Island with all the Secrets and dangerous Places. Make your own Way, build some Towns, join one of the existing 4 cities and be Part of the History!
15 Blackfire Gaming
We don't only talk about Games but we host servers too. Ultima Online-Old School. Seriously, no expansions enabled. First 100 accounts will be rewarded with a 7x character, money, and a house deed.
Connect now @ blackfiregaming.game-server.cc p
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16 Zulu Hotel Brasil
Brazilian and the best server of ZH scripts / POL 97 / XP system / Class System / Best PvP / Quests all weeks, stability and lots of fun.
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Вы долго выбираете шард на котором будут l
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18 Adjournment To Antiquity
Patch Up To 6.0.13! 7+ years running, BUT ALL NEW with Newest Core, PVE-PVP Server. Tram is PVE & Fel PVP (PVP System), Customs, Crafting, DBL Plot Homes, Custom Areas with No Patches needed, FULLY Spawned world+, Player Rewards, EVENTS, Tokens, Evo'
In:0 Out:218
19 Last Abyss World
LEVEL SYSTEM- All vendors zone- New items system.- Ticket system.- Trash Bag .- Converting Deed.- New pets.- Chaos Order weapon & armor.- Kill Remover.- Ice,Fire,Energy,Poison Dye's.- Piyanga System.- Newbies Items.
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20 Acheron
Acheron is a dark place, where nothing is easy. Full PvP on every Facet, new monsters and treasures, plus much much more...
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21 Avarice
Ultima online like you have Never expierenced it before!
Custom Map, Monsters, Animals, Quests, Weapons, Spells and much much more! Pre AOS
Come Join us! ! !
(Currently hiring All Staff.)
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22 Evil Realm
Custom pvp shard 5/6 casting no regs custom ranged weapons and monsters
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23 Gladiator knight Online Private Server
Welcome to GKO a Old School Server That Servers Old School USKO Players.
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24 UO Dungeon
Felucca,Malas,Ilshenar,Tokuno are full PvP. Passive killable town guards.
Automatic gold looting from monsters.
NO Item insurance.Macroing is legal.
Account are automaticaly created
8 max accounts per IP address.
All skills train to 12
In:0 Out:202
25 Evil Realm
As newer pvp , pvm server thats growing . 5/6 casting , quests , custom ranged weapons , custom monsters , lots to keep you going , no regs sash at start. come join the fun.
In:0 Out:202
26 UnrealUO
Classic pre-UO:R shard with most of the features of 1999 era Ultima Online accurately recreated.
In:0 Out:216
27 The Second Coming
ML, 720/250, Sockets, Tamed Pet Levels, New:Ore, wood, leather, custom items and deco. Balanced World, voluntary PvP & RP, and unique events and bosses that take skill, not time. Dedicated 24/7 Operation. Professional programmers and knowledgeable G
In:0 Out:196
28 Olmer online
Russhian server Increasing skillcap 1000+ new items 3 races RPG level system
In:0 Out:226
29 Lost God's
A Free Uo Shard, Custom Events,Bosses,Mobs,Armor,Jewlery,Champs,and More No Op'd Wep, Armor, Or Players.Fun Players and Fast Acting Gm's, 15k check to get you started. 820 Skill Cap, 325 Stat Cap..Come and Check Us Out!!
In:0 Out:195
30 Dark August
Mondain\'s Legacy Server. Custom Housing. AOS Style Craft Menus. Rares are rare & actually have value. No Regs (reagants) for spells. Build YOUR name on a new server. No patches necessary. Install ML and run. Loginserver=,2593
In:0 Out:183
31 Abstractvoid Resurrected
7x 50 skill ball |Taming BOD's|Full ML|BomberMan|Universal Storage keys |EyeBall Quest|Amazing Maze|Fast skill gains|3x25 stat balls|Token Reward System|Dedicated Server|Less OP items Vampire Quest- come give us a try!
In:0 Out:209
32 Endless Shadow Reborn
Endless Shadow Is a New Shard, with a UNIQUE Reward System, custom artwork, lots of custom quests, itens, systems and events. Fell Ruleset.
In:0 Out:170
33 Uor:Revenge
True Uor, The Real Deal
In:0 Out:198
34 Hybrid Insanitry
Hybrid Style Shard (T2A With Customizable Housing) | Start With 5x Skill Ball/Stat Ball | 1,000 Skill Cap - 300 Stat Cap | FAST SKILL GAINS | Balanced Economy | 100% Uptime | 10 Gig DDR2 Ram | Quad Core Processor | LAG FREE! | Fun Events | Rez-Kill P
In:0 Out:218
35 PvP Land
PvP Land Has Some Of OSI's Latest Things Like Faction Items And Event Replica! you also start with 6xgm 225stat ball on start! ALSO! Artys, Resources Given! Check us
In:0 Out:228
36 The Roman Empire
Free Dedicated Server. Lag Free|ML supported|Custom Ores,Woods|Taming Bulk Order Deeds|Crimson Dragon|Events|Looking For Dedicated Players|Friendly, Reliable,Trustworthy Player base and Owner
In:0 Out:216
37 The Rennagades
We have custom dungeons, art, weapons & armor, including wings.Spellcrafting, Latest SVN, full mondain legacy & custom monster anim. We are adding new stuff every week. Also we do allow Rping, Pking is not allowed!!
In:0 Out:229
38 The Darkside Shard (TDS)
8+ Years Running | Home of Uniques | Custom Map | New Items & Monsters | Daily Events | Tons of New Craftables & Skills | Mount Bonus's | Guild War's | Come Join Us | Where Quality Matters
In:0 Out:198
39 Mystical Unicorn
4 year old family friendly shard. Non-PvP and Non-RP. AoS w/limited SE stuff, but with tons of custom items, mobiles, and systems including a custom chat system. No skill cap/500 stat cap, and all skills can be raised to 130 with a some work. RunUO 1
In:0 Out:201
40 muonline server
muonline server seaszon 4
In:0 Out:189
41 Ultima Online - New Britannia
Stat cap 225, skill cap 700. RP/PvP; Fair, dedicated staff; Quality new features and customization; An experience like no other freeshard. Powered by RunUO.
In:0 Out:185
42 UO:R Addiction
We are a UO:R shard with many custom features, and a fun laid back group of staff.. PVP/RPG 1st bunch of players get starter kits. Enjoy!
In:0 Out:217
43 The Original Pangaea
The Original Pangaea, also known as "Pangaea 1". Roleplay, PvM and a bit of PvP. Lots of custom materials and a custom character class system.
In:0 Out:194
44 Alterna-UO now RUNUO2.0!
Well established shard 5+ years just converted to Runuo2.0 MANY customs scripts, quests and items. Experienced GMs, colorwars, CTF, PVP points and tournaments! All facets open. Give us a look! http://www.alterna-uo.net
In:0 Out:245
45 Cherished Kingdom
Many Custom Homes,Craftables,Monsters,Cham--ps and Tons of Custom art. We are a PVM, PVE shard, No PKing and PVP only with consent of both parties. We are patched to 6.0.5 and We have our Own Installer . Skill cap 199 for all skills and 450 Stat cap.
In:0 Out:174
46 BuckEtHeAd's PvP Playground
GM All Skills, Auto Account, Unlimited newbied Items, PVP Arenas, Free Potions, Free Rides, No

Regs needed, Santiago style PVP.
In:0 Out:194
PVE-PVP Server With Tram,ilsh,Fel,Malas. Tram is PVE & Fel PVP. FULLY Spawned world+, Player Rewards, Pet Level & Breeding, EVENTS, Great Staff, Friendly all about Community and friendship, Many Customs, Hiring Staff Now! Live Freedom Become Power! l
In:0 Out:200
48 Legend of the Avatar
The Best of the Ultima Online free shards. Full ML with customs including: Armor, Mobs, Dungeons, Towns, Quests, Spells and more. Come in and give us a try.
In:0 Out:226
49 Eternityuo
AOS free server No ML OR SE Felucca only 2/6 casting balanced PvP Extremely fast skillgain and statgain. Custom system to obtain artifacts and runics. Come try us today
IP: eternityuo.servegame.org 2593
In:0 Out:178
50 Dragons of Time
Dragons of Time is BACK!!! Classic 51a T2A, Established in 2000 DoTClassic is by far the BEST server around! Just ask anyone who played here...Fast Gain, Rewards, Old Players Are Always Welcomed Back!
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