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51 Invictus
Its Ultima Online server that you have dreamed for it has everything you ever wanted! 99.9% uptime,pk's,Custom Houses,Rides,Skins,Tubs And lots more come and join us today!
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Relic Rights
Relic Rights is a server dedicated to keeping the player intrested. out server contains no overpowered items or monsters. nor does it contain an unbalanced system. everything has been added to be a balanced, fun and social server. Welcome and enjoy!!
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53 ThatWorld
New server Ultima online That world
Have fun and play
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54 ThatWorld
come and play
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the Nine Hells
Storyline, 800SkillCap, Fast Skill Gain, 250StatCap(Stat Ball), Evo(Pets,Weps,Arms), Token System, Spellcraft, Chat System, Begginer Items are available to buy untill next month.. Client version is recommended. Server Adress : baator.serveg
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56 The Realm Of Bloodlust
We\'re an AOS/ Custom era UO server, some what still in the works. We need some players for bug testing, and some dedicated players are always appreciated... Enter if you Dare...
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57 Olmer online
Increasing skillcap 1000+ new items 3 races RPG level system
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58 Ultimatum
Ultima Online Old School... The way your daddy played it!
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59 uowakeoftheredwitch
We are a free Ultima Online shard devoted to bringing players a good balance of of pvp and pvm. We offer a pvp system that allows players to host their own ctf and other events. You can challenge another player to a duel at one of the dueling pits
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60 UO Secondage - Ultima Online Free Shard
Second Age is the most accurate emulation of the T2A era online today. A Perfect balance of PvM, PvP and RP. We have reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a Shard with Players and Staff unmatched in their dedication to the T2A era.
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61 Avalon: The Shadows and Dust
New game season Avalon: The Shadows and Dust. A clear system of PvP, as well as PvM. New classes and a lot of magical things. Very fast gain skills.
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62 Lands Of UO
Custom Shard! Malas Is Over-Ran By Monsters! Many Customs, And more to come. New Stuff Almost Every Day! Patch 7.0.11. Onsite PvP System, No Skill Cap! 350 Stat Cap Some Customs Include: [ChangeCharacter, Weapon Enhancement Stone, Token System, Wor
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63 Menace Central
New free Internet-server UO.
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