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Daily Events - Forgotten Temple / War / GM Events Custom Items / Power-Up Store / Unique Features Safe Secure Server Updated Daily Since March 2007
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MEDIA PLAYERS 1 and a half years did not fade TİGERKO HOMEKO DEAR LOVE YOU THIS PROCESS Friends After several months decided to let a DB and a half years I decided to reset the reset and foreign FRIEND WAITING ON FRIDAY 11/05/2012
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pvpTOUCH[KO] +10/+5 PK SERVER.No DC, No LAG,No BUG\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s.BDW,1VS1 and FT Event in there.
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KruelIntentions KO
This is a 1522 KO server that has an awsome war zone CZ Bifrost 2 PVP arenas awsome GM's and server admins Custom Bosses and armor and wepons. Abyss and Hell Abyss. Come join us and check it out you will love it.
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Knight Online Professional Cheats
Best knight online world exploits, macros, cheats, tuturials, bot, secrets and more...
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6 Jacks KO
15xx server /We are a Growing Community with 1 KO server so far. Our exp is Pretty good and our drop rates arent bad either. we have a really talented dev team. Join the Community Today!!!\
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7 Custom Knight OnLine
This is a awsome private server owned and run by a gtoup of friends dedicated to The game KO we have custom wepons armor and monsters a 24/7 open dedi server awsome GMs and server addmin that are in game always. Come check us out:)
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Free Knight Online DataBase Downloads / skins and more!
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9 Lineage ][ HellBound ComandoGP
Server Argentino rates x7, heroe system - manor - noblesa - olimpiadas - full quest - no donaciones.!
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10 XeroKKO
The Best Knight Online of The World :P , Exp rate : 500% , Drop rate: 150% , ALL Armors , lvl 80 Skills , and Bifrost :) Anvil rate: +1 to +8=100%, +8 to +9=90% , +9 to +10= 75% Enjoy!
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11 HyD3 Empire
Myko Server / 80 skills / bifrost items / usko items / Bifrsot Zone / Special Ft / Join Us Now
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12 Empire KO
Empire Ko is a brand new pk server with great gm's, events, and more! Come join the fun!
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13 Kenwea #1 Private Server
80/1 experience "5 min for lvl 80", +10 All clas g1 weapon like shard, raptor, giga etc, Bi Frost Item, Walkry Armor, Dupe Fix, Macro Fix, Lunar War Fix, Mage Staff Attack Upgraded, 2.000 user capacity Location CANADA
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14 Sanitariumko
Our server has improved over the month. Level 75 cap but able to level n keep 80 stats n skill points.added Weapons of Sanitarium to powerup Store , all buff scrolls free in powerup, and free armors, for beginners. all in powerupstore.
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15 1299 Private Serverlar
1299 Private Serverlar ile ilgili bilgi ve yamalar i?eren blog.
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16 ForbiddenKO!
Lvl 80 skill wif PK based server
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17 Twisted Ko
Private Ko PK Server Running on 24/7 Dedicated Server Everything You Need To Pk Within Minutes Come Join Us !!!
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18 Knight Online Ares Store PK server , instant lvl 80 , 100% upgrade +10, nice war, lot of event every days, gm Online 24h / 7 come and test us That free
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19 Imortal Network
Experiance Hard - items Hard - dupe fix - lunar war fix - 2000 User capacity
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20 Mystery-KO - Full PK server!
Very Good Server! Full pk, and friendly community! Rofd items & Bifrost. Lots of wars and events :-) Come join us!
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21 AsterKoxp.COM | Koxp,koxp 1715,Ko,Cs,For
AsterKoxp.COM | Koxp,koxp 1715,Ko,Cs,Forum,Oyun,Mekan,Aster,Private,Server,UskoByPass,Tianhuoko,CZ,Combo,TBL,Bug,Koxp 1715,Koxp 1716,Seri Cs 1715,Seri Cs 1716,HacKo 1715,HacKo 1716,Pro Koxp 1715,Pro Koxp 1716,HeavenFire 1715,HeavenFire 1716,1715 Tek
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22 knightonlineworld
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23 twisted ko
best pk server
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Welcome to our Private Server!
GKO is a oldschool private server
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25 forbiddenko
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server PVP , New USKO items, Gm's online , 24/7.Online, skill lvl 80,
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27 TNGN Knight Online
Good EXP rates - not too hard but then again not too easy. Level 80 max with all skills working.
Daily Events, Castle Siege War and Kings system. We are a friendly growing community! Use promotional code: toplistsef12 for 500 complimentary Kni
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28 OurKO
2 servers running 1309 and 1098 up 24/7 no bugs and good services! Join us today!
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29 CuzKO
Cuzko Private Server, Max Level 83 .. All Skill Working.. Farm Server.. Easy to 63 and then the fun continues...Droop Insane, Anvil Insane, Exp insane after 63 .. new mobs to exp ^^
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30 ResistanceKO
Farm server - custom pvp:uniqes:weapons:armor, good pk, huge active forums/community, friendly and fair GM's. come join!
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31 NemesisKO 100% UP And Running All The Ti
Nemesis KO Privet Server will guarantee you 100% satisfaction & fun .We have no overpowered donators, PKing is everything, you do not need to level, but you'll need to get your items at a medium rate. Join us today

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32 NemesisKO 100% UP And Running All The Ti
Nemesis KO Privet Server will guarantee you 100% satisfaction & fun .We have no overpowered donators, PKing is everything, you do not need to level, but you'll need to get your items at a medium rate. Join us today
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33 Uni KO
Active Staff, Jap KO Items,All Sets Of Armor,Helpful Owner, Running on a Fast Dedicated
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34 NacturnaL Krowaz's Revenge
NacturnaL Knight Online Krowaz's Revenge | 83 LvL | No Cheats | No Bug | 7/24 Online
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35 Allusive Knight Online World
Brand New 07/06/2009 Allusive ko A server where all can be true, a world where you will never belive what you see. come join us
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36 RoceSKoII
Knight Online (Hard Level) Private Server, Max Lv83 best (x10) Experience and (%50) Drop rate server, KOPANEL : *More Quest More Action! minimum 50 Online Users every day, Best Quest Best PvP , Red Chitin,Black chitin Usko and Japko
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37 koxp
koxp,koxp indir
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38 game over knight online
Game Over knight online is a light farm pvp server.No overpowered donators. No Overpowered Gms All Fair Fighting +10 %100 on all weapons and armor and +3 100 % on all accessories.
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39 TuRKeYFiReDraKe 1453 PVP SERVER
TurkeyFireDrake is a Hard server,starter level is 70,max level is 80.starter items (Glave+8,elixer+8,mirage dagger+8 and goblin chitin,goblin crimson).\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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40 CommunityKO
Level 83 Cap with 80 skills for now, 1453 database, you start with level 83 with +10/+3 uniqs and need to farm for weapon which is located in cz bowl and farm for shells in eslant... NO DONATORS! check forums for more info
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41 Ronark Land Usko Server
Perfect Tasty for Knight Online pvp Server.. Online New Usko Server..We are waiting for you .Come our Perfect Game server and be in war..From all country have different players
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42 Quarantine KO ! Join us now !
[Quarantine KO][Panel:][Launched May 27th][Pure Knight-Empire][Level Cap: 73][Rates: 10x][
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43 Ko-Life.NET +8 +3 PK Server
+8 +3 PK Server 1v1 Event Ve Bdw Aktif Valkyrie Ve Diger İtemler Bankadadir
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44 MaskoKO// Open Friday (GMT)+2 18:00(NOW BETA)//Farm&Pk Server.
MaskoNET is Farm & Pk Server, Usko (Maradon,Cz,Quest) Max lv. 83 and all skill work.There are +700 online.There are many events.Premium system There are no overpowered donators! Friendly gms.Server open 27/07/2012 GMT+2 18:00.Continuous service and q
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45 Homeko-TR
Homeko-TR Açılış 26 Ağustos Pazar 13.00
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46 RetroEmpire.NET - HomeKO Server
RetroEmpire.NET HomeKO Server Herkezi Davet Ediyoruz...
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47 Old Knight Online / New MyKo Server
In Memory of the Old Days, myko pleasure to live plentifully! || Official our opening will be on April 12 at 21:00...
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48 knight online pvp tanıtımı
Knight online pvp server tanıtım platformudur.\\r\\nHerkes ücretsiz serverini tanıtabilir.
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49 [Bi-Yer.Com][Bi-Yer.Net] Pvp Forum Sitesi
[Bi-Yer.Com][Bi-Yer.Net] Dünyanın En İyi ve Güncel Haber Paylaşım Forum Sitesi 1299 1960 19xx 18xx indir download bedava full client db
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50 turkempire +5 +10 CZ pk Server
turkempire +5 +10 CZ pk Server
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