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YakuzaBattle Ad
Cabal Online The Dark Revolution
[500xp EXP] [Alz 600x] [Iteam 100x] [Skill 500x] [MAX Lv 250!!] [NICE GMS] [[COMEING SOON [2 new classes Summoner,Necro][[New Maps,skills,monsters,armor,weapons]]
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Silver WoW
Бесплатный сервер World of warcraft LK. Стабильный кругло&
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453 Cyber Warz
Cyber Warz is a free fun rpg with no need to wait for energy refil or to get mroe turns as you can play as long and as much as you want.all of this and the abilty to make clans own your own kingdom and fight monsters and get weapons and 3 classes and
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Play Hell Wars game. Select a race cross the gates of HELL and start playing this new era! FREE GAME, army mmorpg, turn based, soldiers, magic items, spells, demons, angels, draconians, undead, weapons, ranking. JOIN NOW!!
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Free Turn Based MMORPG Mafia Game, Cash Money. Live Streaming Data, JOIN NOW WIN NOW
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456 Eastern Mob
In EM you can be a Gangster, a Cop or a Business Man. Fight for money, power and supremacy. Fight for your life!
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457 Netherworld Online
Enter a world of conflict! Netherworld Online is a 2d community online rpg game. Venture into a tactic driven game where using your environment against your enemy will give you a major edge. Participate in torments, capturing enemy cities and even de
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458 Kryppie Nation
Fantasy based MMORPG that anyone can enjoy! Free to join!
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459 DMK WarFare
Free play, become a donator, and set to see if you can conquer your greatest fears.
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460 Age of Honour
Age of Honour is a free fast paced fantasy real time strategy where players are given control of a castle and are required to setup its defenses, build its economy and train, equip and manage its army.
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461 Trukz
Trukz is the webs premier free online trucking RPG, giving players the chance to be a truck driver, earn money driving loads across the world and saving up for new and better equipment. The game also features a wide range of companies for players to
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462 Darkest of Sins
A unique and exciting take on the text based rpg. With different areas to explore and an engaging class system.

How dark will you be to take the top?
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463 Blatant Hostility
Here we encourage you to be as devious as can be imagined; you are rewarded for stabbing people in the back to get ahead. Take caution, however, as others may be seeding the same plans as you; they may even decide to strike when you least expect it.
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464 Conquer Arg
Servidor de conquer 2 online argentino
se encuentra en su face beta
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465 ChavsterV1
Wanna Be A Chav?
Have You Got The Balls To Be A Chav?
Are You Man Enough?
Join Now!
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466 Mythical Academy MMO
Mythical Academy online MMO |Fish System|Updated Every day|friendly staff| JOIN NOW!
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467 Hansa Guilds
A free PBBG trading/tycoon/strategy game set in the age of the rich hansa towns in the North Sea. Control, build and develop your Hansa city trading, raging war and using diplomacy.
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468 Pirates & Armadas
Pirates & Armadas - A free PBBG strategy city building game set in the colonization of the new world.
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469 Viking Tribes
A free PBBG adventure which combines RPG and strategy set in the age of Vikings. Pillage, conquer and prosper with viking warriors!
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470 Criminal Impulse
In Criminal Impulse, you are free to choose your own path. You can protect the weak, or exploit their weakness. Spend your money to help your friends, or horde it, they can take care of themselves. Buy a gang and become the most respected group of pl
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471 Global Corruption
Nothing in this world is fair. You must kill to survive and survive to kill. Will you rise as a corrupt politician? Or sink to the cruel depths of crime? Perhaps you'd prefer to be a modern entrepeneur. What ever your path, it wont be easy. Only one
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472 La Cosa Nostra
La Cosa Nostra is the most realistic mafia game on the internet. You will start your new life off as a civilian. you will have 2 options you can either join a family or you can create your own. Joining a family will place you as a associate and you w
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473 Ultimate Showdown
Ultimate showdown is a MMORPG and MMO write up game where you have your own character who battles other people and wins gold to buy new equipment,check out ulimate showdown today!
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474 OG Corner
Mafia based Browser Game
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475 Trade Wars(R) Rising
Trade, Fight, make Alliances in this graphical remake of the classic Tradewars(R) mmo space strategy game. Play for Free or get a Premium account and Create/Design your own strategy game variants.
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476 The Mafia Uprising
Start as a Package Boy, and make your way to God, in this very fun Mafia MMORPG
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477 2 BrowserBased Crime games english&dutch
2 BrowserBased Crime games 1= fully dutch and 1 is fully english

Awards & More! Choose your language and join today!
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478 Midnight Mafias
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479 Mu World Online
Mu World Online, Exp 400x Drop 80% 100%HP.
Season 4, New Skills, New Moobs.

New Adventure, Come Here!.
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480 YorkCity
A Free Onine Crime Text Based Game Get A Job, Get Wepons, Attack People And Much More!
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481 DarkAndTimeExplorers
Pokemon mystery dungeon
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482 Base Ship Command
A free sci-fi MMORPG that asks: Do you have what it takes to command a starship?
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483 Crime Inc
Crime Inc is a brand new kind of mafia game online original objects al build in flash listen to your favorite music
watch a movie or tv program while you are playing a very nice and good crime game try it you may like it
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484 Empires Of Galldon
Medieval battle
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485 was one of the first Mafia Games online back in 1999. Back with a vengence, MafiaMob now has an ALL-MAFIA Web TV site where players are put in Mafia Web Episodes.

Join the "Family" today at
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486 The Crime Society
The Crime Society is an online text based game which is free to play, commit crimes and OCs as you make your way to the top.
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487 World of Sauerkraut
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488 The universe of the Firm (T.E.M Project)
You integrate the Firm, powerful and obscure corporation which the aim is the terraformation of the Mars planet.

But once overthere, you will surely see things differently.
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489 InsomniaX Clan - Darkfall Online
InsomniaX Clan A Darkfall Online International MMORPG & FPS Gaming Clan playing on the North American server / forums - Darkfall releases 22-Jan-2009 join a kickass clan ready now.
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490 Midnight-Gangsterz
Come and join the worlds best and fastest growing text based mafia game on the net! Can you be the best?
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491 CrimeVillage
Welkom in de wereld van CrimeVillage...

Dit is een Online op Tekst Basis gemaakte Multiplayer Game. Waardoor je met het kopen van wapens en het werven van medegangsters, de beste speler van het spel kan worden.

Bij de meeste crimegames
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492 Risen Server - Unique Lineage 1 Server
Brand New Unique Lineage 1 Server :: Low Rates :: Custom Zones & Items :: Latest Content :: No Wipes :: Join us today for a unique Lineage 1 experience!
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493 CharacterPlanet - MMORPG Social Network
CharacterPlanet - MMORPG Gamer Social Network
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494 Welcome to Kalnova
Rates: EXP-60x Mix-50x Animal-60x | Working PVP SYSTEM without masks:) | Areas: AOG Elder Island Dungeon 1 - 5 DeathValley Traitor Mage Area
Lizard Island 1 - 2 Highland Area Deadly Forest Queen Vault | Ram- 2DDR
CPU- 3.2GHZ Network- 10Meg
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495 Neflaria
Neflaria is the resurection of an ancient game called Shimlar. Shimlar was open for 7 years before it shut down. But by the passion of the gods, Neflaria ressurected the game and turned it into what it is today. If you are looking for an intense Te
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496 Mafia Fighting
Brand New Mafia Game, Free Registration. Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Best And Beat The Rest.
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497 A Gangster Life
just join plz
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498 free-mmo
Gratis MMO Spiele
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499 Join the battlefield of RYL Tartarus
Supported by a team of experienced GM's and Admins. Running since: June 2007!
RYL Tartarus is a free online MMORPG with never ending battles between the 2 races that live in the colossal world, the Human and the Ak'kan.
In the vast lands of Tar
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500 Selvedge FREE Browser MMORPG
? No download or installation required
? Explore a massive 2D world
? Tons of spells, potions, armor and others!
? Advanded character development
? Unique turn-based battles
? And tons more! Register right
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