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YakuzaBattle Ad
201 Xtratic War
Text-based rts
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Shadows Soma - Myth Of Soma
Shadows Soma

Dedicated server

Opened 22nd Jan 08

Good Usercount

Lots of custom input including WOW models.. etc
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Mobstar - Now With Texas Hold em Poker!!
The First And Leading International Multiplayer Mafia game. The Only One With FREE Texas Hold?em Poker! Win Big Prizes! Sign Up Now, It Is FREE!
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Omerta is een tekst-gebaseerde MMORPG. In dit spel is de speler een persoon in de wereld van de maffia. Door auto's te stelen, misdaden te begaan, mensen uit de gevangenis te breken en drank en drugs te dealen, stijgt de speler in rang.
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205 Mu Killmistery Extremo
Nueva Version en mu Online Version 97b+Seanson3+3D Camera! full mapas! full set! nuevos todo todos a graficos a seanson4!!
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206 Mymu online
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207 Master Of World
Master Of World is web-based real time strategy game with 2D graphics.
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208 Footballglory
FG (Football Glory) is a fantasy football manager online game.
You become manager of a football team, and you seek to win as many matches, competitions and trophies as you possibly can. In doing this, you will need to administer your players, buy
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209 Xtratic War
War Game
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210 Peace Country Realm
PC Realm is a free, family-friendly, online world where players live, play, chat, fight monsters, mine for gold, become a tailor, build/design your own house or castle, plant gardens, fish, treasure hunt, join events, do quests, or ....
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211 Forgotten Mafia
You are invited to join this free massively multiplayer online game where you can live as the Don of your own virtual mafia gang. You've seen how Dons live in by watching The Godfather, Wiseguys, and programs like The Sopranos, but why only watch the
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212 MouseMu Season 3
MouseMu Season 3 Xp 9999 Drop 100% Ancient drop 100% Jewels drop 70% Good Gm`s Lot Of MOBS Map,5 Class Characters,Monster,NPC
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213 Hell-Side Mu
Hell-Side Mu 1.02K+3D | 1000 XP | 80% Drop | Online 24/24 | BB Off | Good Shop
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214 Gang of the World 2
Text based mafia game. Fight your way to the top of the bad list.
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215 Bleach RPG Forums
A text based game for bleach fans.
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216 RF Junks Network
Come join the Junks Network - RF Online community! Countless custom items, very fun and welcoming community, fair, hard-working GMs, 2 excellent servers for PVP and low rate, and more!
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217 Jerrath Online
Jerrath Online is a free 2D MMORPG. Interact with players around the globe. The way you play the game is up to you. Powered by XtremeWorlds 2D MMORPG Engine.
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218 .:: Lineage ][ Nemesis :: 15x 16x 15x 15
:: New Kamael :: Reeady for 1000+ Online player :: 30 Buffslots :: 35min Buffs (except Clanhall) :: Auto&Live Events :: Friendly GMs :: Fast Bug fixs :: 1./2. Class Quest buyable :: SubClass free :: 99% Uptime :: No Wipes :: German/ English GMs :: No
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219 Hitmans Target! The game of 2008!
Stap in the body of hitman! Everybody knows him. The ultimate killer. Join today and start attacking other players.No reset.
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220 Online mobster game
Scour the streets of over 12 cities as you build up your experience of the real mobster life. Hire hitmen and thugs to bullet your enemies and much more. Real cash prizes to be won each round!
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221 Let Your Inner Mobster Emerge
You are invited to join this free massively multiplayer online game where you can live as the Don of your own virtual mafia gang. You can become your own virtual Don. The Capos will be at your command.

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222 Conquerors of Sanvia
In sanvia there have been lately many creatures that are coming from the underground, they kinda declared some war or something. Anyway many Conquerors came with their army to destroy these creatures, but now they are fighting against eachother! Try
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223 Raver Wars - Club Manager Game
Rave Wars is a free turn-based club manager strategy game, you don't need to download or install anything to play< because this game is browser based. All players must be at least 18 years of age or older to play & read the Terms Of Service (TOS) bef
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224 MuEuropa
New server v. 1.00L , exp rate 5000x , drop rate 80% , cool Shop(en shop bok+1+2+3), good Spot's ,[BB ON] Server ON 7/24 , LvLreset 400[Reset stats +bonus 700 per reset]
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225 On The Road
Cyclingmanagergame. You are a manager off your own cycling team!

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226 PlantShaman's First Star Online
Free 2D MMORPG with a wonderful staff and community! Play now for an awesome experience with many crafting, fighting, and magic skills, hundreds of maps, donation items and many more features!
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227 StreetCrime
Rob, steal, beg, borrow. Do all you can to rule the streets
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228 Lirra Online
A new unique MORPG! Fight monsters, earn gold & items and gain skills and abilities. Forums and full support on site.
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229 Deltawars
Train your citizens to soldiers and swarm across the plains ravaging more peaceful towns, or build a mighty fortress where your miners can bring you gold with which to strengthen your defences. Deltawars is a tactical game where you can mould your tr
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230 Gangsta Warz Online
Gangsta Warz Online is a browser-based, gang style game. In GWO you start out as a Street Rat and try to become the next Legendary Don.
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231 Street Network
Online text-based rpg, enjoy the new diffrent features of the game and whole new interface while living your life in the Street!
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232 Civils - Online WAR!
A new age
Welcome to

Civils is free web based online management game, where players build and manage there own city and army to fight with or againt other civils players.

-Control your own city and his habitant
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233 The Cartel Project
An online mafia / gangster game
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234 ExtremePimpin
Extremepimpin is a massive, online, multiplayer text based game. Here you are a pimp on a quest for money, power and respect. As a pimp, you must build up your crib. With hoes to generate your income, and with thugs to protect your crib. To become bi
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235 Megaman RPG V2
A Megaman RPG that is now V2 of the original.
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236 CS Galaxies
Free Browser Based Space Strategy Game, Complete open Gameplay so you can play however you wish, Become a rich Merchant or fight for Ruler of the Galaxy, Hunt using Informants and following Ion Trails for Bounties, Run a Government as President or be
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237 Conflict of Man
Conflict of Man - is a free mmorpg game based on the inner conflict of man - (good vs evil). This game is free, online and has instant action!! Come join in on the fun, and start your adventure today.

Choose from over 6 classes, 23 weapons, 12
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238 Ironhoop - online basketball
Ironhoop is free online game where you get to lead a virtual basketball team to a glory, in competition with other participants from all over the world. Goal of the game is to become a world champion with your team and to prove that you are number on
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239 Magic Fortress
Free browser based MMORPG, play as a mage from 4 factions(Light/Dark/Fire/Ice) which have unique spells and abilities. Duel with other mages or go along with story lines.
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240 Be the DON
Be the DON is a FREE turn-based mafia game. You take up the role of a Mafioso and do everything it takes to dominate your city, How you wanna earn your respect and loyalty is up to you!
Be the smartest, Be the strongest, Be the DON!
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241 BlueDream
BlueDream is a 2d MMORPG game that is based off tibia.It is hosted 24/7 and there are uptades Daily!
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242 Lands Of Daracia
The invasion has begun...
Will you Stand and protect Daracia,
Or will you Strive to destroy it?
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243 Seven Nations ORPG
Seven Nations an ORPG where you can do just about anything
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244 Ultima Online Private Server
Ultimate PvP is a realy well balanced pre-aos pvp server. We will be doing daily quest and tourneys. So come join the fun
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245 TrueOnlineGames
Welcome to Here you can play many different types of online games. owns over 50 complete online games ranging from VPets to RPG's to Mafia games. Please feel free to look about just bare with us as we upload e
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246 Kingpin Mafia
Kingpin Mafia is a free text browser based MMORPG that is growing rapidly. Join today to become the next Kingpin!
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247 World Of Wrathcraft
WoW Burning Crusade Private Server with GM's aplenty to help one and all. Custom Items, instances and many events to win. Come join and experience WoW like never before.
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248 Pokemon Master
I love pokemon and want to play it all the time
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249 Aligasia-Online
Aligasia-Online2D A fantasy world with myths and legends and storys alike ,Complete quests go on journeys ,ranging from PVP to Pking Dragons to wizards to giant eating slugs we have it all come join in the fun :)
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250 DevaMedia MuOnline
MuOnline Server 1.0L , NonStop , No Lag , BB On , exp 1000 , drop 80% , GOOD SPOT AND SHOP , nice admin/gm....JOIN US NOW
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