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Xtratic War
Text Based MMORTS. Players can choose from one of three factions: Terrorist, Soldier or Marine. They can gamble, build armies, attack or spy on eachother while building a stockpile of weapons, tools and armor.
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The Shadow of Evil
The Shadow of Evil is an online Roleplay Game allowing multiplayer combat and exploration. There is 5 player types to choose from. You can start as a Druid (magic) a Knight (melee) or an Elf (archery) which all have different skills to build on and a
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103 Zem4u Play Ground :)
Play free flash games online, watch cool movies and cartoons!
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104 Medieval Legends
Join one of four races and raise your army to be mighty to overthrow the Medieval Legends. Play with friends to take down your foes. Join this new growing game. There are new updates every few days!
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105 extremedonwars
This is a brand new game. You can buy whores drugs and alchol. The brizes are big the jackpot is at $200. Sign up on this link to get an extra 100k in turns!!!
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106 Organized Crime
Rise up the ranks of Organized Crime. Start off with small crimes to learn the ways of the street, then gather gangmembers to work for you, fight others, set up missions, run underground businesses, etc. Join and see where the path of crime leads you
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107 Original Gangster - Win $1000!
Wanna be the next Al Capone? Think you can handle some of the toughest Gangsters from around the world and form massive business partnerships! Join now for your chance to win $1,000 a round and up to $4,000 a month!
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108 Star's Empire
Future Space based trade, war, and strategy game. Generate resources... AND DESTROY ALL OTHERS IN THE GALEXY!!!
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109 Team Velocity
We Are An Elite Gaming Clan Thats Seeks Other Clans That Feel The Same. We Love To Compete And Never Back Down From A Challenge.We Seek Mature, Team Oriented Players, Who Puts Strategy Of The Team Before Their Stats. We Firmly Believe That Playing Wi
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110 Lunar Battle
Want to rule the galaxy? Own Slave Girls? Socialize with friends? Then Lunar Battle is for you! Battle against thousands of other space bandits to become the best! Join factions, work your stats at the gym, bank your cash, or just stop at the Casino
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111 Planetary-War
Planetary-War is a free to play, browser based MMORPG where you land on a bare planet and build up a colony, construct buildings and conduct research, advancing your population and technology. You must also build up a combat fleet and eventually wage
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112 ZeldereX Online
ZeldereX Online is a free multiplayer strategy browser game. Players assume the role of a great leader amongst one of the 5 races seeking to control the galaxy by any means necessary. You form your own path to achieve victory, whether it be through m
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113 Dark Game Zone
For Free WoWBC , Lineage 2 , Rose online
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114 Star Wars Diplomacy
In Star Wars Diplomacy, you rule a empire. The goal is to become and remain the most powerful empire. You can gain strength by buying forces, and you can gain size by colonizing planets. The game is totally FREE !
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115 Tales of Garvale
A game where you can fight monsters,do quests and gain levels and have a fun time chatting with people.
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116 Waycia
Massive MMORPG Game, Gain thousands of levels, explore Million locations, fight monster and players for gold and items, upgrade your fighter with weapons/spells, Chat and Trade with over 50.000 friendly online players, gain skills, much much more
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117 Darkf
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118 Darklight-online
A 2D dark fantasy mmorpg with helpful administrative team and highly detailed maps play darklight-online TODAY!
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119 Devana
1. Create your own capital anywhere you wish on the map. Later on, you can create other colonies to expand your ever growing empire.

2. Upgrade buildings to build a balanced economy that will later on support you and your allies.

3. For
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120 Mafia Warz
Mafia Warz... A cruel world. You will have to kill your way up to become the next don of the game. You have to steal cars and comit crimes to keep the cash flowing in, in order to be oe step above the oponent.

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121 cfxautomafia
fantastic free game ..come and play your dream feel your the main mafi man and can rule the world then lets see ...all come to play
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122 RPGLoft MMORPG Guids news and more
MMO MMORPG Gaming Source. News, Guide currency, game codes and more. World of warcraft, Ultima Online, Eve Online and more
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123 WOW Frontier
World Of Warcraft player submited guides, news and forum
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124 ETO Manager
Online Football Manager game, start at the bottom and work your way through the leagues competing against other managers from around the world!
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125 Chosen Online
Free MMORPG, great and fun game with friendly community, come and join today.
Will you be the Chosen One?
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126 Realm of Darkness Online
Kill monsters, join a guild or create your own, fight in PvP arenas, own a house, use many items & weapons, complete quests all around the realm. Join Today! ALWAYS FREE!
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127 CFXAutoMafia
Attack, Scout hitmen and hustlers, Build up your career and much more at CFXAutoMafia. Nothing to download!!! Just sign-up and your off on your journey into the mafia life.
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| BLAST MU SEASON 3 | | NOVOS 3RD LEVEL WINGS | Nova Chaos Machine Mix | Novos eventos | Novos itens | Novos Mapas , REFUGE, BARAKS | New Mobs | Exp: 6000 | Drops 80% | 24/7 SERVER ON |
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129 Global Destruction
A Game where the Universe is infinate.

An Extremely Well presented, Administered Game with a great community so far.
Based off the old Ancients Story from Stargate Atlantis you will choose your race and battle for domination of the pegasus
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130 elite mobsters
Join elite mobsters today and try and become the Ultimate Don.So sign up today and beat the rest to become the best.
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131 World Of Phaos Online
Do you have what it takes takes to rule the World of Phaos? You need strength, speed, excellent defense, and even wealth to own this world. If not you cant survive. These places is filled with drug dealers, professional criminals. Now it's time for y
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132 Crime-Syndicate - FREE Pimp Game
Crime-Syndicate is a FREE MMORPG Game. With The Latest Mods And Addons You Have The Ability To Win $400+ A Month Guarantee'd! All You Have To Do Is Scout Your Hoes And Thugs, Keep Them Happy and Scale the Ranks To Reach The Number 1 Gangster Spot!
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133 Mafia de la Coeur
Free online mafia game, can you rank to the highest rank and complete all the missions without been killed?
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134 mafia assassins
a new mafia game
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135 Maple Lineage
Hosted on 4GB QUAD Core Prosesser
24/7 Uptime
Players reaching 300 on weekdays and 500 on weekends
Custom Shiny Weps
Custom PVP events auto start at main towns 1200-1400 GMT+8
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136 SAnd clan
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137 Gothic FRPG
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138 Online Mafia Game is an internet online browser based game based on the Real Mafia. This game is for
those who want to be real Mafia Dons and have all the little Mafioso's working for them., the free Online Multi-player Game, which w
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139 Lagas - Islands of Heroes
Lagas ? the Islands of Heroes is a turn-based, open-ended computer moderated play-by-email RPG. This is the renaissance of the classic pbem games, and we offer you to play with us in this game, that has the richest textual, design, and role-playing c
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140 CABAL Headquarters
An International CABAL Online community. Not from Europe? We have a working bypass method so you can play from anywhere!
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mafia-incorporated is a free browser based game where player have the chance to win real cash prizes,, come and see what separates us from the rest..
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142 WiseGuys
WiseGuys, A group established in 1931 by the top 2 Dons in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Don Marcelo and Don Giovanni. Don Giovanni was made the Capo de tutti capi, which left a lot of the other families with bitter feelings, Especially Don Marcelo. The
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143 -| Gamer Shadow |-
Enter this new age that is upon us, let loose the hero in you...

- one world "fourteen maps".
- over 500 armor's, helmets, rings, shields, weapons...
- 100% free, 100% fun.
- Great 3D graphics.
- over 300 NPCs to fight.In:0
144 Mafia Corruption
Sign up today to become a mobster working your way through the ranks to become the greatest and most powerful gangster in the Mafioso world
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145 Perfect World Brasil
Perfect World Brazilian fan-site with all the info you need about the game: quests, guides, tricks and much more!
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146 Zone Of Time
Can You Complete The Challenges That Are Set For You By Mr Moyles Zone Of Times Mafia Boss? Will You Fight For Your Possition And Rank? Will You Be Right Up There Fighting For The Top Spot To Become The Next Mafia Boss Of Zone Of Time Then You Better
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147 GameHaze RF Online Episode 2 Final!
Come join the Game Haze - RF Online community! Online for more than 2 years now with full official updates, countless custom items, very fun and welcoming community, fair, hard-working GMs, 2 excellent servers for PVP and low rate, and more!
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148 cartel-wars
Cartel Wars is a Free text based game . Come create your own crime cartel or join an existing one. Take over your city and win prizes. CASH Jackpots Great Staff. Your goal is to create the greatest Cartel with the most respect and power around the w
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149 .:SuReAlStOrY:.
SurealStory ~~ Owner is experienced in server making. Server will be running off of OdinMS' source files as soon as they are released. Very friendly GMs. Pretty new community, so join quick! =] RATES: 15x experience, 20x drops, 20x mesos.
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150 PureCrime
In a world where vice is life, your only chance to survive is to embrace pure crime. Join the urban insurgency as a street-wise thug. Learn the ropes, make contacts, and work your rank to the top. You have to earn respect on these streets.
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