YakuzaBattle Ad
Exp:200 Drop:50 Season:2 no bug no lag
In:0 Out:190
DarKnighT WoW
беcплатный русский игровой сервер World of Warcraft. В наличии поддержка клиентов 3.3.5a. Вы можете зарегистрироваться на нашем сервере и покорить мир wow.
In:0 Out:226
Ninjuro WOW
-Max level: 80 50X Experience Rate -All Item Drop rate: 24% -Starting money: 10000 Gold -No Custom items/Donation Items are Obtainable In-game -Balance and a 99% Blizzard like Server -No Instant Warper but all the area with Flight Master’s is a
In:0 Out:188
AriusWorld - High Five x50
AriusWorld - High Five x50
In:0 Out:169
3.3.5a high rate server with less buggs and good support come play with us
In:0 Out:175
106 Power of Domination
How much is too much? and when you get a taste, will you ever stop?! The Power of Domination
In:0 Out:181
107 Lineage II : Calm Lands
Experience (xp) 10x\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
In:0 Out:216
108 Paradise WoW
Hello everyone. Welcome to the new wow private server called (Paradise wow) Its 25x. All instances scripted, all bugs fixed. Feel free to join us. The gold rate is also 25. Good luck, and see you in game!!!
In:0 Out:207
109 NetherScape 508 | 24/7
NetherScape 508 | 24/7 | 100% PVP | usefull commands | Working GE | minigames | quests | way more! Check out our website!
In:0 Out:175
110 MuLatino Season 4.6

In:0 Out:205
111 Silkroad Asia Online Dedicated 24/7 FREE 16ITEM
EXP 350x, SP 350x, DROP ITEM 100x, GOLD 150x,FREE SILK, 16Item Free for New Char, 99% No Lag!!, 99% English, Server Open : 24/7 Dedicated Server, 110 Max, Level 110 Cap, Alex Map, Update Weekly
In:0 Out:187
112 Sheenscape VPS 24/7
Welcome to SheenScape! We are a brand new Server We still require much work, but its still fun to play! If you know anything about creating a website, please join and talk to me, Djdragon44. We have a 24/7 VPN, No downtime, unless for u
In:0 Out:202
113 MuConstanta
season 3 episode 1\\r\\n\\r\\nxp 1000\\r\\n\\r\\nfun servar,fenrir in shop,condro in shop and more.\\r\\ncome with us .
In:0 Out:147
114 Vote for Prism-Gaming instant 60 TWINK 3.3.5a
Prism-WoW Is a instant level 60 twink server. We offer: Starting Gear. Events, Proffesional Support and Staff. Custom quests, no custom items. JOIN US NOW for ULTIMATE TWINKING!\\r\\n
In:0 Out:195
115 http://www.divinescapersps.smffy.com/index.php?page=page4481
Welcome to Divinescape 24/7 Vps Hosted No Lagg at all !!! Features : Recipe for Disaster Godwars King Black Dragon Daggonoth Kings Tormented Demons Corporal Beast Duel Arena Barrows Pest Control Tzhaar Cave Warriors Guild Basic Ro
In:0 Out:148
116 MuEqm season 6 ep 2
Server exp 100X, drop 65X, good spots in all maps, new map
In:0 Out:162
117 Ridiculousness
Pking/Economy Runescape Private Server
In:0 Out:139
118 KitsuneRO
3k/3k/100\\r\\nMid-Rate Server.. We Need ya. Come and Join me Aesir Chii!!~ :D And Pokemon, With Awesome Events & Cool Prizes.. Nuke & Dice. H&S,PvP Events,MvP Events. Baby Attack.. >=o Much More, Including Wings,Tails, and much more.. :D Pokemon o.o
In:0 Out:167
119 The Boss Of Bosses
You start your career as a rookie on your own and surrounded by other unexperienced criminals like yourself. Murdering should be left to others. why get your hands dirty when someone else can do that for you. As your reputation rises, you will earn m
In:0 Out:138
120 Cenaria-WoW
WOTLK. Powerfull core! Strong uptime! Regular evnets! Did a game only with us!
In:0 Out:141
121 Mafia Secrets
In Mafia Secrets you can roam the countries Stealing cars, Commiting crimes, Breaking into banks & busting casinos with your victory money. Mafia Secrets is a little place in Italy. As soon as you are born you wake up to a world of crime, drugs and m
In:0 Out:163
122 GodfatherHaven
Create a war, rule the world and show that you have what it takes to be the best. Kill or be killed in this Massive Online text-based Mafia Game.
In:0 Out:182
123 PkzonePK COME PLAY!
In:0 Out:177
124 Azeroth Online
Test my server is 2.4.3 pro PvP & PvE instant 70 !
In:0 Out:165
125 Respected Gangsters
Text based mafia game like infamous gangsters.
In:0 Out:182
126 Silkroad Salvation
This server that caters to english speaking players who play by hand. The server has a 70 cap but 110 content is available and only 4X rates for the weekend warrior. Silk is available and donations are gratefully accepted. Active GMs and custom conte
In:0 Out:180
127 StrandedPK ( Torva ) and more!
We have Torva, and so many more 516 items on a 416 gamefront! come play today! let the way begin !! Currently download only and its running on hamachi! but the first 5 people online get surprise!! JOIN TODAY StrandedPK!!!
In:0 Out:154
128 L2 Aria
CZ/ENG Lineage Server. Rate: 23x/23x, NPC: GM-shop,GK, Buffer, Offline trade, Function Rb, Hunting Zone, Funny Event. Begin play www.l2aria.wu.cz
In:0 Out:162
129 Ronark Land Usko Server
Perfect Tasty for Knight Online pvp Server.. Online New Usko Server..We are waiting for you .Come our Perfect Game server and be in war..From all country have different players
In:0 Out:152
130 extrememafiabattles.com
In:0 Out:155
131 DoomScape
DoomScape is a server made by Doom & Nox. It is nice staff, and all skill works 100% (dungeoneering, summoning, hunting etc...) everything works 100%\\r\\nwe have ::donate and ::vote4cash and much more commands\\r\\n\\r\\nForums: http://www.doomscape
In:0 Out:161
132 RevMu [1500/75%380] Keep ALL!
Welcome to Revelation-MU!
In:0 Out:203
133 Vindice RO
New Server , Rates 300x 300x 50x , Max Level 99 , Shopping Malls , Party Vs Party , Automatic Events , Custom Items , Non-PK , Intense PVP , Balanced & Stable Server , Join Now!
In:0 Out:173
134 Aminity Ragnarok Online
Aminity is newly open server! come and play now!
In:0 Out:165
135 Lineage 2 Unique!
Unique Gameplay System Rates x75 join us now... and get Reward!
In:0 Out:208
136 KunaiRO
Ragnarok private server with super high rates bunch of events+automated events Join us today, KunaiRO!
In:0 Out:179
137 Black Track Blizzlike WoW Server
Blizzlike 3.3.5a Server with constant uptime and good performance PC
In:0 Out:160
138 SkullCrack Arena
Free Instant 80
In:0 Out:152
139 CommunityKO
Level 83 Cap with 80 skills for now, 1453 database, you start with level 83 with +10/+3 uniqs and need to farm for weapon which is located in cz bowl and farm for shells in eslant... NO DONATORS! check forums for more info
In:0 Out:282
140 RscUnderworld
Fully custom made Rsc private server. The server has been started from scratch, with no use of any source already made. Beta testing. Out in the next week
In:0 Out:175
141 RuneLoft
Amazing 317 RsPs <---- Amazing :) Join!
In:0 Out:157
142 RuneLoft
The Best 317 RsPs. <--- Simply Awesome.
In:0 Out:166
143 Lineage II - Argento!
Cronica: Interlude (c6) xp/sp: x15 Adena: x15 Spoil: x8 drop: x15 Quest rate drop: x15 Quest reward: x1 Party xp: x2 Safe enchant: 3 Max enchant: 16 Enchant rate: retail Shop hasta grado B Olympiadas 100% retail Heroes cada 2 sema
In:0 Out:175
144 Magikscape (Webclient)
Erased-Pkz source | 24/7 server | Active staff | New server | Easy money | Nice xp | Forums | *WEBCLIENT* | Torva | Little lag | Fully working duel arena | Spirit shields
In:0 Out:179
145 RacksRO
high rate,custom items,max lv 255,staff confiable,server 100% hispano.
In:0 Out:174
146 Pkerzforever
317 Custom Base on 317 and 474. We have great admins and 0wners!
In:0 Out:174
147 Runespirit
Features : 100% Working korasi , Torva armour an all other , Claws , Pvp armours , Looking for staff , Best owner , Donator zone + Donator tab and benefits!
In:0 Out:170
148 World of the Living Dead
World of the Living Dead is a free massively-multiplayer zombie game which features strategy gameplay and life or death resource management in a huge game universe.
In:0 Out:167
149 Koomaluola TBC 2.4.3 instant 70, PVP/PVE
Koomaluola TBC is open now for everyone to join. Features: - Instant level 70 - All spells at start (so no class quest making) - All weapon skills at start - All flight paths - Armor, weapon, trinket, ring etc vendors in a starting place so
In:0 Out:152
150 nR|7...Gaming | Project 05 (GER 1.12.1)
nR|7...Gaming since 2009! Project 05 # Patch 1.12.1 # German&English Community # FullSpeed-Client-Download # Rates: 2x XP, 2x Gold, 1x Drop # Vote-Panel # \"Recruite a Friend\"-System # \"Classic\"-Feeling =)
In:0 Out:154

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