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51 Mu Reload VnZ Season 6 ep 3
Mu Reload VNZ: Season 6 ep 3 , Server Titan exp 1000x drop 70% , Server Premier Vip: 2500x,tienda online: items fulles,registro: gratis, Eventos: Activos todos los dias ,Antihack: activo
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52 knight online pvp tanıtımı
Knight online pvp server tanıtım platformudur.\\r\\nHerkes ücretsiz serverini tanıtabilir. nttgame.com.tr
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Pvp Serverler
Pvp Serverler, Pvp Serverlar, Metin2 Pvp Serverler, Mt2, Server Tanıtımı, Silkroad, Counter Strike, Serverleri, League Of Legends, Servers.
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Old Knight Online / New MyKo Server
In Memory of the Old Days, myko pleasure to live plentifully! || Official our opening will be on April 12 at 21:00...
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55 odyssey reborn
Odyssey Reborn is a free 2d top-view online RPG that is set within a medieval setting with SNES like graphics. There are several player classes available, Knight, Mage, Crusader, Necromancer, Rogue, and Cleric. The main playerbase focuses on PVP but
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56 EmpireSro Fetih_1453 - 1M Free Silk
1) 1M Free Silk ... 2) 120 cap -12-13 dg ... 3) The Start lvl 1 - 120 ... 4) 13dg And 14dg Nova Items in Magic Pop AND in NPC ... 5) There are 14dg Sun Items buy ... 6) New Pets add ...
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57 Ancient Azeroth
Brand NEW and the best progressive WoW Server. Experience the Vanilla, TBC, and WOTLK experience all in ONE Server! Blizzlike-raids. Customizable Rates. All level 60+ content converted to level 80. Active Developers. The battle has just begun...
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58 PlayOnGrid Thor & Pheonix
Join our 125 cap at Pheonix and our 110 cap at Thor .Our motto is : From players to players ! We hope you will join and enjoy this community !
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59 RetroEmpire.NET - HomeKO Server
RetroEmpire.NET HomeKO Server Herkezi Davet Ediyoruz...
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60 LifeCrime
Lifecrime is an addictive online game based on the treacherous world of the mafia.
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61 Revise Ragnarok Online Rebirth
High Rate Server Server Rates : 9000x/9000x/1000x Normal Card Drop =100% Equip Drop =100% MVP and Mini Boss Card Drop = 10% LHZ Card Drop =5%
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62 DecoX
| DecoX! New rsps ! Webclient l full screen l latest vbulletin forums l Summoning l online 24/7 l Staff needed l City teleport interface l Custom home l trivia bot l 70 Coloured titles l Pking l Vote l\r\n\r\n[SIZE=4][COLOR=\"#FF0000\"]Forums homapge
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63 Future Mafia War
Text based Mafia Style Game
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64 Menace Central
New free Internet-server UO.
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Survival / PvP /1.4.6 ip: mc.eclat.lv / Counter-Strike 1.6 ZM+War3FT 16lvl ip: zm.eclat.lv
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66 Lineage 2 Drifter
Server PVP Fast\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nRates_ Exp:500x SP:500x Adena:600x\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nEnchant Safe:+7 Max:+25 Max Donate:+35
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2.4.3 Burning Crusade Private Server, fully scripted working instances and quests, blizzlike content.Gm\'s active.
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68 4GamerS WoW private server
* WOTLK 3.3.5a *24/7 Uptime *ICC raid and dungeons, fully scripted *DF fully working, all Vanilla and Burning Crusade instances and Raids fully working, * All quest should be working fine! *All classes working 100% and tested! *Join Us Now!
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69 L2 Tezza
L2 server with good things and good events gm on all day , server en ingles y español rates: exp 100x sp 100x adena 200x safe:4 max 20 rb drop 2
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70 Lands Of UO
Custom Shard! Malas Is Over-Ran By Monsters! Many Customs, And more to come. New Stuff Almost Every Day! Patch 7.0.11. Onsite PvP System, No Skill Cap! 350 Stat Cap Some Customs Include: [ChangeCharacter, Weapon Enhancement Stone, Token System, Wor
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71 Homeko-TR
Homeko-TR Açılış 26 Ağustos Pazar 13.00
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72 Muex701 Season 2 Oficial
Exp:10x - Drop: 30% - Max Reset: 10 - Season 2 Oficial - Uptime 99.99% .\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n4 Days vip free new user
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73 MaskoKO// Open Friday (GMT)+2 18:00(NOW BETA)//Farm&Pk Server.
MaskoNET is Farm & Pk Server, Usko (Maradon,Cz,Quest) Max lv. 83 and all skill work.There are +700 online.There are many events.Premium system There are no overpowered donators! Friendly gms.Server open 27/07/2012 GMT+2 18:00.Continuous service and q
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74 Cryptic Hollows
Brand new 614 eco server set economy. Great staff, looking at in game mods. Potential power house in RSPS\'s.
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75 L2Invasion Interlude 5000 PVP
Server Info Server Rates: * Experience: 5000 * Spexperience: 5000 * Party Experience: 5000 * Party Spexperience: 1000 * Adena: 5000 * Consumable Cost: 1 * Drop Item Karma: 0 * Drop Seal Stones: 1 * Drop Spoil: 1 * Drop Manor: 1 Enchant
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76 www.deadscape,org
New RSPS - Staff reqeust - Torva - Vesta all you need is here!
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77 Mafia World
A new wave of advertising games on the internet just got better! Thats Right. Stop Looking through descriptions,directories,and start viewing actual websites of games you want to play! Sign up today its fast and easy and \"FREE\"
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78 Speeed
New Speed Ogame Server with classical gameplay
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79 OversoulRO
DOWNLOAD NOW THE NEW INSTALLER OF OVERSOUL RO THANKS\\r\\n\\r\\nAre you looking a thrilling server? where your power comes from your efforts not from \\\\\\\"Corrupt Game Moderators\\\\\\\" OverSoulRO is the one you are looking for.\\r\\n\\r\\nNote:
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80 HelixRo
--== Custom Rate Server ==-- High Rate for levelling, hunting Max Level 99/70 Job 2 (Lord Knight, High Priest, Paladin, Champion, Assassin Cross, Clown) 2/3 Event per jam Berhadiah Bahan Quest MVP Card Droprate : 0.1% Normal Mobs Droprate : 1
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81 FearPkzScape
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82 Sam\'s RSPS
Sam\'s RSPS - Come in and join the comunity now. -All 24 Skills Work- We Have: All godwars Bosses, Jad, Coporal Beast, Barrows, Dungeoneering!, Summoning!, Primal, Chaotics, Pernix, Torva, Virtus! And Much Much more!
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83 Ko-Life.NET +8 +3 PK Server
+8 +3 PK Server 1v1 Event Ve Bdw Aktif Valkyrie Ve Diger İtemler Bankadadir
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84 Evolution Ragnarok Online
More Custom Items, Pvp Balanced, Server Balanced, Donation Balanced, Friendly GM Staff Quest Items. eRO provides a balance donation items and some can also be obtained through Quest.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWe give starting items for NEW p
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85 Gamer Mu Community
Gamer Mu Communtity tradition returns! We present you with the server 97D+99I .. 40/100 drop and experience. Opening date of April 22, 2012 do not miss being the first ! LT/RU/RO/EN/BG
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86 The Dark Throne
The Dark Throne - Spanish Server L2 Freya (High Five) - All Rates 400x - Enchant: Safe 4 - Max 25 - TvT System ON - PvP System ON - Custom Farms Areas - Scheme Buffer - Events every hours!
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87 Quarantine KO ! Join us now !
[Quarantine KO][Panel: quarantine.dyndns.org][Launched May 27th][Pure Knight-Empire][Level Cap: 73][Rates: 10x][
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88 Project 69 = NEW SERVER = HIGH FIVE
NEW AWESOME HIGH FIVE SERVER, no lag, stable server, Great fun, Friendly and competitive community. Mid rate with EXP system. Join the FUN TODAY :D
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89 ScytheX
A new server with exclusive features such as Bosskilling, Playerkilling, Minigames, etc! Join now.
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90 ASRock Ragnarok Online
We are here to give a free and balanced server which you can be your home. Max Level: 150/70 Rates: 5k / 5k / 100x Freebies: 1 Week Rental God Items Join us now be one of us.
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91 Fight or Unite
Fight or Unite: The Free Text based MMO Strategy Game where you can develop your country, build and army, attack your enemies and help your allies.
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92 Soulscape24-7
The Features Include...\\r\\n-602 Skill Interface\\r\\n-Fading Hitmarks\\r\\n-Added Working Leech Spec and ALL Saps Curses.\\r\\n-Combat Icons Next to Damage\\r\\n-Dungeoneering FLAWLESS (8 GOOD Floors)\\r\\n-All Important Summoning Special Attacks\\
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93 Ragnarok IceRo
Hallo Leute, viele denken lol ro kennt jeder aber nicht der server der hat eine Unterwelt ihr kennt das normale ro? okay stellt euch vor die welt noch mal aber anders? das ist die unterwelt sehr viele costums monster drin götter die welt wird oft
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94 pWoWned 2.4.3 X15
•New server launched March 2012 •X15 •Fully scripted and doable instances •Working Battlegrounds & Arena •Dedicated team (c+dev) - ingame-tickets resolve time: 1h •No Donations •Updates & Core patches: as soon as released •No Down-time •See ya Ingame
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95 Dread WoW
[3.3.5a] Instant 80 PVP * S7/Tier 9 * Stable * LAG FREE * 99.9% uptime * Arenas & Raids * Weekly Events * Exclusive VIP Area
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96 MobDomination
mmorpg site\\r\\nfree cash to be won every week
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97 RuneNexus 24-7 Pking, Skilling
[center]Welcome to RuneNexus Features: Great Community Great friendly staff, that do not abuse powers like most rsps Make millions of rsgp with are constant dumps and giveaways and so much more! Webclient: [url]http://www.webclient.runenexu
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98 Infamous Soldiers
Text based MMORPG
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99 Eoz Generation
317 Oldschool pking server, Brand new server, just started today.. need staff, edgeville home, good pking, ::item ::pure ::master ::lunar ::ancients ::home.. more will be added join now!
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100 Hells Angels 508
Torva | Primal | &All Dung Arms\\Items | Gs Stances | Claw spec | Summoning | 138cb | LOTS AND LOTS MORE JOIN TODAY
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