YakuzaBattle Ad
Verso: Gracia Final\\r\\nRate XP: 50x\\r\\nRate Sp: 100x\\r\\nRate Party Xp: 2x\\r\\nRate Party SP: 2x\\r\\nRate Drop Adena: 120x\\r\\nRate Drop Item: 20x\\r\\nRate Drop Spoil: 20x\\r\\nSafe Enchant: +3\\r\\nMax Enchant : +20\\r\\nEnchant normal : 7
In:0 Out:173
3k/3k/10k (600x Cards) New PK Server (3.7.2010), Working 3rd Jobs, Custom Items, Updated to Episode 13.1/13.2 Endless Tower/Nyddhogg\'s Dungeon, Level 255/100, PVP Ladder, Warpra, Healer, Friendly Community! We LOVE Ragnarok, How about YOU?!
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nuevo server hispano de RO Rates 30x / 30x / 30, WOE lunes y viernes de 8 a 10 y sabado de 6 a 8, atencion personalizada en la oficinas de los GM, GM dispuestos a ayudar en todo, habierto provicionalmente de 1am a 11p
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[22/7] No-lag![Great economy][Active]All specs are working[Lunar/Ancient]Great Staff, Really helpful, Smart And organized, You wont regret joining!!! visit our forums: xtremescape{dot)coolix(dot)com
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First Mafia War
First Mafia War is a text-based MMORPG centered around real events that took place in the early 1960s. Join us today for greater depth, helpful players, active staff, and free fun!
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356 ...::>>DeaTh-Mu<<::....
DeaTh-Mu Novo | 1.04x+S3+EP2+3D+Itens DBZ+/post+NPC_Maluco | 100% AntiHack |Servidor de Brasileiro | Dedicado 24 hrs | Criar ganha Vip gold 5 dias 7 resets |By [ADM]DeaTh
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357 WoW Smiley
358 :: Silver-Mu ::
el mejor server de venezuela 999999x exp drop 60% gold 4000000x
In:0 Out:228
359 LegendX
Need Modz and Adminz - 24/7 - All skillz work - Dragon clawz - 3rd age - cheack it out
In:0 Out:169
360 z3roscape.tk
z3roscape is a nice server with lots of customs and a nice base we r a brand new server so were looking forward to new players!
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361 Shadowburn World of Warcraft
[The most advanced, feature rich and working private World of Warcraft server][3.3.3a Support][Blizzlike][High Rates][No Lag][Constant Uptime][Dedicated Server][Tons of Epic Events][Forum Boards]
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362 :: Silver-Mu ::
el mejor servidor de venezuela online 24/7\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n999999x exp\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n400000x drop y golf
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363 afterlife scape
Ownage 317 webclient running on a 2gb ram Webclient:www.afterlifescape.com/webclient Owner:thedarkyears Co-owner:relytkiller Admin:life Mod:runescape, gzuskrist Hope to see you!!!
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364 End Of Days Game
End Of Days Game is an online web-based RPG.
In:0 Out:184
365 Gotha
Free 3.3.2 WoW server. Vlastn eventy. Skvel tm, funkčn svet, spelly, questy, dungy, instancie. Vetci s vtan.
In:0 Out:176
366 DarkLotus 3.3.2
Hallo und herzlich Willkommen auf DarkLotus WoW. Wir fhren derzeit einen Fun Realm mit Pt, Levelarena, Pltze fr Pvp/PvE Events und einer Menge extras Custom Trinket Instanz vorhanden Rssi Instanz in Arbeit
In:0 Out:175
367 Welcome To TG Reborn!
TG Reborn Rates 35x Exp 35x SP 50x Adena TG Reborn Features # DAILY Updates - Active Development. # Respect to our community. # Active GMs. # 100% Balanced - 100% Uptime. # NO LAG - NO RESTARTS. # Alliances consist of a maximum of
In:0 Out:200
368 Mu Legion
Mu Legion 99b + EXP: 1000 DROP: 80
In:0 Out:192
369 AvaniRO
5x/5x/10x, 5x/5x/5x MVPs | Splendide, Manuk, Brasilis, El Dicastes | Trans Extendeds | Custom elemental dungeons | 3rd Classes | Renewal, with Non-Renewal Mechanics | No wings!
In:0 Out:214
370 Hypnosis-WoW Server 3.3.3
2. , , , ... .
In:0 Out:156
371 Age of Ragnarok
Server Hispano|Dedicado 24/7, Gms Amables, Constantes Eventos, Gran ignauracion del primer server low rates 5x/5x/5x que te regala un High Novice por cuenta|| nuevo estilo Full Woe|| ven y aventurate en esta gran oportunidad, no lo dudes.
In:0 Out:171
372 Nano WoW
Ein neues WoW Projekt mit Liebe zum Detail, Nano WoW! Einzigartige Realms, ausblancierte Klassen, interessante Scripts und Extras versprechen hohen Spielspa als Langzeiterlebnis.
In:0 Out:183
373 Crusader Gaming
Crusader Gaming 3.3.x wotlk Server Has 3 Realms BattleGround Instant 80 Custom Start Zone. Highrate. Funserver Instant 80 Max Level 250 Custom Quests Armor Mobs leveling Road Start Zone. So Please Join Us Today And Become A Crusader.
In:0 Out:194
374 L2-EPO
In:0 Out:187
375 WoW PvP FaN StormGrounD Server 3.2.2
3.2.2 Отличный Фан сервер.Рисовки без дисбаланса.с боссов падают рисовки..Частые оригинальные Эвенты.сервер работает на 90%! онлайн пока мал
In:0 Out:166
376 RuneDeath
Join RuneDeath, the newest 562 Server RE-DONE! Heaps of working things like ancients, GS Spec and More
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377 Energe Team™ - Russian Server
Fun server 300lvl - legendary items 2500+.
In:0 Out:205
378 -
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. -.
In:0 Out:188
379 InTheMafia.com
InTheMafia.com is a free multiplayer mafia game. In the game you fill the suit young aspiring mobster in the 1960\'s rising through the ranks of the mafia in one of many major american cities. What you will become is entirely up to you--a feared hitm
In:0 Out:154
380 Inferno WoW 3.3.5
Join Inferno WoW today. We support 3.3.5a patch. Level cap 255 with custom level roads,malls,items for every kind of levels,loots,bosses,instances and events. PvP is balanced on all classes.We are a growing community and we all need your suggestions.
In:0 Out:170
381 new game aquamarine
Lineage 2 SERVER of AQUAMARINE! PVP- always, kvesty- always, unique sets, unique staty, weapon darkness and much, much interesting.For us all is possible
In:0 Out:182
382 Mu-Dream
Mu-Dream! 97d+99i Max : Exp 70% Drop good gm\\\\\\\'s quests every day Webshop working sounds like a good Dream!
In:0 Out:197
383 Snakescape
A Runescape Private Server founded by Snakeking
In:0 Out:187
384 The Familia
A free online mafia game.
In:0 Out:178
385 Stoping Sleep [ SleepStop ]
Greetings to all!! We invite to our server Only Has opened 4 Season exp: 100 Drop: 100 in style of a hard instead of for weaklings on pvp!! For you wait a heap Eventov from administration Sleep Stop!!
In:0 Out:167
386 WoW TbG 3.2.2a Fun E Blizz
Server de WoW 3.2.2a Fun E Blizz Fun: XP: 80x, Quest: 85x, Gold: 100x Com BuffMaster, TeleTaxi, Renamer e Shopping Mall Blizz: XP: 5x, Quest: 8x, Gold: 10x Blizz Normal ;)
In:0 Out:211
387 Cursed Realm
<>>Blizzlike 3.3.2 set realmlist cursedrealm.no-ip.org
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388 Havok Gaming Arena: Divinity PVP Oceanic
|Havok Gaming Arena|Divinity (PVP) Oceanic Server|Patch 3.3.2|100% Server Uptime|Come and be part of our growing Oceanic community!|
In:0 Out:174
389 MAWoW Funserver
- Custom items up to level 255\\r\\n- Custom creatures up to level 255\\r\\n- Custom vendors\\r\\n- Custom areas for all levels\\r\\n- Hyjal is spawned for level 1-255\\r\\n- Teleporter quest npc to the custom areas and to the major cities and all in
In:0 Out:200
390 Codename Andromeda
New PvP and PvE server blizzlike, Join us!! 10x quests , 6x kill promotion for 2 weeks, Come fast!
In:0 Out:179
391 TwiztidDragonsWow
We are a new server for wow. we have a lv cap of 255 witch is a highrates realm and much much more we are runing a dedicated sever also as well come and join are family. and we are a 3.3.2 sever.
In:0 Out:171
392 MuUnit MuOnline Servers
MuUnit Server / Verso: 1.02 Season II / Exp: 3000x / Drop: 75% / Site 100% funcional e completo / Sistema Free/Vip/SVip / Resetes pelo site e tabelados / Venha conosco embarcar nessa aventura!
In:0 Out:199
393 Lineage II Server
Lineage II server / 5000x all rate / Were goin to start for 72 hours later ! / see the website
In:0 Out:188
394 DarK ServeR 3.3.2
[WOTLK 3.3.2 support, 1 PvP RealM][Instant 80][Scripted Instances][Custom Instances, Weapons, and Items][T1-T10 S8 vendors][Helpful GMs][Friendly Community][Custom Mall][Great Vote Reward][Stable server]
In:0 Out:165
395 Flying Destination
Schaut doch mal vorbei !
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396 Declan Scape
One of the best... used to be called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Grimster Scape\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nhad over 60000 registered users and 250+ online a \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nday but after a hack = in a corruption then a cra
In:0 Out:173
397 MelancoliCO
MelancoliCO [5165 Server] Ninja Seeds and Etc.. Sv Brasileiro venha JOgar ^^
In:0 Out:245
398 ZanDekaron - Home of Unlimited Coins
A7 ARMOR - More to come! Bi-Weekly Siege | 200+ DF | 170&200 weps | 100 - 90% argating | 160+ Gear | L4 Items | LOTS of people on at all times | Fun community. x2k EXP - MAX lvl 250\\r\\n
In:0 Out:269
399 WoW private server 3.3.2
Hello to play on my wow private server with patch 3.3.2 set server you can run with your friends and you must be kind to everyone on set server!!
In:0 Out:165
400 MuFereleFree
Informacion del servidor:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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