YakuzaBattle Ad
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[3.3.5a] Viper WOW
Midrate Server | Working Instances | Exp: x3 | Quest: x3 | Drop/Money: x4 | Honor: x3 | Dedicated Server | Cap: 3000 | All Events Work! | Welcome!
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Novy LineageII Oblivion Server25xrate.\\r\\nInterlude\\r\\n
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Bem vindos ao WoW IMT FUN SERVE T3, o mais novo server da IMT Netowork\\r\\nQuest XP..: 80x\\r\\nKill XP..: 5x\\r\\nDrop XP..: 30x\\r\\nGold XP..: 100x\\r\\nReputação XP..: 2x
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Frozen Abyss WoW
Blizzlike Realm, 7/24 online, Instanzen Blizzlike loots, Instanzen 99% gescripted, nette Commnunity, schneller Support, Tolle Events, Eigener Portmeister etc.
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206 RSdownfall - WEBCLIENT-
||Growing||Chaotic||Auto-Casting||DonorZone||Active Community|| Friendly Staff|| PvP Armors & Weapons|| All Correct Weapon Specs|| Easy Items & Money||
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207 RagnaWarriors
serve novo.staff ativada.entre e fassa parte da familia
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208 HeavenlyScape 562
We Need Staff And Player’s! Website: [url=http://www.heavenly-scape.tk]http://www.heavenly-scape.tk[/url] Download: [url=http://uppit.com/3j87e1k0v940/HeavenlyScape_562_client_602.rar]http://uppit.com/3j87e1k0v940/HeavenlyScape_562_client_602.rar
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209 ragnawarriors
serve novo.staff ativa.entre e fassa parte da familia
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210 WoW-Brazuca FunServer
Versao 3.3.5a - O Maior e melhor server de World of Wacraft Brasileiro com Gms animado e prestativos, Npc Custons, Area Vip, Eventos diarios - Venha conhecer e fazer parte de nossa familia
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211 Dazs BG Server
Vote to get items, BG realm, Helpful GMs, Hiring Everyday, working BGS instant 80 with t8 starter gear
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212 PurpleScape
[New server] [Great community] [Great staff] [Wings] [Ele] [Rare Phats] [Rare Masks] [D clawz] [Much more]
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213 WoW Mercenários
Servidor fun com rates altos na versão 3.3.5. Eventos diariamente
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214 Ultimate WoW
German Privat Server - 3.3.5a - Fun and Highrate - Working BG\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s and Arena - 24/7 Online - No custom items - No laags - All spells working - Updated every week - Friendly GMs - Fun Events
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215 RulaxWoW 3.3.5a
2 Realms Blizzlike & Fun 3.3.5a both Join ;]
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216 UO Secondage - Ultima Online Free Shard
Second Age is the most accurate emulation of the T2A era online today. A Perfect balance of PvM, PvP and RP. We have reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a Shard with Players and Staff unmatched in their dedication to the T2A era.
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217 Funstarscape
Totaly new server looking for people, we are in need of staff but please do not beg. Visit our website for more info
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218 MuRostrike
Mu Rostrike Version 97D+/post Command Exp 100% Drop 50% Shop And Spot\'s For Low Xp Enjoy..
In:0 Out:115
219 Hellfire Iris
Iris Online Version 1.18\\r\\nMonster EXP: 4x\\r\\nMonster SXP: 4x\\r\\nMonster Gold Drop: 2x\\r\\nMonster Item Drop: 5x\\r\\nQuest EXP: 3x\\r\\nQuest SXP: 3x\\r\\nQuest Gold Drop: 3x\\r\\nEnchant Rates: Raised\\r\\n\\r\\n99% English\\r\\nHosted in t
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220 L2 Pogo
Server Argentino\\r\\n\\r\\nSub Acu Base + 3\\r\\n\\r\\nNo Custom \\r\\n\\r\\nBuffer Full\\r\\n\\r\\nGm Shop : B \\r\\n\\r\\ny mucho mas... solo entra !
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221 OnwedRagnarokOnline
Balance Server, No edited stats.. Friendly GMs, Automated Events 99/70 with trans class only.. Happy Community
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222 VirginWow
cataclysm 4.0.3
In:0 Out:121
223 Lineage 2 Atividade PvP Server
Servidor Privado Interlude\\r\\nXP 5000 SP 2000 Adena 10000\\r\\nSafe +3 Max +25
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224 Sepultra-Scape 24.7 dds gs bosses+more
Sepultra-Scape 24.7 rsps dds gs all bosses statius vesta pk system donation system clan chat 100% working gr8 economy high rates client website forums chat and more join now! http://sepultrascape.webs.com/
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225 DmG-Metin2
~DmG-Metin2~ 24/24 PVM Private server!!
In:0 Out:131
MU KRUTO SEASON 5| EXP 12X | Drop: 60% | NEW SEASON 5 SETS, WEAPONS, MAPS, MOBS AND EVENTS! | BLESS BUG: ON | LEVEL POINTS: 5-6/7 | MAX LEVEL: 400 | MAX STATS: 65500 | BONUS: On a server present ExtraExp with 21:20 to 21:30 | OPENING OF SERVER OF AUG
In:0 Out:165
227 Rune Loft Community
||Runescape Community||Advertise Your Server||Tutorials||Join Servers||+100PPLZ JOIN OUR COMMUNITY NOW!
In:0 Out:123
228 SoulMu Season 6 epiz 2
S6 epiz2 Online 24/7 New maps/New charter/new custom items/No lags,server long term/grand reset,webshop,wote reward,free credits,Nice shops/big spots/Exp 5000 drop 70% ppl 5/6/7
In:0 Out:104
229 RuneWings317
RuneWings317: Skill Cape Emotes All skills working God Sword Stances and Specials Custom Minigame Great Staff JOIN NOW!
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230 PK-4-YOUR-LIFE-OR-DIE. rsps
a nice pk server but if you dont like pk you can always go skilled.
In:0 Out:93
231 MuO.BeasT
Version: Season 4 epiz 2 Bless Bug: Off Mega Spots Level Points: 15/15/20 Max level: 400lvl Max Stats: 65535 Experience: 9999x Drop: 100% Type: PVP
In:0 Out:103
232 uowakeoftheredwitch
We are a free Ultima Online shard devoted to bringing players a good balance of of pvp and pvm. We offer a pvp system that allows players to host their own ctf and other events. You can challenge another player to a duel at one of the dueling pits
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233 Insanity Serverz
Insanity Serverz is back and better than ever. Though out the years we have gained more Knowledge and with the passion of the Original Roaster Team we can Guarantee one of the best gaming experience you\\\\\\\'ve had in a while.\\r\\n\\r\\nWith new g
In:0 Out:125
234 WoW Faction
4 Realms, Blizzlike, Instant 80, Blizz x10 and Blizz x25, Trinity Core based, Very friendly and helpfull players and Staff, Custom items / tele npc\'s, Great vote rewards and Monthly competitions, Give us a try :)
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235 dark-side
Interlud сервер мега пвп рейти х10000 , на сервере прис
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236 Armagern
Armagern is a text-based MMORPG where you choose your race and explore strange planets, complete quests, making your weapons and armour; Fighting to become the ruler of the galaxy! Which side will you join? Where will your destiny take you?
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237 Legend MuOnline Season 6 Episode 1
<<< GRAND OPENING 06.12.2010 >>> Online: +150 (minimal) Exp: 30 // Drop: 75 Bless Bugg: Off Max stats: 64k
In:0 Out:92
238 #UcE#Wolfenstein Clan Server
Tired downloading files? Want to have fun with a lot of players, daily active? Then join us today! At #UcE#NoDownLoaD#XPSAVE. (Wolfenstein Enemy Territory) Friendly members,friendly admins. Join today!
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239 Lineage 2 Obscure PVP Serve
NOVO SERVIDOR DE LINEAGE2\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nL2 OBSCURE\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nVENHA E PARTICIPE\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nPVP E DIVERSAO GARANTIDA\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nSTAFF AMIGAVEL\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nPROTECOES CONTRA HACKER!!!\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nMAIS INFORMACOES ACESSE:\\
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240 ProjectPVp 525
Dragon Claws/ags/fun pvp/spirit shields/Pvp armour and more!
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241 chernobili
Lineage ][
In:0 Out:140
242 Dawn Of Dekaron
A7 Non RB . 2000x Exp, Weekly Siege, All new Maps, NEW Ardeca map, NEW Pets for ALL classes, NEW Boss Dungeons, DF Daily, Working Skills, Daily Events, Professional Staff, Updates every Week, Vote for Coins. Join us now.
In:0 Out:149
243 Justperfect 317
A great private server thats goal is complete excellence and persistent perfection featuring perfect combat system, skilling and more!
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244 Insanity-Dekaron
Action 7: Tower x2000 exp rate. No Reborns max lvl 250. New Wings, New Weapons And +12 Fortification lots more EVENTS every day Active staff ready to help you Weekly Siege, and Deathfront Working, Join us now (dedicated server)
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245 Rune Strife
24/7 server
In:0 Out:122
246 WoW Unity
3.3.5a WOTLK. Instant level 80, Starting gear, Fun Server. Nice professional GM`s and Administrators. Working BG`s, Arena and 95% working and scripted
In:0 Out:118
247 525pvp
Fully Functional! 525 server NO null!! we are 24/7 and are hoping to become more bigger and better!!
In:0 Out:111
248 Tannerscape
(24/7) Fun, Many commands, Friendly staff. The more players that join, the more staff needed! So come join and tell everyone about it.
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249 Fyrn Woode
et in a medieval period in the dark forests of Europe, you may craft your own equipment, go on adventures, help your friends, and more! Unlike many MMORPGs, Fyrnwoode is designed around a cooperation rather than conflict. So join us for free and rel
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250 Goldfish Lake
Mysteries, 49 quest paths, fantastic 3d art world, billions (yes billions) of items, weapons, armour and tools, combat with monsters, PvP, detailed storyline but also good for casual gaming!
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