YakuzaBattle Ad
Ver 3.2.2a PvP Server х100; Blizzlike \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n All instances working; Custom Items & Events;Great Admins; Server online 24/24 7/7 Welcome....
In:0 Out:171
Reality-Gaming 2.4.3
WoW 2.4.3 TBC Private Server, Instant 70 - Fun Server, No Lag , Friendly Gm\'s, 24/7 Online, Full PvP System , Vote and get rewarded , Cool Design. What are you waiting for ? Join us now!
In:0 Out:178
|| Working Skills || Amazing PK || 100% Curse Prayers || 100% Dragon Claws || Chaotic Weapons & Armors || Mini games || Full GDW || Skillcape Emotes || Clan Chat || Loot/Coinshare || No Dupes || Corporeal Beast ||
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Kyubi scape
Looking for admin and host and coders app are open it is a hamachi server with friendly game masters and soon to be opening and spot for ideas and more
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Paper Airplane Flight Simulators
Free Paper Airplane Flight Simulators and interactive 3D animations to fold +50 models of paper airplanes and paper boats, that guided you, step to step, in the construction.
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406 WOWLOST 2.4.3
Now server 2.4.3 fun level cap 1 all instance gogog
In:0 Out:191
407 WantedMu
Season 2.Exp50 Drop 70%. Characters` stats reseted.
In:0 Out:180
408 Fatal Combat
Many paths lie before you, which one will you take? Go under the radar or make a name for yourself right away? Scavenge the streets, deal drugs, attend classes, get a cover job, and make your way to the top of the pecking order. No matter what path y
In:0 Out:308
409 Bienvenidos MuFalco
Voten For You
In:0 Out:200
410 BlazeX - 24/7 - 317 - PK & Skill
Over 500 registered players! No Lag (guarenteed) 24/7 Friendly, non-asshole Staff Heavaly Coded Delta Source ALL Working Skills and Attacks Established Economy All 508 Weapons & Armor in a 317 server Working Buy ’X’ Amount Can Actually Pick
In:0 Out:219
411 Linkos BG Mu Online
Linkos BG Version 97d+99i Experience 1000x Drops 100% PVP Online Linkos BG Total Accounts 24 Total Characters 25 Total Guilds 3
In:0 Out:177
412 Illusionistas WoW
Illusionistas WoW, 5 realms, Custom Instances 100% Bug Free! 99.9% Lag Free! Spells 99% working! Dedicated Server. \\\\\\\"Why Not Check it Out! Illusionistas WoW, Where Gaming Starts!
In:0 Out:173
413 CryptChaos
Not best but good RSPS.Please join now!
In:0 Out:134
414 Juda-RO Free High Rates Ragnarok Online Server
* THIRD JOB CLASSES WORKING / FUNCIONANDO\\r\\n* RATES 7K/5K/2K \\r\\n* MVP DROP 8% \\r\\n* MOB DROP 10% \\r\\n* MAX BLVL 260 \\r\\n* MAX JLVL 160 \\r\\n* MAX ATK SPEED 195 \\r\\n* CUSTOM ITEMS \\r\\n* CUSTOM QUESTS \\r\\n* ACTIVE WOE \\r\\n* DAILY
In:0 Out:182
Blizzlike High-Rates :: 3.2.2a WoTLK Patch :: No donor gear :: Vote and be rewarded :: Best Emulator :: 24/7 online
In:0 Out:184
416 Legitscape
Working dragon claws, working godsword specs, Helpfull staff, nice community, and great fourms! join now =)
In:0 Out:656
417 L][ Spray
XP - 33x; SP - 33x; Adena - 66x; Drop - 66x; Spoil - 66x; Party 2x.
In:0 Out:255
418 FlyForFire
FlyForFire is a German Pserver
In:0 Out:150
419 L2Heavens
Gracia Final server with rates x5000, adena x10000. GM Shop, 2h buffs,Farm zones
In:0 Out:206
420 WoW KisS Fun Server
Fun server 3.2.2a. 100mb/s internet.\\r\\nNo lags! (Rus)
In:0 Out:203
421 L2 Ttan serve
l2 interlud
In:0 Out:195
422 -=Mu Elite=-
El mejor servidor mu online 99b exp : 5000 x Drop: 80& 24 hs Online! Y 0 % LAGG!!!! їNo me crees? Entra y comprobalo vos mismo!
In:0 Out:195
423 L2 Czech][Elite 50x
New Server Gracia Epilogue 50x rate online 24/7 nonstop
In:0 Out:199
424 L2Prime
NO CUSTOM ITEMS! CUSTOM FARMING SYSTEMS,\\r\\n** CUSTOM Hero and Noble System!** , 50x,\\r\\nFor Best PLAYERS!
In:0 Out:186
425 Rune~Realms
Runescape Private Server
In:0 Out:173
Hello Everyone!\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n.::Server Info::.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nExp Rate: 450x\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nSp Rate: 500x\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nAdena Rate: 1000x\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\
In:0 Out:175
427 WoW-NaTioN 2.4.3
Supports 2.4.3 ||| Blizzlike Rates ||| FULLY SCRIPTED INSTANCES ||| GOOD GMs ||| 86% Working Quests ||| COOL EVENTS ||| SERVER UPTIME 24/7
In:0 Out:288
428 VengPkers
[IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2qty593.png[/IMG] Indeed, Veng Pkers has returned. Started in October, 2008, I have brought it back, with better features, better stability, and an overall better server. Client: client.reforced.net Webclient: http:
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429 k1llzscape
starter server , need players and staff,easy skilling and money making, pking, kbd , minigames (like barrows and much more) , kq, and much more.. enjoy.
In:0 Out:176
430 Whipscape 24/7 No lag pking
24/7 no lag pking. Great staff, constant updates, always working. Staff is earned, you cannot donate for it which makes it so there are no corrupt staff.
In:0 Out:249
431 L2HPvzla
Server interlude pvp 100% hispano y sin custom,con 1 sub acumulativa.A que esperas para unirte a esta gran comunidad
In:0 Out:202
SEASON 4 | EXP 9999 | DROP 100% | BOX OF KUNDUN +1+2+3+4+5 AND WINGS 2nd & 3rd LVL IN SHOP | NEW ITEMS | JOIN US !!!
In:0 Out:164
433 Enigma Mu Online
EnigmaMU SEASON 4-5 | Exp: 80x | Drop: 50% | Exc Drop: 1% | BB: OFF | Spots: Yes | Res : 250, 251,...400 | RakLion Event 24/7 Deciated Server | Socked System | OptionBot: YES (ON Web site) | Connection:1Gbit/s!!!
In:0 Out:233
434 Infernal Cabal Online - New World
Exp : 350x|Skill : 1000x|Craft : 1000x|Drop : 2x|Bomb : 20x|ItemXX : 2Drops|Alz : 500x|ResetSys :Disabled|ServMode : PvP|Registered accounts:2224 |Characters created: 2322|New Starter Gear|Mithril Skins|Ep3 Items|Pets|SigMetal|Max lvl:250|Start Ponts
In:0 Out:225
435 TheClanMu! S4 EP2
1.5T S4 EP2 500x 50% drop,bb off, all events on
In:0 Out:200
436 http://eernity-wow.de.tl
Herzlich wilkommen auf dem Eternity-WoW 3.2.2a Server Der server ist seit 24.12.09 on. Hamachi: ID:Eternity-WoW Server 3.2.2a PW:wow oder 123 Alles steht auf der Hompage.Liest euch alles durch bitte
In:0 Out:163
437 MuCarmen
Server S2 exp100 drop75 online 24/7
In:0 Out:174
438 WoW-Phoniex
Открылся новый сервер игры World Of Warcraft - WoW-Ngs 1)Наш сервер поддерживает патч Burning Cruasage 3.2.2a 2)Realmlist: set realmlist 3)У сервера хорошое железо. 4)Онлайн пока что маленкий но мы делаем всё возможное что бы его по
In:0 Out:160
439 l2Ermis Interlude
Info: GM Shop Custom buffer Rebirth Global Gatekeeper Noblesse with no quest Sieges Events Olympiad NO Donations Rates: Enchant safe+4/max +16 Exp 100x Sp 100x Adena 1000xx
In:0 Out:179
440 Battle Dekaron - BattleNetworks
4000x Rates|| LvCap: 250|| 10x RB| New Classes| +145 Weapons|| Donation Gear|| Events every weekend| 15 Stats per lv|| Vost 4 Coins|| ~Looking for GM,DEV,MOD, HOST,~ Apply NOW~!
In:0 Out:280
441 ZigZag Mu Online Server
A New Server, Join Now!!!\\r\\n5000x exp, 80x drop but exe drop rate HUGE!!! top voting event!!! top voters get nice prizes!!!\\r\\nDon\\\\\\\'t Think...Don\\\\\\\'t Guess...just move along and Join Now!!! =P
In:0 Out:199
442 L2Promisance *05.01.2010
Gracia Final x300 x300 x50 , TvT, GM SHop, NPc Buffer,3h buffs,Farming area,Friendly GM, No Lag , Stabile Server, Just Join and see. Have fun!
In:0 Out:145
443 Fr3dscape pk WOW
24/7~PK ~2 owners~ vps ~ owner is nate ~ 317 ~ custom items ~ best pvp ever :O
In:0 Out:175
444 SerenityStory v75!
We are now Official [24/7] NonHamachi Fully Working KoC and Dojo We just wiped [Rebirths][All-in-one-shop][rewardnpc][SuperRebirth][NeedGMs][NeedGFX][AutoBan][NonHamachi][v75][KoC][Dojo][UniversalNPC][@goto][Trade][Soon Custom WZ edits][FM Spawns 2-2
In:0 Out:208
445 IntroWorld
Rates x25 |vendor: tier 2 and items +60lvl-started + 150gold start money | best admins | WELCOME
In:0 Out:173
446 insane Gaming Underground
iGU. insane Gaming Underground. A clan that has been around since early 2006. iGU represents all games. We play xbox live, pc, wii, playstation etc.. Join today and fulfill your inner gamer!
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447 | Mu Style ~ Style Games |
Style mu 1.2n s2-- exp 800/60%\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
In:0 Out:194
448 WoW THCemu 3.2.2a
Wir bieten Euch einen kostenlosen Blizzlike дhnlichen WoW Server an. Darьber hinaus bieten wir support im bereich eigener Server und Gebietsmodeling
In:0 Out:168
449 http://eternaldreamwow.no-ip.biz/news.php
server blizz 3.2.2a
In:0 Out:167
450 http://mu.orc.lv
Открылся новый сервер MuOnline! Season 3 Episode1 Exp 800% & Drop 80% Good Spots,Shops,Admin s
In:0 Out:173

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